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At least 50 new bad guys for your mercenaries to take on, all with a Hollywood twist!
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Update #4 - Robots and more unlocked!

Posted by Leon Pengilley (Creator)
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Hi everyone!

I was just about to head off to bed when I saw that we've hit the £6000 target so the laptop was quickly turned on and we've got another update!

Hitting this £6000 is more than we ever expected so thank you all for your support.  We're happy to announce that we've now unlocked:


We acquired these Robots from Crossover Miniatures earlier this year and they come in packs of 4 normally.  We're adding a 5th pose to each pack and they are now available to add to your Pledge at the bargain price of £6 per 5 robots.

There are 3 types: Firing / Advancing / Command, so have a look at the pictures below and if you want any including, simply add £6 per pack to your pledge.


We're getting one of our original Mercs converted to be a new gunner for our excellent Humvee model, so everyone who has purchased a Humvee will get a free gunner per vehicle.  Buy 1 Humvee, get 1 gunner, buy 3 Humvees, get 3 gunners... You get the idea!

Next up is the £7000 target which is certainly possible with 4 days remaining.  At this point we'll be unlocking a completely new set of sculpts, but we've not yet decided what to do!  So, let us know your favourite movie bad guys and we'll see what's the most popular option.

Robots, firing
Robots, firing
Robots, advancing
Robots, advancing
Robots, command
Robots, command

Right then, that'll do for now, time for me to head off to bed!  Keep the pledges coming in and we'll have some pics of the Leader sculpts for you very soon.



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    1. Leon Pengilley 2-time creator on

      @Raymond, those are actually at the top of our list currently! My wife's a big fan and wanted an Alan Rickman figure, plus with Christmas approaching it seems quite appropriate!

    2. Missing avatar

      Raymond Saunders

      Haven recently re-watched DieHard (great movie) how about some European terrorists?

    3. Leon Pengilley 2-time creator on

      Thanks for the comments, the pirates is definitely an option to look at, I love the Captain Philips movie as well. As long as we could make the noticeably different to the Insurgents, slimmer build, scraggly clothes, etc. that could be a possibility.

      On the non-combatants, I don't think that's something we'd be looking at for this KS but it's certainly something to consider in the future, either through KS or as a standalone release. Civilians always come in useful so I'd like to add those at some stage.

    4. George on

      Even more of a request would be a set of non combatant or patrol types.

      For the rioters, people scoping out a bank or even just more melee combatants.

      Patrol/guard poses for the republican guard figures

      Honestly an extension on any of the ranges would be appreciated, save the survivalists, good ole boys aren't my particular style ;-)