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Fitness app that uses 3d video game technology to show proper form while offering the convenience of tracking your workouts and diets.

Hello, my name is Thomas Kurylo. With the help of personal trainers, fitness enthusiasts and developers I aim to bring an app to the fitness industry that goes beyond anything that has been seen yet. A fitness app that brings confidence to new comers in fitness as well as peace of mind to experienced work out enthusiasts. I’m here on Kickstarter to talk about this app, which already has a prototype, in order to get your help in completing it.

First, I would like to tell you a little about me, my experiences, and reasons for developing this app. In 2010, I began my journey on fitness and my goal of expanding my knowledge in regards to it. A journey that is leading me on a path to sharing what I have learned with as many people as possible in order to help as many people as I can.

I began training with the aid of a family member who is big on fitness. She helped me by providing me with information on what exercises to do, what to eat, and instructed me to check out how to perform the exercises on certain websites with videos. For a while it was working. I gained around 30 lbs. of muscle in 7 months. For someone who has never seriously trained before, this shocked me. I loved the results. Then something bad happened. I began feeling pain in my shoulders. At first it was minor, but it eventually it felt like knives were stabbing me in the shoulders. I visited an orthopedic sports doctor and upon the first x-rays he seemed confident that it was a permanent injury that couldn’t completely be fixed and would require surgery. My heart sank. To find this new love for weight training and suddenly be told that I had to stop was depressing. Skipping ahead in my story, further tests were run and we found out that he was mistaken and I was fine. What kept running through my head was the thought that there are many people that aren’t that lucky. 

As I said, the way I first learned how to perform exercises was from all the various fitness websites available out there. You would think that those would be a good source considering they have photos, and videos showing how to perform them. Problem with them (with any traditional media) is that you are stuck seeing the exercise from one perspective. It is not like it is in real life where you have depth perception and understand the way your body should be positioned.

Screenshot of 3D in Precision Fit Trainer App prototype.
Screenshot of 3D in Precision Fit Trainer App prototype.

I am a 3d video game and simulation developer by trade. At the time I was working on various industry related products and realized the implications for use at a more public level. Smartphones are more powerful than people give them credit for, and having functioned as a technical artist, with mobile products, I know exactly how to squeeze the performance out of them to handle something more intensive and visual. 3d technology could bring things to people such as that perspective and ability to view an exercise from any angle. It can also do things that even real life can’t do! For example, you can see the bones and muscles in an x-ray view to understand the way joints should move during an exercise. This is to understand correct range of motion and what you should be feeling. I also plan on highlighting muscles and color coding them based on the degree of force each muscle should exert during an exercise. Many mistakes come in the form of using the wrong muscles to do different exercises along with positioning different body parts incorrectly.

I decided to learn about the fitness app industry to figure out the type of exposure a product like this might get. I won't bore you with the details, but after some market research I concluded that in order to transfer knowledge about exercising the correct way... an app would be the most logical and powerful choice. By helping to fund this app you are indeed not only getting a worth while product, but are also using the vastness of this industry in potentially helping many other people.


The goal of this mobile app is to use technology to not only help beginners in weight training feel more confident in the gym by teaching them correct form, but also give more experienced people a place to reference when they feel like something isn’t right in their training. While doing this we simultaneously want to be their go to tool for recording their routines, diets, notes, and stats. We want to encompass what other fitness apps have but make it more streamlined, easier and effective. We want to replace the need to carry a notebook to the gym. We, obviously, also want to bring 3d game and simulation technology to help better demonstrate proper form. Joint pain and seeing little to no gains can all be caused by bad form. Our goal is to bring understanding and a truly valuable aid in the gym.

The app’s features are: 

  • Full exercise search/lookup to view and control how you view exercises in full real-time 3D. See detail down to how your muscles and bones should move. See how much stress each muscle should be under. Simultaneously read information on how the exercise is performed and what some common mistakes are associated with these exercises.
  • Avoid bad form by seeing common mistakes being pointed out so that you yourself will not fall for the same pitfalls of pain or poor gains.
  • Body measurement and weight tracking.
  • Creating your own routines for every day of the week by adding or removing exercises while tracking history of weight, reps, sets, and other information such as cardio information where applicable.
  • Take notes at a per exercise level.
  • Creating your own diets for every day of the week while simultaneously tracking the calories and protein per day.
  • Tools for calculating metabolic rate, how many calories you need per day, as well as how many calories burned.
Screenshots of Precision Fit Trainer App prototype
Screenshots of Precision Fit Trainer App prototype


There are a lot of other fitness apps out there but none that utilize real-time 3d to focus on proper form while training. That’s why this app is different and awesome. It’s going to help people learn about and see the improper form that is causing problems during an exercise before it becomes a serious issue. It’s awesome because it’s new and innovative. This app will help the industry recognize the application of technology and the benefits so that it can, hopefully, reach more people in order to help them. At its core this app is all about good intentions and helping people get stronger the correct way.


We have tried to get this into a fitness Franchises as their app. Franchises have many members and the goal was to help as many people as possible with as much exposure as possible. Unfortunately when it comes to putting up money for a project you run into 2 different road blocks. The first being that if you bring this technology to a corporation, chances are your presenting it to someone in the corporation who would feel threatened over his job and never give the approval to move forward since they would lose job security. The other is obviously greed/control of a product or technology. This is why innovation gets stifled and doesn’t move as fast as it should. That being said, funding is difficult. I feel that this is the whole reason behind Kickstarter in the first place. It’s people taking control of what they would want out there. It’s people moving the world forward by bringing technology that the corporate structure and corporate world hold back. The majority of Corporations, by definition, exist to make money. Not to help people. That’s why we’re here on Kickstarter. We are moving away from the corporate investment direction and in doing so using Kickstarter to bring people together to help other people.


100% of this money will go to pay for the development of the app. We will need about $16,900 to build an initial full version of this product.

  • $700 – For a mac mini. A mac is required in order to port the app over to iPhone and iPad products.
  • $3000 – Game Engine costs. We require an all around good engine and tool to make development cheaper, easier, and more efficient especially in regaurds to making a multi platform product.
  • $1200 – Professional quality accurate 3D anatomy.
  • $4000 – Rigging (Process of making the models animatable) and animating of 3d models performing all of the exercises.
  • $1000 – Graphical user interface design and in engine technical setup.
  • $7000 – Programmer fees for completed product. This includes coding features, the Save/ Retrieve Data framework, and developing the App to function on many different devices, platforms, and resolutions.

If we raise additional funding than we will simply add additional levels of content, and features so please help spread the word. 

Got questions?

Ask me!! I want to hear from you!

Thomas Kurylo –

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Regarding the product itself, there aren't really any risks. Only additional hurtles from cost, including adding additional content, functionality, and expanding support to more devices and resolutions. We have prototype versions. The technology has already been tested, by us, on many devices including some very old android devices. We’re happy to say it performed very well. At this point the only challenge is funding. The more funding, support and interest there is… means more features. It is pretty much as simple as that!


  • IOS and Android will support this app on launch. Windows phone and black berry are planned for the future.(possibly additional goal if this one is reached.)

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