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Unique dice, hero classes, battles, upgrades, & glory! Play 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, or free-for-all in this 20-30 minute action packed game!
Unique dice, hero classes, battles, upgrades, & glory! Play 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, or free-for-all in this 20-40 minute action packed game!
Unique dice, hero classes, battles, upgrades, & glory! Play 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, or free-for-all in this 20-40 minute action packed game!
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    1. Hugo del Corral 8 minutes ago

      From Spain I am still waiting for my copy. I put a ticket 12 days ago to GamesQest and nobody gives me an answer yet.

    2. thebigk54 about 8 hours ago

      Can any one help me find the comic pdf? I can’t seem to find it anywhere.....

    3. sergio about 20 hours ago

      Hi guys, in season 2, we can buy you the other characters (Pirate, Artificer, Gunsliner, Tactician) and also the new ones?

    4. Brett MacDonald 2 days ago

      Looking forward to it MBG!

    5. Mind Bottling Games, LLC Creator 3 days ago

      Roxley has some pretty sweet plans for Season Two. We're excited and we're working hard on it. We'll share more soon. :)

    6. Missing avatar

      happymonkey 3 days ago

      Anyone in asia received their copy?

    7. Alexander Dargatz 5 days ago

      F*ck Valentines Day!
      What about you start Season Two NOW so it can END on February 14th?!!?!!

    8. Ryan T.
      7 days ago

      I'm just hoping there is an add-on option for a sing box which holds the original Kickstarter components and all the additional two-player components!

    9. Johnathan on January 12

      Wooo I battle with friends at least once a week since I’ve received my copy.. can’t wait for season 2! I can’t imagine they wouldn’t include a bundle box with all the characters like the original game.. as long as I don’t have to buy each box at $20 a pop and can spend around the same amount as the first campaign with the deluxe box I’ll be happy~

      Excited to see what the Samurai and Huntress bring to the table. Haven’t gotten to PnP the other 4 yet tho, but I have read into each of them a bit :D. Love the diversity this game brings already.

    10. Jason Bierz
      on January 11

      Season 2! SEAson 2!! SEASON 2!!! Small kine excitement over here.

    11. Aaron Hine on January 11

      While the rest of the DT Staff is off at PAX South, I will be watching the KS comments. Please be patient with me for the weekend while response times may be slightly longer.

    12. Eric F on January 11

      This is an amazing product and I can’t wait for season 2. I hope there continues to be the nice large player boards but I understand if logistically things change. Can’t wait for all the surprises yet to be revealed. Shame it’s not already February 14th.

    13. Mind Bottling Games, LLC Creator on January 11

      @Steve: Yes, you did remember that right. Unfortunately, once Roxley got involved, our time and priorities shifted slightly. Plus, the idea of having more heroes in the stable to choose from will make the co-op that much more exciting. But I (Nate) *love* co-op games (and so does my son). It is absolutely still a part of our roadmap.

    14. Mind Bottling Games, LLC Creator on January 11

      @Luke: Stay tuned ;) But I assure you the boards will be high quality :D

    15. Brett MacDonald on January 11

      Agreed. I love the idea of 2 player boxes (very similar to my suggestion although mine was for 2 individual deck boxes) and they are right the lower cost of entry will go over better at retail and for impulse buys... but it's a shame to lose the larger player boards etc all together. A good compromise could just be four SKUs per season. 3 of them would be the 2 player boxes they are showing now... with the fourth being one combined set of all 6 heroes in the larger box (like season one) with the larger boards etc.
      The two player boxes serve as a good entry point and travel option... and the larger compiled sets of 6 offer the larger boards. The only downside to this I see is if people buy a 2 player box and love the game... they might not like having to rebuy those same characters for the larger boards. No way around that unless you sell empty larger boxes with just the player boards on your website as that type of product would not do well at retail.
      At the very least I strongly suggest the trays etc be kept for the 2 player version.

    16. Steve McHugh
      on January 11

      Did I remember this right, but wasn’t the next dice Throne Kickstarter going to have solo or coop play? Is that still the case?

    17. Missing avatar

      Wilfredo Gagaza on January 11

      Do you think season 2 will be fulfilled faster than DT1? Obviously I'm going to back it either way but I don't know if I can handle another 9 month wait. I just get too excited! Also I saw somebody threw out the idea of a Kickstarter exclusive box with all three sets in it. Is that something you guys would consider?

    18. Luke Murthwaite on January 11

      Very excited about season 2, really can’t wait. Dice Throne has been a big hit with everyone I’ve shown it to.

      The one burning question I have though is about packaging... how will boxes containing two heroes be packaged? One of the things that I was most happy about with Dice Throne was how nicely the contents fit the box and made it quick and easy to set up. But having just two heroes in a box causes problems; a nice snug box using the existing trays would not leave space for the boards or leaflets. I’d hate to lose the wonderful trays, but I’d also hate to lose the nice sturdy single piece boards. The only solution I could come up with that didn’t involve a massive waste of space, would be to make the boards with two folds and completely different in design to those from the core box. I’m VERY curious to see what you come up with...

    19. Mind Bottling Games, LLC Creator on January 9

      @Brett. Good suggestions. :)

    20. Brett MacDonald on January 9

      For the dials... maybe a KS only SG then? Similar to the nicer dice it could be a good incentive that is not a gameplay element

    21. Brett MacDonald on January 9

      And makes sense on FB... I too avoid FB but you'll see me around on BBG and/or here. Keep up the great work!

    22. Mind Bottling Games, LLC Creator on January 9

      @Brett. The first one is hard to do logistically. More parts = more cost. But it is worth exploring.

      The second one...hmm...


    23. Brett MacDonald on January 9

      I know I mentioned this before... but with the coming KS2.0 I wanted to pass along these ideas again:
      1) It would be awesome to provide a couple extra dials (or better yet character specific ones) for tracking certain things. Prime example is fire mastery. It would be awesome to have one that can track current and max as they both can change and would be easier than token stacking (particularly for the max/limit).
      2) It would be a GREAT add on to make a travel case. It would come with two small boxes... each which fit a single player tray (with dice cards etc). Almost like deck boxes for a CCG. The boxes would come with a series of smaller player boards that replace the larger ones... (since the large ones wouldn't fit obviously) and maybe another reminder card for game setups (but not full rules). So when you get the boxes you take out all those character cards... then slide a character tray and their one single card into the box... and you're good to go. Especially if you plan lots of characters in the future it would make traveling with it so much easier. Each person could bring their 2 favorite characters and be ready to go (or be able to play one on one with their two characters).
      Hopefully both of those ideas are clear!

    24. Mind Bottling Games, LLC Creator on January 9

      There are 144 subscribers on BGG. Just over 200 on Reddit.

      And in 2 days we gained over 600 followers on the FB group. There is more chatter and sharing and talk in 2 days on that group than there has been in ALL of our BGG time.

      That is NOT to say that we don't support nor answer questions or talk to people on BGG or reddit. I (manny) am on our BGG page answering chatting with players almost everyday. (I'm getting better at it.

      The biggest reason we chose to the FB group as first stop for talk/chatter is that it is currently where most of the talk/chatter is happening. Whether it be on our DT page or now on this community page.

      It would wrong of us stop abandon any port. And even more stupid for us to neglect all of you on KS. We won't do that. You are the catalyst for where we are. @Matthew. We love talking and interacting with you.

    25. Matthew Guillemette on January 9

      Interesting stats about BGG vs Reddit vs Facebook. I can certainly see that most won't be on Reddit (I find it is not very casual friendly), but do you have means to find out how many have "subscribed" to DT on BGG?
      My concern with FB (aside from the fact that I cannot get to it from work) is that the threads get lost pretty quickly. So you will find that the community keeps answering the same 10 questions over and over...
      One way or another, looking very forward to your next announcement (REALLY SOON!)

    26. Mind Bottling Games, LLC Creator on January 8

      He sure can. :)

    27. Missing avatar

      Andy on January 7

      Hello. Had an interesting situation: if I attack an opponent for 6 damage, then he makes his defense roll, can he then play not this time to prevent the six damage and still have his defense roll apply since defense and offense get resolved simultaneously?

    28. Mind Bottling Games, LLC Creator on January 7

      @Mr Stick / Michael: We are definitely exploring solutions for this. However, we truly have dreams and plans for 30-50 heroes eventually and we obviously could not accommodate that many. So if you look at our current tray size, and imagine the boards stacked on top of each other as well, how many heroes would you realistically want in a single box?

    29. Mind Bottling Games, LLC Creator on January 7

      @Thomas: BGG will definitely be a piece of our community, but we have realized that for this particular brand, it is not where the majority of our community resides. As an example, we have been begging people to give us BGG ratings for a while now, yet we still only have 336 ratings and 175 "fans". Similarly, our Reddit group only has 216 subscribers. Both of these platforms have been active for a year. On the other side, we just barely launched this new FB Community group and already have 380 members and a TON of engagement. Perhaps Dice Throne is different than many other boardgames in that respect due to it's accessibility (i.e. many "non-gamers" love Dice Throne)? In any case, it has become quite clear to us that this platform is where we are going to have the *most* engagement.

      But please let me clarify: we are still supporting BGG and Reddit. We are just promoting this new FB group as our *primary* hub for community discussion.

      Thanks for your feedback!

    30. Michael Glambeck
      on January 7

      Wholly agree about the bigger box, I wouldn't even mind if they went the Portal or Stonemaier route thinking about the next 2-3 expansions when it comes to box size.

    31. Mr. Sticky Pants on January 7

      Would be nice with DT2 to have a box that efficiently fit everything. I would pay extra.

    32. Missing avatar

      on January 7

      Aww - a Facebook group? Really?

      I don't do Facebook.

      Besides, there already is a website for board game discussions: Board Game Geek.

    33. Mind Bottling Games, LLC Creator on January 4

      Thank you Andrew! We do care a LOT about DT and all of our backers. We're excited for the future.

    34. Missing avatar

      Andrew Salasek on January 4

      My wife and I tried this for the first time last night (using four of the six characters provided). Somehow, four hours passed before we realized we had to go to work early in the morning. Honestly, this is one of the most fun games I've ever played/owned. I'm so happy I backed this. Thank you @MBG for such a great campaign. It's evident you really cared about what you produced and your backers through the overall quality of the product. I'll definitely be recommending this to everyone I know. I look forward to the future (hopefully for many years, and for all the new contestants to come)!

    35. Mind Bottling Games, LLC Creator on January 4

      Thanks Niels!

    36. Niels on January 4

      @ Mind Bottling Games,

      Thanks for the excellent service and the replacement trays!

      I really enjoy the game and I am very excited for what the future might bring us!

    37. Mind Bottling Games, LLC Creator on January 3

      Thanks, Eric!

    38. Eric F on January 3

      This game rocks! I played with my 2 nephews (one is 12 and the other is 16) over the Christmas holiday. They loved it and found it very easy to learn. I appreciate that you guys set up the beginner game rule set to leave out the cards the first time you play. It really helped my nephews to grasp the flow of the game before playing a full-fledged game. Hats off to MBG looking forward to 2018 and all the surprises you have in store for us. (Just say when and you'll have my money).

    39. Mind Bottling Games, LLC Creator on January 3

      We have new info coming soon about our new heroes for 2018. We have big plans with these heroes.

    40. Alexander Gonzales on January 3

      Hey y'all, Just wanted to say that i played this game for the first time over the weekend and my Flatmates and i can't get enough of it. This is such an amazing game. Thank you so much! quick question, will we ever get the new character boards with dice and cards and all? Having more Hero's is the way to go.

    41. Mind Bottling Games, LLC Creator on January 2

      @Teo. Thanks for the support!

      @Timothy. PLease email and we'll get the process started for replacing your dial.
      Regarding targeting. Targeting as designed was intentional. We didn't like how the game changed when you target before. It allowed people to check out. "Oh, I'm not targeted? I gonna check my email." We like that all players need to be paying attention during someones attack. "While I can, should I alter your dice? It might not even target me..."
      But it also means that sometimes people spend cards to alter the targeting die to shift that attack around the table. And you are right, that you cannot go back and affect their dice once the next phase starts, so you need to make choices based on that info.

      We've gotten emails from people saying they LOVE the targeting system. And some saying that they house ruled it. We play targeting the way we implemented in the rules but I'd never fault a player for making tweaks that fit their play group.

    42. Missing avatar

      Timothy Wright on January 2

      Hello! Love Dice Throne, played it over the holidays with friends and family to everyone's delight. But two questions, one gameplay and one issue with my print.

      Gameplay - When doing 3/4/5-Free-For-All, shouldn't the targeting phase come BEFORE the offensive roll phase, so that you can know if something is coming at you to decide to alter the dice? I found that we would do the offensive roll phase, plus any additional affects, and then target, and then find out oh, well if it's coming to "me" then I want to force a reroll and change the outcome of the attack. Which adds some wasted time and technically shouldn't be legal since the phase had passed. Correct me if I am wrong.

      Issue - My Shadow Thief HP dial has two of the same side number wheels, so while one side is the correct orientation, the other wheel is upside down. (Not sure this is the best place for this but had the other question too.)

    43. Teo Chang Hao
      on January 1

      I finally broke out the game to try on NYE. Everyone loved it. Glad to support you guys when new expansions come out =)

    44. Mind Bottling Games, LLC Creator on January 1

      @Red. Glad you're liking the game! Status effects are never removed from the game. If you spend chi, they go back to your available chi pool.

    45. Red Scotch Software on January 1

      Question about spending tokens:

      If I spend tokens, are they now gone, or do they go back into my pool to draw from?

      Poison, for example. When someone removes a poison effect, does the caster get that back, or is it now spent? Or Chi for a Monk, one I go through my allotment of chi tokens, are they gone, or put back into the draw pool?

      Loving the game so far!

    46. Mind Bottling Games, LLC Creator on January 1

      @PJ: Yep! It's increased for the remainder of that game. For a convenient way to remember how big your current stack limit is, we recommend putting your current stack limit # of tokens below your hero board, and then pulling from this pile when you need them. :)

      You are always welcome to e-mail us: dicethrone at gmail

    47. PJ Torres on December 31

      @Mind Bottling Games

      Rules Reference Guide

      My first question is specific to Stack Limits. Like Fire Mastery for example. If something increases my Stack Limit to 6, is my SL 6 for the rest of the game?

      Where/who do I PM?

    48. Mind Bottling Games, LLC Creator on December 31

      A token only expires if it says it does. So a persistent token would be persistent until spent or the token has some other form of fulfilling. Do you have an example?

      "On" means that if you roll 2 feet you cut dmg in half. If it's more feet nothing MORE happens.

      PLease PM us to coordinate parts replacement.

      I don't know what an RRG is? Sorry.

    49. PJ Torres on December 31

      Stack Limits:
      Do they expire at end of turn? Or are they cumulative?

      Moon Elf's defense ability Missed Me reads "On 2 Feet prevent half damage." If I roll 4 feet can I half damage twice?

      Is there someway to replace damaged cards?

      Is there an RRG somewhere for the game? :)

      Thanks in advance.

    50. Mind Bottling Games, LLC Creator on December 31

      @Luis: Got it. We'll respond there :)

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