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A robot kit for all ages, that's easy to make and control. Powered by Raspberry Pi. Learn robotics, learn to code, build the future.
A robot kit for all ages, that's easy to make and control. Powered by Raspberry Pi. Learn robotics, learn to code, build the future.
A robot kit for all ages, that's easy to make and control. Powered by Raspberry Pi. Learn robotics, learn to code, build the future.
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    1. Neil Canham on January 10

      Hi - just wondering if anyone has had a chance to look into my frozen servo issue - sent several support mails over past couple of weeks but no reply. Really hoping for a solution

    2. Missing avatar

      Bas van den Berg on January 9

      @Benjamin Gray No problem. It got sorted out. I received my MeArm Pi today and looking forward to start building! Thanks!

    3. Thurstan Johnston on January 9

      Got it working, it's just very stiff at the moment so need to loosen some of the screws in the joints and tighten some bits that are loose.

    4. Thurstan Johnston on January 8

      Got my replacement base board and the top half and pi screw into it perfectly now. Thanks guys!!

    5. Missing avatar

      christian on January 8

      I am also waiting (Germany). Any updates?

    6. Ashutosh Dubey on January 7

      Still waiting for my reward, is there any tracking ID, please?

    7. Benjamin Gray Collaborator on January 5

      Also Bas, apologies for the delayed reply, we did have someone in the office over Xmas and New Year but they managed to miss your first email that was sent on Xmas Day.

    8. Benjamin Gray Collaborator on January 5

      Thanks to everyone for your continued patience. We've dealt with everyone who's not received their reward and contacted us through
      We're now going back over all comments on here to double check that we've not missed anyone out. If you haven't had a response or messaged us through please do message us through and we'll get you sorted quickly.

    9. Missing avatar

      Bas van den Berg on January 4

      Update: Just received word from support with a solution. Thank you for that!

    10. Missing avatar

      Bas van den Berg on January 3

      Still waiting on my shipment here in The Netherlands... No response on my two inquiries by e-mail...

    11. Missing avatar

      Tohru Ochiai
      on December 30

      Still waiting for my reward in japan.

    12. Missing avatar

      Thomas Kubasta on December 28

      I still waiting and waiting and waiting....

    13. Missing avatar

      mobaer on December 26

      Still waiting for my MeArm Pi. Should have been a gift under the x-mas tree...

    14. Missing avatar

      Shawn P Cox on December 22

      Got ours a week ago and have the following notes for those building.
      1. Handle the parts very carefully! The pieces with teeth/springs broke off very easily. Still able to build, but had to use some creatively placed shims to firm things up.
      2. Power the HAT not the RasberryPi. Once assembled there are two USB power plugs one on top of the other. Power the top one that goes to the HAT(the board w the control sticks). If you power the RasberryPi everything will look like it works, but the servos don't get enough juice to run so the arm will not work. There's nothing in the build instructions that indicates what to power.
      3. Haven't figured this one out yet, but two of my servos are out of calibration. The Left servo is off by about 30% and so impacts the range of motion of the arm(too far back and not enough forward). The claw servo is also out of calibration so that the claw when fully closed still has a 1.5cm gap. I'm not sure how to fix it.
      4. There is pretty significant servo jitter/chatter out of all 4 servos. No idea how to fix.
      5. There is a google group for troubleshooting.!forum/mearm

    15. Benjamin Gray Collaborator on December 20

      Apologies for any and all still waiting. If you could message through we can confirm addresses and arrange replacements.
      Next time we'll budget for tracked shipping, this feels like a lot haven't arrived but I suppose we did send 800 or so!

    16. Missing avatar

      Dr H
      on December 20

      Still waiting...

    17. Missing avatar

      Dean Shorter on December 18

      Not received mine in the UK yet, contacting support.

    18. Missing avatar

      Neil Higgins on December 16

      @david brown: Any joy? I stopped watching comments for a while, sorry.

    19. Missing avatar

      Wayne Bitting on December 15

      Took me about an hour to assemble and was an enjoyable process, much better then the hundred screws and nuts from the original one. Had a couple of minor issues with the servo horns. The joysticks work but nothing shows up for the WiFi login - will have to troubleshoot more over the weekend. Me and the kids are excited to finally get to play with it!

    20. Missing avatar

      Philip Knight
      on December 14

      Not yet received in UK. Have sent PM.

    21. Missing avatar

      Dr H
      on December 13

      So there is hope to receive it before the x-mas Holidays?
      Happy tinkering to all of you!

    22. Missing avatar

      Gernot J. Abel
      on December 12

      Received as #187 in Denmark today

    23. Missing avatar

      Wayne Bitting on December 12

      Just to give folks an idea - Mine arrived yesterday (Standard MeArm Pi Kit with a Pi Zero W) Pennsylvania, USA. The box's corners were a little banged up since it was just inside a bag but no real damage to the box or contents. With the holidays, not sure when I'll be able to put it together though.

    24. Missing avatar

      Peter Sherwood on December 10

      Haven't received the arm yet, backer 477. Any chance of an update?

    25. Missing avatar

      Christophe Perrin on December 9

      Hi, today, i wanted to start building the MeArm Pi that I received in October but I stopped at step 3 because one of the pieces (Part #2) broke... I am very disappointed because the plastic seems fragile and easily break. What can I do ?

    26. Eric Lind on December 6

      Hi Guys! Do you think all orders will be out before Christmas?

    27. Adam Sellers on December 4

      Are you shipping to Australia yet? Still waiting for mine to arrive... :S

    28. Missing avatar

      david brown on December 2

      i understand you may be very busy but i am still waiting a reply from support even just acknowledgment of receipt of email please

    29. Simon Dick
      on November 30

      Mine just arrived in the uk today, thanks �

    30. Missing avatar

      Andrew Marr on November 29

      Just got mine in the post today! The oft mentioned packaging is nice but hardly post proof and the bundled PSU box was properly mangled by Royal Mail. I'm hoping it's all still going to work. Maybe a post-proof outer container rather than a plastic bag next time guys? This is not a t-shirt! Good work otherwise.

    31. Mime Industries Creator on November 27

      @David: Please email us at and if we can't troubleshoot what's going on we'll get a replacement HAT sent out to you.

    32. Missing avatar

      david brown on November 25

      Neil , not a power supply problem as now tested with official P3 power supply, i check all servos are connected correctly as per pictures and now at a loss what more i can do ?

    33. Missing avatar

      Neil Higgins on November 20

      @david: The surest sign of a power supply problem is a system crash right after you type in the server startup command ( sudo node ./server.js ). If you have remoted into the Pi with (say) SSH, your session will drop, and you’ll see the lights on the Pi flashing as it reboots. If the Pi runs ok without the HAT on, well and good, and another clue. Your new plug pack should be advertised as “Pi 3 compatible”.

    34. Missing avatar

      david brown on November 20

      Neil :( sadly mine are plugged in the right way round i'm just waiting for a delivery of a new power supply then maybe unplug everything and test servo's not in the arm

    35. Missing avatar

      Neil Higgins on November 19

      @david: your servos may be plugged in back-to-front. See

    36. Missing avatar

      Ian White on November 18

      Have any arms been shipped to Australia yet?

    37. Missing avatar

      david brown on November 18

      hi I am having problems once build apply power it gives a short jerk but does not respond i have tried 3 different power supply's where can i get more help please

    38. Missing avatar

      Tim Hutman on November 17

      Well I guess I must be in the remainig third that according to your last update is still awaiting shipping. Any idea when I am likely to see my Red me-arm-pi?

    39. Mime Industries Creator on November 16

      Brilliant video, thanks for posting it Grey!

    40. Missing avatar

      Neil Higgins on November 16

      Great video, Grey! Just what the doctor ordered.

    41. Grey Hodge on November 16

      Hey guys, here's the video of mine in action!

      Sometimes the servo arms aren't quite ideally aligned but it's trivial to adjust them, and frankly, good experience for tinkering! Half the fun if this is finding ways to improve it, not that I'm saying its bad. On the contrary, it's a great unit and it's fun to tinker with!

    42. Mime Industries Creator on November 14

      @Neil: Sorry to have had you chasing your tail on the servos. You're absolutely right, we made a mistake on the printed instructions which have conflicting steps for the servo cables. The yellow cable should be to the left, not the right. We're putting an errata into future units but will do a general post too. Also a good idea about adjusting the arms although they shouldn't need it so we need to take a look at our processes.

    43. Mime Industries Creator on November 14

      @Cathy: We're not shipping by region but by order type. We had to wait for some SD cards and as you ordered yours with a Pi it will be shipping out very shortly now.

    44. Missing avatar

      Neil Higgins on November 11

      @Cathy. I received the "brown paper" shipment in Brisbane some weeks ago. Patience, Grasshopper.

      @Mime Industries: Got it working! Two issues: 1. I had three of the four servos plugged in back-to-front! Eeek! In fairness (this is unlike me) I would put it down to less-than-brilliantly clear illustrations/instructions. I had to use my CRO and multimeter to sort out the supply and signal pins, and Google to check the servo wire colours. 2: I had to re-align the gripper servo arm, which was not delivered as illustrated. This involved disassembling the gripper, setting the servo to the closed position using the app, then reassembling the gripper. All good now, but I think you should post a follow-up which a) clearly describes the correct orientation of the servo connectors, and b) provides servo alignment instructions in case the servos are not delivered as illustrated.

    45. Cathy O'Malley on November 9

      Have you shipped to Australia yet?

    46. Mime Industries Creator on November 9

      @Neil: Drop us an email to and we'll work through what's going on and get you sorted out. Sorry you've hit issues!

      @Ian Hodgetts: Likewise, email us and we'll send you out with a replacement part.

    47. Missing avatar

      Neil Higgins on November 9

      As you were: The demos are working (but slew only) after I connect to the server from the webpage. In other words, the "wave" goes from side to side only. That suggests a problem on the output side; however in the absence of SIMPLE diagnostics, it's a needle-in-a-haystack guessing game.

    48. Missing avatar

      Neil Higgins on November 9

      Hi! I followed your manual install instructions for stock Raspbian with great success. I can now access the server from my Linux box via wired Ethernet, as discussed (http://RPi201:80). However none of the demos run, and only the slewing joystick control works. There’s a bit of random chatter from the other servos. Will dig deeper when I have time.

    49. Missing avatar

      Ian White on November 7

      Still waiting :(

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