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A robot kit for all ages, that's easy to make and control. Powered by Raspberry Pi. Learn robotics, learn to code, build the future.
A robot kit for all ages, that's easy to make and control. Powered by Raspberry Pi. Learn robotics, learn to code, build the future.
A robot kit for all ages, that's easy to make and control. Powered by Raspberry Pi. Learn robotics, learn to code, build the future.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Manic just now

      Hi guys. Received by brown box. A slight problem - there are no screws or rubber bands!

      Please help!

    2. Missing avatar

      Bernard Gaskin 3 days ago

      I was put on the list for delivery in brown box on 31st August, but I have not received anything. Have you forgotten me?

    3. Mime Industries Creator 4 days ago

      @Manic: No problem, I've added you to the list

    4. Missing avatar

      Manic 5 days ago

      Hi guys

      Can you please send my MeArm Pi in brown paper packaging as I have lost the will to wait for pretty packaging.

      Sorry but have been waiting way to long for this.

    5. Benjamin Gray Collaborator on September 12

      Sam, I'm so sorry. I packed that and it's totally on me. I'll get some sent today, via an express company, along with something else for your son. They are M2.5 but might be tricky to source.

    6. Missing avatar

      Sam on September 12

      Hello Ben & Ben.

      Today my son and I received the arm in our brown box and he was so excited to sit down to build it. When we started I have found that you have sent it out without any rubber bands or screws. Now I live in australia what can I do I really want to get it going. What type of screws do I need? Or can you send them out to me?? Where can I buy the screws? can you send me a picture of the screws I need? He could not believe that they had been forgotten.

    7. Missing avatar

      Anthony Butler on September 10

      For me, a pain cardboard box is preferred, is only for me to play with and not got to be a present, so fancy printing isn't needed. At least you'll be getting some feedback on the actual arm and its construction by novices ready for proper launch that way.

    8. Benjamin Gray Collaborator on September 8

      Thanks again for your patience, we would dearly love to give you a definite day that we can ship but the packaging problem is not one where we have control. We can of course ship a well protected MeArm Pi in a plain cardboard box right away. We've made them, we have everything but the darned boxes (and sleeves and inserts).

      I so deeply want to get this product into your hands that it is keeping me up at night. Many times I've wanted to say that the packaging is good enough, but in reality it hasn't been right. We're working with the right people on this and they have been great. The problem this is a part of the process where we don't have the experience and we've messed up. I'm really really sorry.

      If you're willing to wait for a small but undefined time I can ship to you a lovely finished product, if you want it now I can ship you the product in a plain cardboard box.

    9. Missing avatar

      Hans Otten on September 7

      Update read, thanks! Nothing new alas, nothing definite. Disappointing.

    10. Mime Industries Creator on September 7

      Update on its way guys...

    11. Missing avatar

      Anthony Butler on September 7

      No updates since mid-August. What's happening Ben&Ben? Are we anywhere near getting our hands on these things?

    12. Missing avatar

      Dominic Jenner on September 6

      Hey any new updates coming soon. Just wondered what progress is being made with packaging and shipping of rewards. Cheers.

    13. Missing avatar

      Bernard Gaskin on August 30

      Can I also have mine shipped without waiting for any fancy boxes, plain old brown cardboard will do fine for me..

    14. Tim Richardson on August 30

      Backer #19, and still not got my MiArm :-( Any news on it's whereabouts, Ben x 2?

    15. Edmond Seal
      on August 30

      When can I expect shipment of my reward?

    16. Missing avatar

      Sam on August 29

      Hello. Just wondering when we will get this? 21 days ago you said mine has been send out. I still have not received. Can you confirm that its been sent with the pi zero. Is there any tracking number we can look up. Have you blokes tricked out of our money?

    17. Brian Roush on August 29

      With September just a couple days away, what's the current status?

    18. Chris Barrett on August 16

      @Creator Done! Looking forward to resolving this.

    19. Mime Industries Creator on August 16

      @Chris Barrett: Sorry to hear that - best to email us at and we'll work with you to figure out what's going on.

      As people start to get their MeArm Pis in their hands it's best to email us at support so we don't fill these comments with support requests and we'll help troubleshoot. There's always a period where people meet some unanticipated issues so hopefully we can get through that nice and quickly!

    20. Chris Barrett on August 15

      Still nothing I'm afraid. Blue light comes on/goes off twice now but then stays unlit :( any ideas?

    21. Mime Industries Creator on August 15

      @Chris Barrett: I've put together an image to test out which should be a little more Zero-friendly! Let us know how you get on...

    22. Mime Industries Creator on August 15

      @Chris Barrett: We're working on it - sorry about the delay in getting it built. Should have something for you to try later on today.

    23. Chris Barrett on August 14

      Is there an updated image for the Pi Zero yet?

    24. Simon Widdowson on August 14

      @Chris - yep. Had already built the arm. It's the control of it that is causing the issues.

      @Creator. Thanks for that.

    25. Mime Industries Creator on August 14

      @Simon Widdowson: The apps are running on the Pi - I'm going to put together a doc on how to install and use the Pi Software asap. Cheers, Ben (P)

      @Dr. Mathias Wilhelm: Glad it arrived safely!

    26. Dr. Mathias Wilhelm
      on August 14

      my HAT arrived this morning in Germany
      Ciao, Mathias

    27. Simon Widdowson on August 12

      I've built the arm after seeing the link to the build instructions below.
      Any links to the apps that were mentioned during the campaign?
      (No instructions in the early release box, so working completely blind at the moment).

    28. Tom Mellor on August 10

      Thanks Ben, sorted now. Finger trouble.

    29. Benjamin Gray Collaborator on August 10

      Clicking works for me Tom! Should just start the download of the zip file

    30. Tom Mellor on August 10

      @Ben the downloads page is not found (404)

    31. Benjamin Gray Collaborator on August 9 for the full build instructions, for the latest image.

      Scot certainly sir, it's on its way!

    32. Tom Mellor on August 9

      Just received my Pi HAT. Is there a software image for the RPi for this or a tutorial?

    33. Chris Barrett on August 9

      @Creator Just received mine! Cannot wait to get this built, but will have to wait for my son to get home from holiday club... maybe :D

    34. Missing avatar

      Scot Perkins on August 8

      Anyway I could get my reward early rather than waiting on the new fancy box?

      Sorry would have sent this as a PM but can't seem to find the right menu through the mobile app.

    35. Benjamin Gray Collaborator on August 8

      Regular post. Delivery rate has actually been higher for standard post in my years of experience!

    36. Chris Barrett on August 8

      @Creator - Will you be sending out tracking numbers for parcels? Or will they just arrive in the regular post?

    37. Benjamin Gray Collaborator on August 8

      To anyone wanting to update their address, the survey is still open and you should just be able to click through on your side and update any information you've give us.

      Sam - yours is on it's way, along with all the other people who've requested theirs early. By the end of today all Hat Only backers will also have theirs shipped. Please no need to be concerned. Everyone will get their products, very soon we hope!

    38. Missing avatar

      Sam on August 7

      I am starting to feel a little concerned about this project. Can you please give us some feedback? I have asked if i could get my project sent out early and no response. When do you think you will be shipping these? I dont care about packaging just want the arm and pie sent out. Maybe in April i would have liked the packaging but its august now so I would much prefer the product.

    39. KJT
      on August 3

      I'm moving this month, how to update my address?

    40. Brian Roush on July 31

      Per update #18, while I understand sometimes these things come up, I'm disappointed shipping has been pushed back again. Was really looking forward to building this with my son before school starting up again. Keep up the good work, though, and thanks for keeping us informed.

    41. Chris Barrett on July 26

      Almost at the end of July, any chance of an update?

    42. Mime Industries Creator on July 11

      David and Arnaud; we're still working hard towards shipping in July, although there's a chance it will be early August because we're still waiting on a couple of the components that we've ordered. We'll be doing a more detailed update later this week but all is progressing well.

    43. Missing avatar

      Arnaud Bensaid on July 11

      Can you confirm that delivery will be done in July?

    44. Missing avatar

      david brown on July 9

      any news on when this is shipping ?

    45. William Hide on June 26

      Interactive instructions are brilliant, thanks.

    46. Missing avatar

      Frederick Grönberg on May 28

      No updates now for a couple weeks. How are things progressing? Just can't wait to get the stuff!

    47. Mime Industries Creator on May 22

      Hi Brian. You will need to have an SD card and a decent power supply (the official Raspberry Pi 3 one works well). I've just spent the last couple of weeks assembling the Raspberry Pi image for beta testers so we'll be releasing that once they're in circulation. It's working well with the built-in WiFi access point making it dead easy to set up.

      As you've got your own Pi Zero W you will need to solder on the headers.

    48. Brian Roush on May 5

      I backed the standard Early Bird kit, and I just bought a Pi Zero W. I've never used the Pi before, so I'm trying to understand what else I'll need to gather so I can put everything together. I'm assuming I'll need to supply the SD card, but what software or version of the various OS's will need to be put on it? Any recommended power supply for it, or would it work just by plugging it into a computer USB port, or one of those external USB power banks? Lastly, will there be any soldering required? I see the holes in the Pi Zero W board for the 40-pin header, but will I need to buy and solder in something to that prior to being able to plug in the joystick hat?

      Thanks! I'm new to this, so just want to try and get things ready before the arm arrives.

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