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A robot kit for all ages, that's easy to make and control. Powered by Raspberry Pi. Learn robotics, learn to code, build the future.
A robot kit for all ages, that's easy to make and control. Powered by Raspberry Pi. Learn robotics, learn to code, build the future.
A robot kit for all ages, that's easy to make and control. Powered by Raspberry Pi. Learn robotics, learn to code, build the future.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Neil Higgins about 8 hours ago

      @david: your servos may be plugged in back-to-front. See

    2. Missing avatar

      Ian White about 19 hours ago

      Have any arms been shipped to Australia yet?

    3. Missing avatar

      david brown 1 day ago

      hi I am having problems once build apply power it gives a short jerk but does not respond i have tried 3 different power supply's where can i get more help please

    4. Missing avatar

      Tim Hutman 1 day ago

      Well I guess I must be in the remainig third that according to your last update is still awaiting shipping. Any idea when I am likely to see my Red me-arm-pi?

    5. Mime Industries Creator 3 days ago

      Brilliant video, thanks for posting it Grey!

    6. Missing avatar

      Neil Higgins 3 days ago

      Great video, Grey! Just what the doctor ordered.

    7. Grey Hodge 3 days ago

      Hey guys, here's the video of mine in action!

      Sometimes the servo arms aren't quite ideally aligned but it's trivial to adjust them, and frankly, good experience for tinkering! Half the fun if this is finding ways to improve it, not that I'm saying its bad. On the contrary, it's a great unit and it's fun to tinker with!

    8. Mime Industries Creator 5 days ago

      @Neil: Sorry to have had you chasing your tail on the servos. You're absolutely right, we made a mistake on the printed instructions which have conflicting steps for the servo cables. The yellow cable should be to the left, not the right. We're putting an errata into future units but will do a general post too. Also a good idea about adjusting the arms although they shouldn't need it so we need to take a look at our processes.

    9. Mime Industries Creator 5 days ago

      @Cathy: We're not shipping by region but by order type. We had to wait for some SD cards and as you ordered yours with a Pi it will be shipping out very shortly now.

    10. Missing avatar

      Neil Higgins on November 11

      @Cathy. I received the "brown paper" shipment in Brisbane some weeks ago. Patience, Grasshopper.

      @Mime Industries: Got it working! Two issues: 1. I had three of the four servos plugged in back-to-front! Eeek! In fairness (this is unlike me) I would put it down to less-than-brilliantly clear illustrations/instructions. I had to use my CRO and multimeter to sort out the supply and signal pins, and Google to check the servo wire colours. 2: I had to re-align the gripper servo arm, which was not delivered as illustrated. This involved disassembling the gripper, setting the servo to the closed position using the app, then reassembling the gripper. All good now, but I think you should post a follow-up which a) clearly describes the correct orientation of the servo connectors, and b) provides servo alignment instructions in case the servos are not delivered as illustrated.

    11. Cathy O'Malley on November 9

      Have you shipped to Australia yet?

    12. Mime Industries Creator on November 9

      @Neil: Drop us an email to and we'll work through what's going on and get you sorted out. Sorry you've hit issues!

      @Ian Hodgetts: Likewise, email us and we'll send you out with a replacement part.

    13. Missing avatar

      Neil Higgins on November 9

      As you were: The demos are working (but slew only) after I connect to the server from the webpage. In other words, the "wave" goes from side to side only. That suggests a problem on the output side; however in the absence of SIMPLE diagnostics, it's a needle-in-a-haystack guessing game.

    14. Missing avatar

      Neil Higgins on November 9

      Hi! I followed your manual install instructions for stock Raspbian with great success. I can now access the server from my Linux box via wired Ethernet, as discussed (http://RPi201:80). However none of the demos run, and only the slewing joystick control works. There’s a bit of random chatter from the other servos. Will dig deeper when I have time.

    15. Missing avatar

      Ian White on November 7

      Still waiting :(

    16. Ian Hodgetts on November 6

      A couple of snags with my build. The main one being due to the servos not actually being labelled (NONE had the identifying dot). I had to try de-constructing the claw and unfortunately broke part 16 meaning that although it fits in place it no longer retains the servo in place properly :-( I also managed to miss a step in the contruction and wondered why the left and right servos kept working themselves loose. Soon solved when I realised my "spare" elastic band wasn't in fact "spare" at all! ;-) I must say I'm VERY impressed with the design; very clever how the parts retain themselves (though not meant for DE-construction as I found).

    17. Missing avatar

      Thomas Kubasta on November 6

      where is my MeArm Pi?
      How long I must wait from now?

    18. Neil Canham on November 5

      Hi - backer here with excited little girl wondering when our arm might ship...

    19. Benjamin Gray Collaborator on November 5

      @KJT, sorry to hear that. We can get you some new struts sent out. If you can email support. There are also a couple of methods that will allow you a fix on those.
      @SK Sorry you're still waiting! We've had a lot of recutting to do due to the holes problem. Pimoroni were also a Kickstarter backer and ordered 50 units. We're walking a knife edge at the moment as we need to keep taking orders to keep the lights on while we fulfill all of the Kickstarter backers. Each of you is extremely important to us, as are our distributors.

    20. KJT
      on November 4

      halfway building it, I couldn't attach the grip to the arm because the holes are too large

    21. Mime Industries Creator on November 3

      @Grey: Yay! Glad it's working now - thanks for your patience. Will add that to the docs...

    22. Grey Hodge on November 1

      @Mime: I slipped the soldier bridge and it works fine. I included a photo down in that comment in case you want to check it for QA purposes. Everything else looked great.

      Once I enabled I2C everything worked! So just make sure to add that to the github readme for folks like me who forget. :)


    23. Mime Industries Creator on November 1

      @Grey Hodge: Sorry to hear about the solder bridge - we'll happily send out a replacement if you'd like. Likewise, any parts with the holes too large we'll swap out straight away.

      On the "seizure mode" side of things - have you enabled I2C in Raspbian? It sounds like what happens when it's not enabled.

      @Neil Higgins: You're right! And the pedant award goes to.... :-) Will fix that!

      @Rudolf: It's in the shipping queue! We haven't forgotten you.

    24. Missing avatar

      Rudolf Van Mierlo on November 1

      Hi there, nr.49 backer here still waiting ?

    25. Grey Hodge on October 31

      @Scot Perkins: After seriously about 5 hours of trouble shooting I took the whole thing apart again and discovered a solder bridge on the servo board. Check it out:…

      Fixing that and the unit began to move!

      However, now mine's in seizure mode, with all four servos clicking at their max rotation. The Web interface shows them all jerking about up at the top of the range, and no response to the joysticks. I think there may be something wrong with the pots, but I haven't looked enough yet. It could also be my software, because the image linked didn't work on my Rpi3, so I had to build it from the github.

    26. Missing avatar

      Montxi on October 31

      Hi guys, #314 backer here. Just received the goods More to come shortly. Thank you very much. Great packaging. Congrats, great job.

    27. Missing avatar

      Neil Higgins on October 31

      Sorry to be a pedant, but ... while you have fixed the part number of the FET on the schematic, you are still using the wrong symbol. Have a look at

    28. Grey Hodge on October 30

      ASSEMBLY TIP! To save money, no nuts are used in construction, meaning metal socket head cap screws screw directly into the plastic, however the holes frequently are too large, or JUST right and then are ruined if you have to take it apart and redo it. I personally find his aggravating beyond reason, they could have simply used cap screws with non-threaded shanks and an extra 2MM on the end for nuts and this would have been MUCH MUCH better/easier.

      Neil Higgins is a smart man, though, and said this: the problem will be that the hole in the base is oversized, so the screw fails to grip. There are various ways to make it grip. Maybe the simplest is to feed a length of rubber band or fishing line through the hole before you put in the screw. You could also put in a sliver of plastic from the unused frame of the kit.

      I'm going to try the fishing line trick, it sounds like it'll be perfect.

      @Mime Industries: Please change to 8/12/18mm cap screws and nuts rather than this current arrangement. One mistake in manufacture or assembly and the hole is looser than a wizard's sleeve.

    29. Mime Industries Creator on October 25

      Merci monsieur Clem!

    30. MrClem
      on October 25

      @celdran >> J'ai reçu le mien samedi dernier. si tu lisais les updates, tu verrais les explications de pourquoi ils sont en retard au lieu de tout de suite faire de la "mauvaise" publicité. Pour avoir déjà eu affaire avec le mirobot et le miArm, je peux dire que ce sont des créateurs sérieux.

    31. Mime Industries Creator on October 24

      @celdran: yours has shipped!

    32. Missing avatar

      celdran on October 24

      Bonsoir le 24 octobre toujours aucun produit je ne vais pas faire de publicité encourageante ni à mime industrie ni à kickstarter

    33. Mime Industries Creator on October 23

      @Neil: You're absolutely right, it is a DMG2305UX! I forgot to push the latest changes to the PCB to GitHub so sorry about that - it's updated now.

      @Thurstan: Very sorry - It sounds like you've been hit by the the "too large screw holes" issue - get in touch with if you'd like us to replace that part for you. We're now cutting these holes slightly smaller so any variance in the cut shouldn't affect the bite of the screw but it sounds like one slipped through the net.

    34. Thurstan Johnston on October 23

      Thanks Neil, I have some very thin plumbers tape which I use for wheel valve threads, so will try that.

    35. Missing avatar

      Neil Higgins on October 22

      Thurston: It should work. The screw goes through the slot in the shim and it's head sets in the hole in the arm. If your kit is the same as mine, the problem will be that the hole in the base is oversized, so the screw fails to grip. There are various ways to make it grip. Maybe the simplest is to feed a length of rubber band or fishing line through the hole before you put in the screw. You could also put in a sliver of plastic from the unused frame of the kit

    36. Thurstan Johnston on October 21

      So halfway through building it (very nice kit by the way) and step #14 screwing the arm assembly into the base, it states to use a 6mm screw. The problem here is that the screw does not stick out far enough to be able to screw into the centre piece of the base. It just about sticks and does not reach the thread, had to use a 10mm instead from step #7 and with step #7 use the 6mm :)

    37. Missing avatar

      Neil Higgins on October 21

      I find it hard to believe you are using a BSS138 FET in the power supply circuit of the HAT, even though that is what is indicated in the schematic. Wrong type of FET! DMG2305UX seems more likely.

    38. Missing avatar

      Christophe Perrin on October 20

      Hi, my MeArm Pi arrived today. Thanks a lot!

    39. Missing avatar

      Hans Otten on October 20

      Mine arrived too! Well done!

    40. Thurstan Johnston on October 20

      Mine arrived today in a nice box :) Will get started with it this weekend!!

    41. Mime Industries Creator on October 18

      To all backers looking for support building their MeArm Pi: please don't post support queries here on Kickstarter. You can either emails us directly at and we'll help you out or you can post a message to the MeArm Google Group at!forum/mearm for community support. Thank you!

    42. Mime Industries Creator on October 18

      @Anthony: sorry to hear you've hit some issues. Some of the early units had some laser cutting issues which resulted in slightly too large holes. We've now resolved this so we can send you out replacement parts. Email us at and we can help you through the issues you've been having.

    43. Missing avatar

      Anthony Butler on October 18

      Mine turned up in a nice plain box a few weeks ago. I built it according to the Web instructions. Had a few problems though with the build. Firstly, some of the elastic bands broke as I was putting them in place. Stole some bands from the kids' lego technic. Nearly lost a few of the other fixings resulting many happy hours on hands and knees to find them. Some holes were too large for the screw threads to bind, used bits of plastic to give something to grip to. So, I'd suggest a few spares fixings. Downloaded the image, set wifi to my local, failed. It didn't keep the settings at all. Trying now with a pi3 instead of a pi 0W.

    44. Missing avatar

      Jeff Day on October 15

      Is there an update on when you started shipping? The last update indicated you would be shipping in a week. I haven't heard anything since.

    45. Missing avatar

      celdran on October 13

      Bonjour nous sommes le 13 octobre et je n ai toujours aucune nouvelle pour savoir quand je vais recevoir #pharmaceutique.ok #je voudrais une réponse et surtout mon produit très vite merci

    46. Missing avatar

      Neil Higgins on October 11

      I see. Wow, very interesting! Thanks for the explanation.

    47. Mime Industries Creator on October 11

      @Neil: I've just put some manual install instructions here:

      I'm going to look at what's going on with running the downloadable image on a non-WiFi Pi and will release a new image shortly.

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