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A robot kit for all ages, that's easy to make and control. Powered by Raspberry Pi. Learn robotics, learn to code, build the future.
A robot kit for all ages, that's easy to make and control. Powered by Raspberry Pi. Learn robotics, learn to code, build the future.
A robot kit for all ages, that's easy to make and control. Powered by Raspberry Pi. Learn robotics, learn to code, build the future.
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    1. Mime Industries Creator on July 11

      David and Arnaud; we're still working hard towards shipping in July, although there's a chance it will be early August because we're still waiting on a couple of the components that we've ordered. We'll be doing a more detailed update later this week but all is progressing well.

    2. Missing avatar

      Arnaud Bensaid on July 11

      Can you confirm that delivery will be done in July?

    3. Missing avatar

      david brown on July 9

      any news on when this is shipping ?

    4. William Hide on June 26

      Interactive instructions are brilliant, thanks.

    5. Missing avatar

      Frederick Grönberg on May 28

      No updates now for a couple weeks. How are things progressing? Just can't wait to get the stuff!

    6. Mime Industries Creator on May 22

      Hi Brian. You will need to have an SD card and a decent power supply (the official Raspberry Pi 3 one works well). I've just spent the last couple of weeks assembling the Raspberry Pi image for beta testers so we'll be releasing that once they're in circulation. It's working well with the built-in WiFi access point making it dead easy to set up.

      As you've got your own Pi Zero W you will need to solder on the headers.

    7. Brian Roush on May 5

      I backed the standard Early Bird kit, and I just bought a Pi Zero W. I've never used the Pi before, so I'm trying to understand what else I'll need to gather so I can put everything together. I'm assuming I'll need to supply the SD card, but what software or version of the various OS's will need to be put on it? Any recommended power supply for it, or would it work just by plugging it into a computer USB port, or one of those external USB power banks? Lastly, will there be any soldering required? I see the holes in the Pi Zero W board for the 40-pin header, but will I need to buy and solder in something to that prior to being able to plug in the joystick hat?

      Thanks! I'm new to this, so just want to try and get things ready before the arm arrives.

    8. Missing avatar

      Montxi on March 9

      Congrats guys, can't wait till July. Backer number 314... really funny Pi coincidence

    9. Stewart Watkiss on March 8

      Hello - well done on a not just reaching your target, but flying past it by a massive amount!

      I spoke to you and shared a selfie at the Pi Party.

      I just checked and I was an early bird backer - does that still count for the promotion, or was it just the standard ones?

      My twitter is @stewartwatkiss

    10. Missing avatar

      Fredrik Endresen on March 8

      Congrats from Norway! Really looking forward to testing this :)

    11. Missing avatar

      Martin Bennett on March 7

      I have increased my pledges by £25 for Pi Zero W offer

    12. Larry Smith
      on March 6

      thanks for your quick reply to my earlier question. sorry for taking so long but I have raised my pledge to 170 to get 2 arms each with a Pi Zero.

    13. Mime Industries Creator on March 6

      @Ian White The Pi Zero W is just a less powerful and smaller version of the Raspberry Pi 3. But it's still got well enough power to run the MeArm Pi so it's a good way of getting up and running at a lower cost. The main differences are 1 core vs. 4, 512MB memory vs 1GB and less ports on-board. There's a handy comparison table over on Wikipedia:

      Hope this helps.

    14. Missing avatar

      Klaar Vink on March 5

      Just added £25 to my pledge to add the Raspberry Pi zero w with 8GB SD card and the power supply.

    15. Mime Industries Creator on March 5

      @SK: we're planning on pre-soldering the headers so everything will work straight out of the box

    16. Mime Industries Creator on March 5

      @Samuel Van Reeth: if you want to back any of the red arm rewards but set your pledge amount to £110 we'll send you out a Pi 3. All the best, Ben

    17. Missing avatar

      Samuel Van Reeth
      on March 5

      Will you also create the Ltd Edition Red MeArm Pi Kit + Pi3 option?

    18. Missing avatar

      on March 5

      Standard Pi Zero W has unpopulated 40-pin GPIO connector (requires soldering)
      I wonder if I have to solder myself for the added £25 to my pledge.
      (Since no mention about the pin header, do I have to buy that separately?
      BTW, Pimoroni has a nice solderless hammer headers....)

    19. Missing avatar

      Ian White on March 4

      Forgive me if the answer is obvious (in very very new to the raspberry pi) but what's the difference between the Raspberry Pi Zero W and the Raspberry Pi that comes with the £11 0 pledge level?

    20. Francois MOCQ on March 3

      hello there, just added £25 to my pledge to add the Raspberry Pi zero w with 8GB SD card and the power supply :)

    21. Missing avatar

      Martin Hennessy on March 3

      @Mime Industries... might have had something to do with my attempts to do this on mobile. Anyway, back to the comforts of desktop and pledge successfully INCREASED! =D

    22. Missing avatar

      Simon Bromley
      on March 3

      hello there, just added £25 to my pledge to add the Raspberry Pi zero w with 8GB SD card and the PSU

    23. Mime Industries Creator on March 2

      @Martin Hennessy: you should be able to keep your reward level but just change the amount. Others have so it must be possible but I'm not a backer so I can't see the interface!

    24. Missing avatar

      Martin Hennessy on March 2

      How do you increase a pledge (for the Zero W)? Do I change to 'Pledge without reward' and select £65? Can't seem to find a way to edit my already-made pledge.

    25. Missing avatar

      Christopher Edwards on March 2

      Hi! I have added £25 to my pledge for getting Raspberry Pi zero w with 8GB SD card and the power cable. Please confirm my upgraded pledge.

    26. Missing avatar

      John Wiggins on March 2

      I've just added £25 to my pledge.
      John Wiggins

    27. Mime Industries Creator on March 2

      @Avinash That's fine - I've messaged all the early birds now to let them know about this option too. Thanks for backing!

    28. Avinash Magdum
      on March 2

      I have added £25 to my pledge for getting Raspberry Pi zero w with 8GB SD card and the power cable. Please confirm my upgraded pledge.

    29. Mime Industries Creator on March 2

      @Larry if you want to upgrade both of your arms to the Pi Zero W kits you can just increase your pledge to £170 and we'll send you two full kits - have I understood that correctly? Feel free to message us and we'll work it out.

    30. Larry Smith
      on March 2

      Ok the new update looks great but that puts me in a wonder how to do this I pledged for 2 of your arms so how would I have to add the 2 Pi W's or would I need to wait for the backer kit and add the Pi's as an add on?

    31. Simon Dick
      on March 1

      My zero w just arrived today :)

    32. Missing avatar

      Tim Hutman on February 28

      As soon as the news of the Zero W broke I ordered one with the MeArm Pi in mind, this update puts a bigger smile on my face, :-D

    33. Mime Industries Creator on February 28

      @Tyeth we're looking at doing a 3d printed version but for now I'd stick to laser cutting unless you want to spend the time finessing the parts for printing.

    34. Missing avatar

      Tyeth Gundry on February 28

      Thanks again, that link was much easier to get the cutting file, gotta love hackaday ;)
      I honestly struggled to find the dxf on github as the mearm lasercut repository seemed to be the old deluxe model so really appreciate the quick reply.

      On a side note, I heard the old version was too precise to 3d print easily and generally required modification, but yours might already be suitable...anyone had a go yet?

    35. Mime Industries Creator on February 28

      @Tyeth glad you found the link - we're big believers in open source (and not just after the fact!) - there's also this page that's worth a look:

    36. Missing avatar

      Tyeth Gundry on February 28

      Sorry, I should have looked at your company page before commenting, it has the github link with everything there I think, thanks!

    37. Missing avatar

      Tyeth Gundry on February 28

      Hi Guys, well done for getting there so much earlier than expected. I wanted to ask as I can't afford the money for a larger pledge, if the designs will be/are available so I can possibly help with testing hardware/software bearing in mind that it's march already!

    38. Mime Industries Creator on February 22

      @David If you ordered the kit that includes the SD card it will come ready to go, otherwise if you're supplying your own Pi and SD card you'll need to write your own SD card but we'll be creating an easy to install image for this so it's nice and quick

    39. Missing avatar

      David Cannon on February 22

      Hi MeArm Pi team, Would it be wonderful if we all get the kit with pre-loaded software on a SD card. I got two kits for my 6 and 8 year olds. I just want to put the SD card and start the robot without having to worry about the configuration and settings. Running standalone and self-contained will be nice and practical to have these bad boys anywhere.

    40. Ben Pirt Collaborator on February 14

      @Bill It depends on the threshold for taxes in Canada but yes, taxes are normally due on imported goods. Fortunately as a toy ("Scale Model" actually) I believe it is relatively lightly taxed (and exempt in many countries)

      @Jonathan Thank you! Stretch goal sounds about right :-)

      @Dawud, This is more of a robot arm for learning than it is for extreme precision like this so a pen holder would probably not be that useful in this case.

    41. Larry Smith
      on February 14

      Thanks for your answer to my question. I just pledged for one and doubled it so I can have one of each color. Thanks again Larry

    42. Dawud Mehmood on February 12

      Hi guys

      Would it be possible to include pen holding attachments to make this a precision drawing arm?

    43. Jonathan Sanderson on February 9

      *So* pleased for you guys - straight over the target and into 'oh, blimey!' territory… with 27 days to go. Fantastic. Stretch goal: global domination.

    44. Missing avatar

      Bill on February 9

      Hi just wondering about taxes because I'm in Canada... So I may be collected taxes right...? Thanks!

    45. Ben Pirt Collaborator on February 8

      @Dr H - A Pi Zero should be fine in terms of its computing capabilities and the connector is the same. As you say it would need supporting mechanically but all that should take are a couple of longer spacers on the front edge where the holes don't align. Also, the front edge of the base would still have the holes for the B+ connectors but it would still work fine. I've got a Zero so I'll take a look at what it would take to get it working. Thanks for backing!

    46. Missing avatar

      Dr H
      on February 7

      Would a Pi Zero be sufficient to run the robotic arm? Given one would stabilize the base, actually.

    47. Mime Industries Creator on February 7

      @alex Now there's a film (or two) I need to watch again. Duly noted.

    48. Missing avatar

      Alex Bevan on February 7

      If you guys need to contemplate new colours for stretch goals, could I be first to request green?

      Oh! Actually, how about gold, like Johnny 5 in Short Circuit 2?

    49. Ben Pirt Collaborator on February 7

      Hi Jeff, yes, you'll be able to choose from orange or blue when we send out the survey.
      Thanks for backing!

    50. Missing avatar

      Jeff Carrell on February 7

      Will we be able to choose color of MeArm (orange or blue)? Thanx, looking forward to this project!

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