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MILLIONS: A WEB SERIES about our dreams, and how money can fuel or destroy them's video poster

MILLIONS is a Web Series about six suburbanites that go on an ambitious but dangerous quest to become millionaires before they turn 30. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on October 29, 2010.

MILLIONS is a Web Series about six suburbanites that go on an ambitious but dangerous quest to become millionaires before they turn 30.

About this project

Hey Kickstarter-ers!

My name’s Andrew, and I like to make up crazy ass words. Luckily, I’m a writer, and I’m here to raise money for a project that I’ve been working on for many years now. It’s called MILLIONS. It’s a dramedy about six suburbanite friends that embark on an ambitious but dangerous journey to become millionaires before they turn 30. It’s like Entourage in a suburban setting, but with a dark Sopranos twist. It’s a series ultimately about our dreams and how money can fuel or destroy them depending on the path we choose. The story is made up of an ensemble cast and is character driven first and foremost. As an artist this is a project very near and dear to my heart, because although it’s highly fictionalized, it’s very personal to me. I'm here to graciously ask for your contributions if you think it’s as exciting and intriguing a project as I do. I am biased of course.

The first season is entirely written, and we’ve assembled an extremely talented and experienced crew, who are ready to go to work. But financing is our last missing piece of the puzzle. We’re here to raise $8,000 in 32 days (until October 29) to help fund at least our first episode. With it, my ambition is to create an exceptionally entertaining show that can stand proudly next to most TV shows out there. It’s a show made for the twenty-something generation struggling to find a place in a society that worships money and youth.

For an idea of our vision for the series AND to convince you that your money will be in good hands we've put together the above sample trailer, which we're calling the MILLIONS MIXTAPE. This was done with absolutely no money, except the generous work of our talented and amazing friends.

But the show is a whole different ballgame and we can’t do this without your help! We’re offering plenty of fantastic rewards for your pledges, which include exclusive merchandise, personalized sketches, on-set access, walk-on roles, and party invites. However, the money we’re raising here is not even close to enough for the entire season (filmmaking is ridiculously expensive as you probably know), so the episodes we do complete will not air publicly until we finish the entire season. BUT as a Kickstarter backer you will have exclusive access to screening the episodes as they’re completed. We hope to fund subsequent episodes with finished ones through various other potential outlets (sponsors, etc.) or even return to Kickstarter depending on how this round goes. Either way, we’re determined and certain that the first season will be completed.

Our tentative start shooting date is the summer of 2011, but we’ll be giving regular production updates on our blog at or (which will officially launch in the next few weeks). In addition to production updates, the blog will be updated daily with various content outside of the show, including artist and entrepreneur video interviews and my personal vlog and blog commentary on diverse subjects. So please visit the site regularly while we’re in the midst of raising money!

Thank you for reading, and your generous support will be more than appreciated! Hopefully we don’t let you down in bringing you an entertaining show!

Best-est regards!

Andrew Chung

P.S. RE: REWARDS $75 OR MORE – You’re wondering if Terence and I have any talent whatsoever, so check out this link for samples:

P.P.S. RE: REWARDS $ 250 OR MORE – You’re wondering what the shirt will actually look like. Well it looks badass. You can see a prototype here:

P.P.P.S. You can check out the trailer in glorious HD on YouTube at or Vimeo at


Created and Written by Andrew Chung
Directed and Edited by eMCee and Andrew Chung
Motion Graphics by Ash Edwards
Sound Editing by Kevin Chamberlain
Make-up by Tiffany Moh
Super Assistance by Terence Chung and Tiffany Lee-Looi

Starring Calvin Yeung as Brandon, Willson Luong as Deron, Terry Lee as Mary, Nathan Chung as Jay, Mark Dones as Eddie, and Andrew Chung as Charlie


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    Pledge $1 or more

    11 backers

    Access to exclusive production and behind-the-scenes material. You’ll also get to screen the episodes as we complete them (via a secure Internet link).

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    Pledge $10 or more

    8 backers

    The above and a (hopefully) funny shout out in one of my blog posts. I.E. “Shout out to Tommy Timbuktu. If he was a superhero, he’d have Tommy guns for arms, and they’d shoot sphinxes.” Or something like that.

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    Pledge $25 or more

    27 backers

    We all love being shamelessly showered with recognition, so you’ll receive the above, plus a special thank you in the credits of the episodes your money will go towards, in addition to DVD copies of those episodes.

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    Pledge $50 or more

    12 backers

    You like posters? Of course you do. Signed posters with a personal message? Of course you like them more. So you’ll get the above, plus a signed copy by the crew (with a short personal message from me) of the official poster.

  • You selected
    Pledge $75 or more

    5 backers Limited (999995 left of 1000000)

    Because my brother, Terence, and I are renowned illustrators, save for the renowned part, you’ll get the above, plus a head sketch of yourself. But it won’t be just any sketch. It’ll be you – PIMPED OUT. This is a show called MILLIONS after all. It’d be fun to get a million people to pledge here and see if we can physically endure drawing a million sketches too.

  • You selected
    Pledge $100 or more

    9 backers Limited (91 left of 100)

    You like to party like Lindsay Lohan? Who doesn’t? So you’ll get the above, plus a special invite to the launch party in Toronto. Unfortunately we can’t pay for your travel and accommodations. We’d probably use all the money we got from Kickstarter if we did. And then we’d have no show. So we’d have nothing to launch.

  • You selected
    Pledge $250 or more

    3 backers Limited (22 left of 25)

    For the fashionistas, you’ll get the above, plus a very exclusive bamboo T-shirt specially designed for our series produced in part by high-end bamboo streetwear designer, JUZD Clothing. They’ll be produced in a very limited run.

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    Pledge $500 or more

    4 backers Limited (1 left of 5)

    For all the special people, you’ll get the above, plus a VIP invite to our launch party in Toronto and all other series related parties. Again, travel and accommodations are not included.

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    Pledge $1,000 or more

    2 backers Limited (3 left of 5)

    Your chance to officially be a part of the project. You’ll get the above, plus a swanky OFFICIAL PRODUCER CREDIT for the show.

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    Pledge $2,500 or more

    0 backers Limited (2 left of 2)

    How can we possibly top that you ask? Easy. You’ll get the above, plus a walk-on cameo role for the show, exclusive access to all on-set filming (travel and accommodations not included), and an exclusive customized illustration by Terence of the cast with yourself integrated. Because you did appear in the show. If you’re not in Toronto and can’t make it, Terence will still integrate you in the illustration. You can just imagine in your brain that you had a cameo.

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