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It's official! Our Kickstarter campaign has come to an end but it's not over yet...Pre-order your Million Mile Light today!
It's official! Our Kickstarter campaign has come to an end but it's not over yet...Pre-order your Million Mile Light today!
1,231 backers pledged £48,547 to help bring this project to life.

Production Update

Posted by Tom Lawton (Creator)

Hello everyone.

I hope you are well and enjoying winter.

We've now produced the entire batch of lights which are ready to be packaged and shipped. The books are all printed too. I have approved a golden sample and am completely happy. However, the silicone band design is an essential accessory to the product and has caused me some trouble and I've held it's production until I am completely satisfied with how well it works. The early samples we've had have worked OK but niggled me because they didn't working brilliantly and so have inspired us to modify the design to make it more secure and less fiddly to use. The texture of the material was also an issue.

In prototype testing we used a shock bungee with a fabric pull tab which worked perfectly and we have been working to replicate the secure binding properties - elasticity, strength and feel/grip. It's required more iterations in physical development than I anticipated.

We've been testing samples for a few weeks now (back to forth with our factory) and I'm expecting a set of final samples (two design variations) in three grades of silicone to be sent to me for approval on Friday. Upon receipt I can immediately sign off the best one and press the button on its production. This will then take three weeks to produce and means we won't be ready to ship all lights until the 3rd week of Jan.

But the operation is slick there-forth because upon landing the units will go straight to our fulfilment warehouse who are currently dispatching generation one MMLs - so we still anticipate delivery in January as your lights will be air-freighted the very day they are ready and delivered by an experienced team.

I appreciate your understanding of the situation and I hope you appreciate that I just want to get it right.

On delivery, over 70% of you have completed the BackTraq survey which is amazing, however there are still quite a few folk that need to complete your delivery details and configure your product choices.

I'll be working through the holidays to ensure there is no more delay and wish you all a wonderful and relaxing winter break.

All the best,

Tom and team

PS. I will post a video update as soon as I sign off the sample to show you all how well it works and let you know we're good to go.

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    1. Emryn Edling on

      Take as much time as it needs! I'm so excited for this product, though, I've been thinking about how useful it'd be now when it gets dark at 3pm lol

    2. J on

      Nice !
      I love that you're putting in the extra time and effort to deliver the best possible product.
      And... the weather's too crappy for me to run anyway...
      Merry Xmas to you all an so forth,
      All the best

    3. Missing avatar

      Hendrik on

      Thank you Tom and the team for the update.
      For me, I prefer a dialed product over a rushed one any time. So take the time needed to ensure the silicone bands are up to your standards...
      Good luck with the remaining steps in the project and enjoy the Christmas and New Year holidays with family and friends.