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Our new Million Mile Light, powered by motion & guaranteed for a million miles to keep everyone visible whilst you walk, hike or run.
It's official! Our Kickstarter campaign has come to an end but it's not over yet...Pre-order your Million Mile Light today!
It's official! Our Kickstarter campaign has come to an end but it's not over yet...Pre-order your Million Mile Light today!
1,231 backers pledged £48,547 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Tomas Holly 2 days ago

      Hi, When I receive my pledged items?

    2. Tom Lawton 3-time creator on

      @Jill Y, one of our support team has sent you a private message on Kickstarter. We required a little bit of info from you. If you could get back to us we'll make sure your units are dispatched without further delay. Thanks for getting in contact with us. :)

    3. Jill Y

      I have never received my shipment. Is there a way for me to check where it is?

    4. Moray Taylor-Smith on

      I have not yet received my light

    5. Missing avatar

      Dwayne Reid

      I have not received my lights. How do I go about tracking them down?

    6. Manuel on

      Awesome lights. Have been testing them while walking the dog for 4 weeks and I‘m amazed.

      Good work, guys 👍

    7. Tom Lawton 3-time creator on

      Hi All, thanks again for contacting us. Once again we have emailed you all individually regarding your non-delivery. Please check your Kickstarter inbox's.

      If you still haven't received your lights please email us directly at with your backer number, KS backer name and KS registered email. Thanks ;-)

    8. Missing avatar

      Andrew Fong on

      Hi there, I received my order earlier.

      But out of the 2 units (one white and one red) I got only the red one really works. The white one isn’t very sensitive compared to the red, which needs to be shaken hard to get any light.

      I live in Hong Kong, is there any chance i can ship the white back for a replacement? Thanks.

    9. Shelly Williams

      Never received my order.

    10. Tom Garrett

      Thanks ! Just ordered another set for my kids . Great product !

    11. Tom Lawton 3-time creator on

      @Tom Garrett, wonderful news! You can pick up our lights on our website.

    12. Tom Garrett

      My lights turned up and are brilliant ! Where can we get some more ? I'm based in the UK .

    13. Tom Lawton 3-time creator on

      HI All, as ever our customer service team have contacted you via either KS email or direct to your email addresses. Please check. Thanks :)

    14. Missing avatar

      Joe Famiglietti on

      I have not received anything yet :/

    15. Missing avatar

      Shaun Dowling on

      Relieved to see that some people have received their lights- unless they are also scams? I have not received mine and have not had any replies to my numerous emails. Have I been conned or has there been no delivery to the UK yet - despite what the emails have suggested?

    16. Missing avatar

      Morten on

      Hello, my light haven't come to Norway either..

    17. Missing avatar

      Sarath Chandar on

      Tom, I've relocated but I'm sure I've neither received it at my earlier address or redirected to the new one. Is there a chance that you can provide a tracking number for my shipment? Thanks !

    18. Missing avatar

      Polly Kwong on

      Got it and really like this lovely unit, perfect for my early morning jog.
      Thanks and can't wait for the next project of your team.

    19. Missing avatar

      James Priest on

      JAmes Priest, have not received the units. Could really use them as my dogs and I are headed to the woods.

    20. Missing avatar

      Peter Bielko on

      Hi. I report as well that I did not receive any shipment. I am from Europe, Slovakia

    21. J on

      OK, so I received the lights a while back but the weather was crap and I was busy with other endeavours...
      Now I've had the opportunity to use them a couple of times and I think they're awesome !
      I enjoyed the 1st gen and I love all the improvements this one brings.
      Excellent job guys (after another well-led campaign) !
      Can't wait to see what you come up with next time !
      All the best,

    22. Tom Lawton 3-time creator on

      Hi @Sam Headland please check your inbox one of our support team have got back to you

    23. Missing avatar

      Sam Headleand on

      I haven't got my light yet.

    24. Tom Lawton 3-time creator on

      Thank you all for your comments regarding deliveries, our team are answering you all individually so please check your Kickstarter inboxes. :-)

    25. Missing avatar


      I'm still waiting for my lights.

    26. Missing avatar

      Grant Edwards on

      I have not received mine. Thanks

    27. Missing avatar

      ASuray on

      It's seems, no receive in Europe.
      Do you you have the tracking numbers?

    28. Missing avatar

      Volker Tüllner

      i'm said, im'not received mine either.
      I’m from Germany

      Please send ist.

      Best regards

    29. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      Not received mine either.
      I’m from France

    30. Missing avatar


      Unfortunately nothing here either. And for the life of me I can't log into backtraq to doublecheck anything. :(

    31. Missing avatar

      Danielle Kouri

      Hi I haven’t received mine in the US either

    32. Catherine Dock


      Not received mine either, also UK. Thanks.

    33. Missing avatar

      Cat Blackburn on

      I haven't received my light, I'm in UK

    34. Sabine Adamek

      I also haven't received mine in Austria.
      Where could it be?

    35. Missing avatar

      Atanas on

      It's all good now.. Thanks for the quick response time, Tom! Keep bringing the light even in the darkest places of the universe!

    36. Missing avatar

      Bruce Nicholls on

      I haven’t received any from the Uk.

    37. Missing avatar

      Polly Kwong on

      Are you sure it is on it's way ? I am in Hong Kong but still got nothing.

    38. Jeni Wright on

      Hi I’ve still not received mine.

    39. Missing avatar

      Bosnjak on

      didnt recive anything here

    40. keynell

      I've got mine, thanks!

    41. Alexandro Caraballo on

      I receive my in Miami, God quality and excellent customer service

    42. Missing avatar

      Sameet Sam Patel on

      Florida has not received either

    43. Daryl Travis on

      I have not received my lights either

    44. Missing avatar


      Still haven’t received the lights. Can you please enquire into my order to see where it is.

    45. Missing avatar

      AL McKinnon on


      I haven’t received my lights as yet, please can you investigate why?


    46. Missing avatar

      Hannah Penny

      Mine arrived in Norway last week sometime, but as I've been away for work I only got my hands on them yesterday. First impressions are excellent! They feel like such a quality product, and with good sensitivity.

      Since I live in the far north, well inside the Arctic circle, I'll only get about three weeks use out of them before it gets light 24/7. But since I can look forward to a solid six months of daily use for years to come, I really don't mind. I just wish I'd ordered more :)

    47. Missing avatar

      Roman M. on

      Got mine last week in Switzerland. As perfect as the first series, thank you!

    48. Robert Paramo on

      Received in wellington New Zealand! A nice upgrade on the earlier version. Now getting dark in the morning so I’ll be testing these on my morning runs. Thanks

    49. Missing avatar

      Eddie T

      Received today in Melbourne, Australia.
      They work better than expected. Can't wait to see the response from my son.
      Thank you for a great product. Looks like your persistence paid off. Well done.
      Big thumbs up on the packaging too.

    50. Alexandro Caraballo on

      I haven't received, South Florida (US).

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