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The best and most unique hand-crafted ice cream, delivered to your door. Help upgrade our machine so we can make more awesome 'scream.
The best and most unique hand-crafted ice cream, delivered to your door. Help upgrade our machine so we can make more awesome 'scream.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Victoria Alefosio

      This is long overdue, they contacted me via email and apologized for the delay. I felt bad for them cause they ran into a lot of misfortune the previous year which explains the delay. But I did get my pints back in March and it was AMAZING! I was very impressed by the shipping and handling. The pints got to me in perfect frozen condition which was impressive considering the FedEx guy left it on my door step all day LOL. I wish there was some MilkMades here in Alaska! Thank you MilkMades and good luck in all your future endeavors!

    2. Michelle Wong on

      Hooray! Got an arrival date for ice cream next Tuesday!

    3. Missing avatar

      Victoria Alefosio

      $180 paid in December 2013, and still nothing. Not even an update.

    4. Missing avatar

      Victoria Alefosio

      I agree smh

    5. Koala Bear on

      The milkmades keep giving me the run around, yet they've taken care of their clients. This is unethical. They need to reimburse the backers instead of running off with our money.

    6. Michelle Wong on

      I haven't either, and even contacted Kickstarter directly. They replied back saying that they would try to contact them for me, but for us to continue to contact them as well. Anyone else have ideas on what else we can do to try to get a hold of them?? Here's my direct email if anyone has ideas:

    7. Missing avatar

      Jaclyn Krasne on

      I haven't received any of the IceCream rewards or the email that I was told to look out for. Kinda wondering if I'll ever get it at this point. :/

    8. Missing avatar

      Victoria Alefosio

      Still haven't gotten anything, not even that email you promised.

    9. MilkMade Ice Cream Creator on

      Hello All! Especially Pint Party People!

      We're so sorry we've missed these recent comments -- it's been a big time of transition here in ice cream land, and we've been so busy with it we haven't checked our messages! Here's what's new:  new space, new team members, new machinery, new flavors, new offerings! It's been great. But, as usual, change takes longer than you expect it to.

      To our Seasonal Pint recipients -- we are ready to roll with your pint delivery and commit to completing it before the new year. (If it works with your schedule, that is!) We apologize for the delay, and rather than go through the painstaking details of what has (and hasn't) gone according to plans, we'll spare ya and say we truly hope you think it's worth it!

      We're sending a personal email today to confirm the delivery address and allow you to select your preferred delivery date. Please look out for it, and email me at if you don't see it.

      Thank you!

    10. Missing avatar

      Victoria Alefosio

      What's going on? No update since March.

    11. Michelle Wong on

      I live in Nevada and haven't received anything.

    12. Missing avatar

      Victoria Alefosio

      I live in Alaska, haven't received anything yet.

    13. Tom Dickson on

      Did anybody receive their pledge from Milkmade. Also, do you leave out of state

    14. Tom Dickson on

      Since it's the middle of August and I haven't received the ice cream, will you refund my $100 pledge immediately...tom

    15. MilkMade Ice Cream Creator on

      Hey Tom, We appreciate your support and understand your eagerness! We're working hard to expand our productions, and will follow up with our first flight friends about their pints very very soon. Thank you!

    16. Tom Dickson on

      So what's the latest on delivery, seems pretty lame that it's June and no ice cream from a pledge in Jan. Can you provide an update please....patiently waiting, temperature is rising

    17. Michele Markus

      Just had our sampler pack and WOW - even as jaded ice cream snobs (it's a good thing to be snobby about, right?) we were blown away!! Can't wait to hear when you're going live on a wider scale!!

    18. Stephen on

      Peanut butter and jelly??? Mind blown!
      I hate the term "Mind blown" because everyone uses it. But when you said peanut butter and jelly ice cream, I had to stop and listen to that again. Now I want it.

    19. Missing avatar

      Christine Hanson on

      Great news. I just increased my pledge 'cuz I REALLY want to get the recipe. Sorry I missed out on the Salted Caramel flavor earlier, so I hope this will happen.

    20. Missing avatar

      Victoria Alefosio

      Woohoo, we made it!!

    21. Gil on

      Congrats! Fully funded! Boo ya.

    22. Missing avatar

      Cassandra Bodytko on

      These girls are the best! Not only is the ice cream amazing but they are the most customer friendly business. I've been getting ice cream for about 6 months now and every pint is fresh and they always work to fit my schedule. Good luck!

    23. Ken Nercessian on

      You are awesome! I backed your campaign because I love everything about it, from the ingredients you use, to how it's made and all of the passion and love you put into it. I can't wait to attend your ice cream social :)
      -Ken Nercessian
      Kettle Corn NYC

    24. Wendy Wong on

      I'm so excited that this might finally be happening. Sadly, I've never gotten a chance to try MilkMade's ice cream, but I've heard nothing but good things about it. I was hoping I'd one day be able to buy MilkMade ice cream pints at a store, so this campaign makes me thrilled, and I hope it's successful!

    25. Bobbie Dauzat on

      I sincerely hop you can meet this goal! I would love auto delivery once a week!

    26. reece on

      I love me some ice cream... Hell, I even worked at a homemade ice cream shop for seven years... but Milkmade is the bomb. Get some!

    27. Soraya Darabi on

      My very favorite ice cream in the world! I would back this ten times over.