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Simply record and share audio in studio quality. Standalone audio recorder. USB microphone. Wireless recording with iOS and Android.

Simply record and share audio in studio quality. Standalone audio recorder. USB microphone. Wireless recording with iOS and Android. Read More
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This project's funding goal was not reached on January 20, 2015.

About this project

We will be relaunching our Mikme Kickstarter campaign soon.

Click here for the new campaign:

Please tell your friends about Mikme and help us spread the word about our campaign! Don't forget to signup our Newsletter, Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter to stay up to date with the relaunch of the Mikme campaign.

You can also download the free Mikme audio recording app for iOS already from the Apple App store. Record multitrack songs, audio notes and rehearsals easily and organize them easily with snapping pictures along your recordings.

Mikme's simplicity and portability makes it perfect for recording your songs, videos, interviews, band rehearsals or concerts without any external device. Mikme works standalone and has a built in audio recorder which let you record up to 180 hours of studio grade sound.

The Mikme Microphone has a large gold-plated condenser capsule, which captures studio-grade sound. To ensure the highest possible digital audio quality it features a 24 Bit audio resolution with a sampling frequency of up to 96 kHz.

Use Mikme with audio recording software such as Apple Garageband or Logic, Cubase, Reason or Ableton. Make Podcasts or overdubs for your videos. You can even use it for your Skype calls and get crystal clear voice. Works with Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android.

The USB interface of the microphone let's you record audio with any 3rd party audio software in studio-grade quality.

The key ingredient to a good song is emotion. And you never know when it will strike. When inspiration hits you, out of the blue, you don’t want to be unprepared; whether it’s a simple melody, the beat of a washing machine or a full song. Mikme gives you the freedom to capture that special moment instantly, anywhere.

Audio recording must be simple, quick and high quality.

If inspiration hits you right now, capturing it can be quite a process. You either use your phone, which provides mediocre audio quality, or you put a microphone on a stand, connect some cables (after untangling them), turn your devices on, launch your recording software, make the update, restart your computer, open your recording software (again), create a song, create a track, select an input, etc. After 10 minutes of setting up your inspiration is nowhere to be found.

This is where Mikme helps.


Start your recording with a single tap at the top of the Mikme Microphone. Capture up to 180 hours in studio-grade quality with the internal audio recorder and save all your music on Mikme’s internal 8 GB memory.

No external device needed for audio recording. Works standalone. Later on you can transfer the audio files from the Mikme Microphone to your computer via USB.

It’s important to always be ready to capture. That’s why the Mikme Wireless Microphone has no cables and no setup. It works standalone and has a built-in, rechargeable battery that gives you the freedom to record up to 7 hours of audio no matter where you are.

Turn it on. Set it on the table. Tap the capture button and start playing. It’s as easy as that.

After you’ve captured your first track, Mikme helps you fill out your sound. When the Mikme Microphone is synced via Bluetooth up with the free Mikme App, you can record up to 8 tracks per song. And it’s fully wireless.

Lost & Found Protocol

Mikme's custom-developed Lost & Found Bluetooth® Protocol ensures that every beat of your music gets instantly delivered and securely saved on your Apple iPhone®. Nothing gets lost.

8 Tracks

The Mikme App gives you the power to record up to 8 tracks in each song when synched with your Mikme Microphone. Within app, simply tap the “Play On” capture button in a song and a new track will be added on top of your initial track.

The Mikme App also works standalone (with the iPhone's internal microphone), with third-party audio sound cards or USB microphones.

You can download the Mikme App for free in the App Store. An Android version is planned.


Instantly save your recordings on your iPhone® with the Mikme Microphone and Mikme App.

Edit and Mix

Create, mix and edit up to 8 tracks per song. Within the app, you can also add and adjust effects such as reverb, delay and filters.

Find Your Ideas

All songs are stored by location and date. The picture you take with each song becomes its cover art, which helps you access your creativity within seconds.


Easily share your multi-track songs with your band mates or friends either as a stereo mix-down or as a complete song (with settings and tracks). Friends can continue to edit within their own Mikme App.

Have you ever been in an amazing acoustic space but had no clue as to how you could record there? We know that feeling. It’s the reason we created an recording solution that gives you uncomplicated access to high-quality recording.

The Mikme Wireless Microphone records incredibly detailed sound with cutting-edge analog/digital conversion of 96 kHz @24 Bit. We use a 1-inch, gold-plated condenser capsule—the type that’s normally only find in studio microphones. And with its cardioid polar pattern, you’re going to love the way you sound.

All recordings were made with an early prototype (raw files straight from the mic with no editing). More recordings can be found here:

The Mikme Wireless Microphone is designed by former AKG acoustic and mechanical engineers. With a history of creating some of the most legendary studio microphones in the world, our designers and audio engineers have used their expertise to ensure that the Mikme Microphone delivers studio-grade sound.

Mikme is designed to fit all recording situations, no matter where you are. It also gives you the option to your existing gear.

Use it as a standalone microphone/audio recorder or link it with the Mikme App to record multi-track songs. You also can record with a Windows or MacOS computer, iOS or Android device by connecting the Mikme Microphone via USB.

With the mini jack audio out connector at the microphone you can monitor your microphone audio signal or audio playbacks with headphones. Or you can connect the audio out with the external audio input of your DSLR camera to record in studio quality along your videos.

Capsule – 1 inch, gold plated, condenser
Polar pattern – Cardiod
Audio frequency bandwidth – 20 to 20000 Hz
Sensitivity – 18 mV/Pa
Signal to noise – 75 dB-A
Preattenuation pad – 0 to -30 dB

Internal Audio Recorder
Internal memory – 8 GB
Recording time –  180 hours MP4, 16 hours WAV
Bit depth – 24
Sampling frequencies – 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 96 kHz
Processor – 168 MHz Cortex M4
Rechargeable Li-IO battery – 1000 mAh
Battery-powered operation time standalone recording – 7 hours

Bluetooth 2.1
Lost & Found Bluetooth Protocol – secure audio transmission
Battery-powered operation time with bluetooth recording – 5 hours

Works with
Devices with iOS 7 and newer (with installed Mikme app)

We have a working prototype

We’re currently improving the communication between the Mikme Microphone and the Mikme App’s Lost & Found Bluetooth Protocol to ensure that sure every sound from your recordings gets instantly delivered and securely saved on your iPhone. 

The free Mikme App is available on the Apple App store already. It will works standalone using the iPhone's internal microphone and other external microphones.

Philipp Sonnleitner founded Mikme so that musicians could focus on making music, writing songs and record audio wherever they are.

As a creative and musician, Philipp was frustrated by how long it took him to record a new idea or song. Setting up microphones in front of his acoustic piano, connecting cables, setting up sound cards and recording software simply took too long.

Before leaving his job to make Mikme, Philipp was a software engineer and product manager at AKG—the legendary Austrian microphone and headphone manufacturer— for 8 years.

The Team

Together, with Josef Scheider (former Head of Mechanical Design at AKG), Alex Pohl (lead designer) Richard Pribyl (former lead acoustic engineer at AKG) and Kat Earnshaw (designer) we brought this project to life.

Mikme is a passionate team of 15 designers, musicians and engineers who have built successful, world-class audio products such as studio microphones and headphones, wireless microphones and Bluetooth speakers for companies such as AKG, JBL, Samsung, Audi, BMW and others.

In sum we hold 80+ patents and 40+ design awards. 

Design and engineering take place in Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Serbia and the USA. Mikme will be manufactured in Germany.

Please contact us if you have feedback, ideas or anything else that could make Mikme even better:

Thank you!

Philipp and the Mikme team


October - Project Start
December - Basic Concept

January - Basic App UI
March - Industrial design
March - User interaction
May - Rough design prototype
June - Mechanical construction
August - Electronics
October - 1st working prototype
November - Kickstarter campaign started
December - MIKME App 1.0 release

January - MIKME Microphone software development finished
January - MIKME App 1.1 release
February - First mechanical samples out of tools 
March  - Alpha series ready
April - Beta series ready
April - MIKME App 1.4 release (microphone support)
May - First delivery to kick starters
September - Worldwide Launch
October - Mikme App 2.0 "Earth"

Your support of $179 or more will get you a Mikme Wireless Recording Microphone, a USB charging cable and some stickers to flaunt your passion.

Check the pledges on the right and see what’s best for you. If you have any questions, feel free to ask:

Thank you for your support!

We empower creatives to capture their songs and share them with the world. All you need is a microphone, an app and creative people.

Simple. Creative. Passionated. 

Risks and challenges

Well, if there weren’t a risk we wouldn't be on Kickstarter.

We are a team of very experienced individuals who have gone through the product development process more than once (our team designed, developed and manufactured more than 150 products). Unforeseen things sometimes happen, but we are convinced that we can start manufacturing the first series in April 2015.

The biggest risk eliminator is the minimum-order-quantity. This is why we need funding of more than $217.000. Every additional cent makes it safer. We’re in conversations with several suppliers, but for some parts we still don't know if they will be available for us. Again, quantity is very important.

Once produced, we will stamp "Made in Germany" on each box, which reinforces constant production quality.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • You pledge for the net prize of the Mikme microphone. Everything else is your countries tax (VAT) and a little shipping of roughly $10 in the European Union.

    Countries outside European Union only have Shipping added.

    Backers from Germany, Austria:

    $179 (pledge) + $36 (20% VAT) + $9 (Shipping) = $224 (what you pay)

    Backers from outside European Union:

    $179 (pledge) + $20 (Shipping) - NO VAT included= $199 (what you pay)

    Last updated:
  • Yes. We have planned to develop an Android version too.

    Last updated:
  • Yes. The iOS app will also work on an iPad.

    Last updated:
  • Yes. You gonna be able to export all tracks of a song as individual files, and an entire mixdown of the song. These tracks can then be imported on a Mac or PC. The files can either be exported via Mail, Dropbox or iTunes file sharing.

    Last updated:
  • The Mikme Microphone has an adjustable gain of 0-30dB. It can handle even the loudest signals. For setting up the gain easily we have implemented Sound Check. Simply tap and hold the capture button for a second, then perform for seven seconds. Your Mikme Microphone will automatically adjust the gain on its own. Never dial in your gain on a rotary knob any longer.

    Last updated:
  • Mikme has a 30db built in adjustable gain and can handle up to 155db SPL (Sound pressure level). So even loud guitar amps and bass drums should be no problem.

    Last updated:
  • Yes. If you make Skype calls on your Computer (Windows or MacOS) or Mobile device (iOS or Android) you connect your Mikme microphone via USB to your device and you can call in studio grade audio quality.

    Last updated:
  • Yes. Mikme will work with your GoPro camera. You can connect the headphone out mini jack of the Mikme microphone with a minijack cable with the microphone in of the GoPro. The microphone will send the high quality sound of it's capsule directly to the headphone out with no latency. you can adjust the volume out of the headphone out directly on the Mikme microphone so you can find the right volume to match the GoPro input.

    Further more you can record locally at the Mikme microphone if you move around with the GoPro and want the microphone to stay let's say at a table or somewhere else. this gives you additional freedom.

    Last updated:
  • Both assumptions are right. We are using bluetooth to first make sure the audio is sent in realtime to the phone. We have our own patented Lost & Found protocol on top of bluetooth so you can be sure not a single piece of audio is lost. This works for multiple mics too. Furthermore we sync and remote control via bluetooth and other mechanisms. So that all audio streams are perfectly in sync at your app.

    Last updated:
  • If you record at the Mikme microphone it is recording at 96kHz/24bit and saves the raw wav files at its internal 8GB memory. At the same time we are encoding that file into a mp4 file with an aac encoder. This decreases the files size by roughly 10 times and that file is than streamed via bluetooth to the app. The app then process the mp4 files.

    We made quite a lot hearing tests with audio engineers, musicians and hifi guys to find out if that compression is good enough. We found out that the aac works really well and that it’s nearly impossible to distinguish between the original and compressed files. Most of the test persons, an these were audio pros, had no chance to tell the difference.

    If you still want to have the raw files you can transfer them from the mic via USB onto your computer for further processing.

    Last updated:
  • The top and the bottom parts are plastic (need to be plastic so we get the wireless bluetooth connection in and out). It's high quality plastic.

    The main middle part of the frame is out of metal.

    Last updated:
  • If we don't reach our goal at the end of the campaign basically nothing happens. You won't be charged by Kickstarter and no money is taken from your credit card. We don't get money from any backer.

    Last updated:

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    MIKME RECORD MY SONG SPECIAL: You get two Mikme Microphones for a suggested retail prize of $598. You and a friend are invited to Vienna in spring 2015. Philipp our CEO and Alex our lead designer will spend a day with you in Vienna. You can discuss new features and see upcoming updates exclusively. Also Marina & The Kats (the band featured in our kickstarter video) will play a live gig just for you. Furthermore you will have the chance to record your own song (or your favorite song) with them. A two night stay in two single rooms or one double room is included as well as a transfer with a limousine from Vienna airport. Flights are not included.

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