Simple Happy Kitchen: Illustrated Guide for Plant-Based Life

by Miki Mottes

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    1. Cinemajoe on

      How can we change our mailing address if we recently moved.

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      Eric Müller on

      @Miki Mottes: Would you please answer my question from the main comment section and the other update?

      "I just read that you ship from the U.S. Does this mean that all European backers need to pay customs and import tax? I live in Germany and did not expect that, as you state "Berlin, Germany" as the location of the project on the Kickstarter page. Best, Eric"

    3. Miki Mottes Creator on

      @Cinemajoe: The update option is no longer available. Please email me your new address *today* to

    4. Miki Mottes Creator on

      @Eric Müller I replied on the previous update. thanks.

    5. Merete Y on

      When do we receive the ebook ? You say on Facebook the print version is released

    6. Miki Mottes Creator on

      @Merete Y In a day or two! ^_^

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      Jennifer Fischetto on

      Can you share if you'll update us as packages go out?
      I have a semi-unreliable mailman who loves to leave my packages at neighbors and whatnot. I live in an apt. complex, and I have had to hunt down packages before. So I'm looking for an idea of when I should be on the lookout. I live in the US, in the northeast.

      Also, I backed the whole thing, so do you know if it's all coming in one big box or will items be shipped out separately? Thank you! Can't wait to get everything. :)

    8. Miki Mottes Creator on

      @Jennifer Fischetto We're shipping all on one box. An email with tracking code will be sent in a few days, so you can follow your semi-unreliable guy :)


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      Jennifer Fischetto on

      Awesome! lol Thank you so much. :)