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An illustrated plant-based vegan nutrition guide, using fun and friendly illustrations, infographics and humor.
After the success of the Kickstarter campaign and the on-going requests of our dear fans, we decided to go ahead and launch our online store. It's fresh out-of-the-box, so much more to come!
After the success of the Kickstarter campaign and the on-going requests of our dear fans, we decided to go ahead and launch our online store. It's fresh out-of-the-box, so much more to come!
2,186 backers pledged €126,645 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Miki Mottes Creator on December 19

      @Menezes Sorry, I missed your comment... it was debited at the end of November. Thank you! :)

    2. Alexander Kazachkov on December 19


      Mine on 18.10.2017.
      I think you should contact the project creator.

    3. Missing avatar

      Fleur Menezes on November 9

      Just wondering when our accounts are to be debited once we've completed the backerkit survey?
      Thanks Miki :)

    4. Timbo on October 31

      I chose the 74€ tier, and added additional 74€ to my pledge, as described in the FAQ. But in the BackerKit Survey I have no option to choose an additional package. How can I achieve that I can fill out the survey for 2 "Superfood Packs"?

    5. Miki Mottes Creator on October 30

      @Merete Y, ♥︎♥︎♥︎

    6. Merete Y on October 30

      No worries - I just filled it in anyway to complete it.

    7. Miki Mottes Creator on October 30

      @Merete Y, it's due to a technical issue we encountered with BackerKit.
      We won't be using this address, and are actively working on solving this technical issue ASAP and removing the request for a shipping address for digital-only pledges. Sorry about that :)
      – Miki

    8. Merete Y on October 29

      Doing the survey - buy why is it forcing me to give a delivery address for the digital pledge? Doesn't make sense

    9. Miki Mottes Creator on October 26

      @isabella, thank you SO MUCH for your kind words :) Looking forward to get these shipped to you! I got your details noted, and will be in touch. Hearts!

      @James Acosta, check your inbox – we just sent the survey in an email, where you can finalize your order, including upgrades and add-ons :) Thanks so much for backing us. Mr. Pedro Almondovar says hi!

      @Merete Y, no news on the EU-friendly shipping yet, I'm afraid. They survey will be open for at least 2 weeks. If we're able to make the shipping EU-friendly, we'll update ASAP. Thanks again so much, truly appreciate your support :)

      – Miki

    10. Merete Y on October 26

      Any news on eu friendly shipping yet?

      Also, how long is the survey open?

    11. James Acosta on October 19

      Would I be able to upgrade or purchase other plush veggies?

    12. isabella on October 18

      congratulations on the project, great news Miki!! I look forward to cooking with your little veggies, and even more to translating the book into Italian - remember you (sort of) promised to let me do it!!! :) :) :) Can't wait... brrrrrr

    13. Miki Mottes Creator on October 13

      @Karen T Smith, Miss Tomate and Mr. Pedro Almondovar are not "Products", OK? :-P
      Thank you SO MUCH for your support, we truly deeply appreciate it. You rock!
      – Miki

    14. Missing avatar

      Karen T Smith on October 13

      I am so pleased this is going ahead! I can’t wait to have the finished product! �

    15. Miki Mottes Creator on October 13

      @Jennifer Fischetto, Your comment made me smile. I can't wait to get the book and Mr. Tofu to get into your hands <3

      @Teri Chlebovská, Thank you! It's the cause of helping more and more people go plant-based that started this project and my whole crazy journey that I wake up in the morning for. Your support means so much to me. <3

      @momonoguiko, I believe in you – take your time :-P Thank you so much for your support. I truly believe that with this project (and the book specifically), you'll find it easier to go 100% plant-based. Promise to do my best to make it easier for you <3

      – Miki

    16. Missing avatar

      momonoguiko on October 13

      Congratulations! I'm from Brazil and I couldn't resist to back this amazing project! I don't follow a strictly vegetarian diet but I love this kind of food :)

    17. Missing avatar

      Teri Chlebovská on October 13

      Congratulations and keep up the great job you're doing for this important cause! Looking forward to receiving the complete pack in half a year's time!

    18. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Fischetto on October 13

      Thanks so much for this amazing project, and thanks to all the other backers who participated. You guys rock! I can't wait to snuggle with Mr. Tofu. He did tell me to message him after all.

    19. Miki Mottes Creator on October 13

      OMG OMG OMG Thank you everyone for your support, we did it thanks to our AMAZING backers and even hit our last Stretch goal last minute. A Mr. Pedro Almondovar iron-on patch will be added to all :) Thanks to those who supported us with pledges and even with only good vibes – we heart you all, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

      – Miki and the Simple Happy Kitchen team

    20. Missing avatar

      Maria Andreu on October 13

      Congratulations!!! I can’t wait to have the book in Hong Kong. What an awesome project. You guys are incredibly talented. I wished you a great success ❤️�

    21. Missing avatar

      Natalia on October 13

      ¡¡Felicitaciones!! Espero desde ya cualquier detalle sobre la producción del libro, y por supuesto, ¡que llegue luego!

    22. Missing avatar

      Marco de Mel Pedersen on October 13

      Hi Miki!
      Your project is so awesome! Thank you so much for doing this.
      Your project is beautifully designed, its fun, and it communicates interesting and very important facts. This is exactly what the world needs and a new fresh take on plant-based and vegan visual communication. Well done!

      This project is fully in line with my own mission as a graphic designer, and I too plan to spend my life communicating this message to a broader audience.

      I am offering my help in any way I can. Would love to meet you one day.
      Let me know if you ever come to New York.

      Thank you for doing what you are doing,


    23. Kelman Edwards
      on October 13


    24. Miki Mottes Creator on October 13

      @Zarah S P, thank you so much for your support :)

      @Ivan Pellegrin, You're awesome, thanks for the kind words and support! :) Indeed, this is just the first step, and we have so much more planned. Stay tuned :)

      Cheers :)
      – The SHK team

    25. Ivan Pellegrin on October 13

      @Miki I'm so happy I've managed to support your project in the very last hour! Wonderful initiative, I have no doubt that your project will be a great success - and this is just the first step! :) Ivan

    26. Missing avatar

      Zarah S P on October 12

      Thank you for the reply! Clever workaround there, thanks for the suggestion! ♥

    27. Miki Mottes Creator on October 12

      @Helena Pires, thanks so much for your support, we <3 you! :)
      We are actively working on making our shipments EU-friendly, though we can't promise anything just yet. But rest assured – once the campaign ends, you'll get an email asking for your shipping address, and you'll be able to change it right until we actually get to ship the products, expected June 2018, so you'll be able to choose where to ship the products.
      Thanks again so much for everything :)
      – Ziv

    28. Helena Pires on October 12

      Hi!! Congrats on your project!! I pleged the book pack but it's hard since I'm in Europe and adding the shipping cost I'll probably will have to pay customs fees... After the process is closed, is there a way to change the shipping location, since I have a friend living in the US and maybe I can send the order to him?

    29. Miki Mottes Creator on October 11

      @Zarah S P, oh my, we didn't even think about it :-P I apologize but it's out of our control. I can, however, suggest the following hassle-ish workaround: cancel your pledge, and then re-pledge through your own link. Stupid but might work :)))))
      (Please don't forget to re-pledge. Mr. Pedro Almondovar will be so disappointed!)
      Cheers :)
      – Ziv

    30. Missing avatar

      Zarah S P on October 11

      So happy about this book and I have been telling people about it all over! :D
      Now, I just today got the kickbooster link (how's that for late? LOL) and obviously I have shared it buuut here's my question: The last line says "Earn 10% cash-back by backing this project yourself!" and I am wondering: does that apply to people who backed the project BEFORE they joined kickbooster, too? :)
      Have a lovely day!

    31. Miki Mottes Creator on October 11

      @Merete Y, all our hearts belong to you <3 <3 <3

    32. Merete Y on October 11

      Thanks - today I updated my pledge to the pdf level - which is why it wouldn't make sense to get the book as an addon.

      I'll keep it at this level and see how you do - then maybe take you up on the offer later if the EU friendly shipping becomes reality ;)

    33. Miki Mottes Creator on October 11

      @Merete Y, technically there's no such option, but hey, we <3 you :) Shoot me an email at and we'll make it happen. Cheers!
      – Ziv

    34. Merete Y on October 11

      Although there's apparently only 6 pledges left of the normal book pledge

    35. Merete Y on October 11

      Not addons - but change the pledge level?

    36. Miki Mottes Creator on October 11

      @Merete Y, sure thing! all Kickstarter backers will get an email with the option to choose add-ons, at prices exclusive to backers on Kickstarter :)

    37. Merete Y on October 11

      Will I be able to upgrade my pledge level if you manage it - after the Kickstarter closes?

    38. Miki Mottes Creator on October 11

      @Merete Y, thanks so much for your feedback and for backing us, you're awesome :) From the very first moment we mentioned that taxes may apply. That said, we are actively working on making our products EU-friendly, so hopefully all EU backers will have a nice surprise :)))

    39. Merete Y on October 11

      I'm sorry but promising to "do your best" to make it EU friendly shipping before actual shipping is not good enough. The risk of getting hit with a big extra bill is simply not acceptable

    40. Miki Mottes Creator on October 9

      @Marco Kelly, hey, yass! With the survey at the end of the campaign, you'll be able to choose whether you want the book to have some of its pages perforated or not. Woohoo! :)

    41. Missing avatar

      Marco K. on October 8

      Hi, any news yet on the posterless books?
      Gr. Marco

    42. Miki Mottes Creator on October 8

      @Rodney D Soto, hey, thanks so much for your support! :)
      Yeah, once the campaign ends you'll receive an email asking to finalize your order, including your shipping address. Cheers! :)

    43. Rodney D Soto on October 8

      When will we be alerted to provide delivery address for shipment of the book?

    44. Miki Mottes Creator on October 6

      @Tania, We can't commit to anything just yet, but PROMISE we'll do our best to make sure the shipping is EU friendly before the book is ready to be shipped :)

    45. Tania on October 6

      Please make an EU friendly option, that would be so helpful! :)

    46. Miki Mottes Creator on October 4

      @Lawrence Hoo Kah Shing, no worries! :) You can replay it here:

      Regarding the plushies – you'll be able to add them as add-ons to your pledge level once the campaign ends (you'll get an email about it), but prices aren't final yet. That said, if you're interested in a plush doll, there's a pledge level that includes the book and 1 plush doll at reduced price, so upgrade your pledge and make Mr. Tofu happy :-P
      – Miki

    47. Missing avatar

      Lawrence Hoo Kah Shing on October 3

      Damn miss my boi Mr Tofu livestream, can I buy his plushies after the kickstarter and how much will it be.

    48. Miki Mottes Creator on September 30

      @Natalia Rivera-Vera, great point, didn't know that :)
      I promise to reconsider. Either way, when you get the plushies and other stuff – you'll be able to name them however you like – most chances their "official" name won't appear anywhere on the actual products.
      Thanks so much for your pledge – Mr. Tofu adores you, and so do I! :)
      – Miki

    49. Missing avatar

      Natalia Rivera-Vera on September 30

      I just received the good news brought by the update #1. My only concern was the name "Pedro Almondovar". Did you know that in his film "Hable con ella" 6 bulls were killed? ( The producers claimed that they were going to be killed anyway.... quite a stupid reasoning. Since I knew that, I stopped watching his films. I would not like to have a patch of an almond called Pedro Almondovar. Please reconsider this name.

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