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pledged of $14,977 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

By Miki Mottes
pledged of $14,977 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. Miki Mottes Creator about 14 hours ago

      @Julio Lu, great question! As every country has its own limitations and rules regarding taxes, I'm not authorized to answer questions about it – it'll be an irresponsible answer on my end. As is always the case with online shopping, you may be asked to pay VAT and customs on top of shipping. These payments are our of my control, and I strongly advise you to check for possible extra payments before pledging with your local customs authorities.
      Thanks so much for your support, Julio, I truly appreciate it :) :) :)

    2. Julio Lu 1 day ago

      If i pledge Book pack, i´ll only need pay 11 euro for shipping until my home or i need pay more fees? I mean, when the book enter the country, i need pay more taxes?

    3. Miki Mottes Creator 1 day ago

      @Julian L. Thank you SO MUCH for your support :)

      Once the campaign ends, we'll invite you to complete your Reward Survey. This survey will let you choose which plushie or charms you want based on your pledge level, fill in your shipping address, and add for any additional books and rewards you want – all at discounted price exclusive for Kickstarter backers.

      Thanks for the wonderful suggestions! I'll definitely take those into account, and already planned some of them :) Crowdfunding this book, to me, means I'll be honored to have the backers also decide on the book's content. With the survey mentioned above, you'll be able to vote for your most important topics to cover in the book, so it's actually a crowd-created book, which I'm so excited about.

      Thanks again for the kind words, Julian – you made *me* smile. Cheers :)
      – Miki

    4. Missing avatar

      Julian L. 1 day ago

      This is a delightful project! It reminds me of Veggie Tales as a kid, so thank you for that smile!
      None of the backer levels had exactly what I wanted (book, tote, plushie) - I've backed at the Pledge €50 level and am wondering if it would be possible to add a tote if I manually increased my pledge amount? (That seemed better than pledging at Pledge €57 and having a plate I wouldn't use)
      Also, I understand it's not a recipe book but guidance for resources or recommendations would be lovely to see! I'd categorize them into 1) plant-based eating that's amazing on its own and 2) "transitional" plant-based eating for people who are looking for something to "substitute" their old favorites. Another helpful feature/tool could be average shelf life of common fresh foods, to help people plan ahead for storage and reduce food waste.
      Thanks again for a delightful project! And for listening to all the feedback from backers :)

    5. Miki Mottes Creator 5 days ago

      @Thrumugnyr Lots of hearts (and avocados!)

    6. Thrumugnyr 5 days ago

      Ohh, that's good to know! Sweet! And thanks for the fast reply. Can't wait to see how high the kickstarter will end :D

    7. Miki Mottes Creator 5 days ago

      @Thrumugnyr Thank you SO MUCH! :)
      Just so you know, I talked with the tomato and she wants you too! Once the campaign ends, you'll be able to add add-ons to your pledge when sent an email to finalize your shipping details, so don't give up! As for the plushies as a stretch goal.. Hmm :)

      As for shipping prices, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out shipping options from multiple places, and eventually came up with the cheapest I could find for most backers around the world. Happy I could make it indeed cheap for most people :) You bet, the book will be sent wrapped with tons of bubble wraps, because, well, my experience as well :)

      Thanks again for backing my project.
      Mr. Pedro Almondovar says hi!
      – Miki

    8. Thrumugnyr 5 days ago

      Hi there! This is so awesome and adorable I had to back it!! I also low key hope that plushies might be a stretch goal. I want that tomato (but sadly the plate and bag seemed more useful to me so I went with that set haha).

      One small question/comment though: International shipping seems very low. I obviously don't mind (on the contrary) but just so you are aware! Or did you calculate that into the price of the book? Also please make sure you send the books in a sturdy box because ...well, my experience haha.

    9. Miki Mottes Creator 5 days ago

      @Hagalaz Yo! That's a great suggestion!
      Some surprises are already planned :)))
      I'll definitely check for the smallest size I can print the posters and still keep them legible.
      Thank you so much :))))
      – Miki

    10. Hagalaz 5 days ago

      What would be a great stretch goal is a pocket reference card or something for when we go shopping for food. I understand I could take pages out of the book, but those will get ruined in time and be to large. But a handy dandy pocket guide would be awesome. Just a suggestion . ;)

    11. Miki Mottes Creator 5 days ago

      @William Radkovich Thank you! We're huge fans of "Lotus and the Artichoke" :)

      @Kate, Once the ends, you'll receive an email, asking to finalize your order, including your shipping details, and add-ons to your pledge. Thank you so much for your pledge :)

    12. Missing avatar

      Kate 5 days ago

      Is it possible to add extra plates to our pledges?

    13. Miki Mottes Creator 7 days ago

      Evan Gautama :-D Thanks!

    14. Evan Gautama 7 days ago

      Oh no, I'm not trying to say that the eyes aren't cute. Most of them are.

    15. Miki Mottes Creator on September 15

      @Hilla shamia <3 <3 <3

    16. Missing avatar

      Hilla shamia on September 15

      Miki, you 're a genius! I'm so excited for you! Everything looks amazing. �

    17. Miki Mottes Creator on September 15

      @Justin Yeo Great question! Yes, all packs that include the book's hard copy will also include a PDF version of it. You're right, it wasn't reflected clearly stated on the pledge levels when the campaign started, and post launch I can't edit the pledge levels. Either way yes, you'll get a soft copy as well :) Thanks again so much!

      @Lawrence Hoo Kah Shing thank you SO MUCH for the kind words! The book will contain so much more than what you see here on Kickstarter – it's just the beginning :) Can't wait to ship it already!

      @Ryan Paton Thank you Ryan for your support! Indeed, I know the book as a bit pricier than others, but promise to invest so much time into writing, backing everything with research and cited sources, designing and illustrating everything into easy-to-understand information, and then manufacturing the book and all the rewards at the highest quality possible. I sure hope you'll choose to get the hard copy book after all. Regardless, thanks again for your support and kind words :)))

      @Evan Gautama I feel you :-P Actually 99% of the feedback I got on this matter is that those are the eyes that make the content so cute and easy to relate :) Thanks so much for your support, cheers!

    18. Evan Gautama on September 15

      TBH putting eyes on everything makes the book a bit unnerving... I wouldn't want eyes in my food because eyes don't taste that good. :P But I'm sure I'll find this book very useful.

    19. Ryan Paton on September 15

      I love what you're doing with this book and the surrounding resources... I have been a vegetarian for quite a number of years. I'm currently going through some changes of my diet because I found out I'm diabetic and I'm trying to cut out carbohydrates... It's very challenging sometimes...

      I wish it wasn't so expensive to get a physical copy of the book. The conversion rate to Canadian dollars is crazy...

      I love all of the amazing fun art you're putting into it... I really think it's important to break the chain of food education. About what's healthy and what not passed down from generation to generation... I used to laugh at vegetarians until I listened to my body about what it wanted to eat... Now I don't think I could ever go back...

      Good luck with your campaign.

    20. Missing avatar

      Lawrence Hoo Kah Shing on September 15

      I love the art-style and where you guys heading with this, hope it will contain more useful and important information and interesting to read.

    21. Missing avatar

      Justin Yeo
      on September 14

      I see, thank you for responding. Another question I have is: does the Book Pack include all the PDF soft copy versions? Cause the campaign said so but it is not reflected in the reward.

    22. Miki Mottes Creator on September 14

      @Justin Yeo, thanks for your support and feedback!
      Planning this campaign, I check multiple options for manufacturing and shipping the products to backers, and chose the option that's gonna be hardest for me, but cheapest to most backers – depending on where you live. Promise I did my best to get to the lowest prices I could ♥︎ Hope you do choose to pledge for the book and other rewards after all. Either way thanks again, cheers :)
      – Miki

    23. Missing avatar

      Justin Yeo
      on September 14

      I think the delivery cost for the book pack is too much. It is close to the price of the book itself.

    24. Miki Mottes Creator on September 14

      @Gem Gems, woah, thank you SO MUCH for the kind words and for making all of this happen. I ♥︎ you!
      – Miki

    25. Missing avatar

      Gem Gems on September 14

      As a vegan I am loving this project!
      Miki you can save the world with your fantastic creativity. I'm so proud of you and grateful your dreams are about to become reality. Imagine how many animals you are helping too. I am glad I can back you and look forward to seeing what you achieve. All the best.

    26. Miki Mottes Creator on September 14

      @Sheena LeClerc, thank you so, SO MUCH for backing my book!

      It will include a few example recipes, but not too many of them – there are people far better than me at cooking and dozens of blogs and websites ( is one of my faves!)

      As for listing companies, that's a great idea – I'm adding it to the list of ideas for the book, which backers will be able to vote on once the campaign ends.

      Thanks again SO MUCH Sheena, truly appreciate your support, and good luck with your amazing choice to live a better, healthier life. You're awesome! ♥︎

    27. Missing avatar

      Sheena LeClerc
      on September 14

      I would be new to switching to a plant-based diet. I feel like this book will let me better understand it rather than all other resources (I have to read boring journal articles daily, so needless to say I hate reading boring things on my free time).

      I see there are only 3 PDF recipes - are there more in the book? Are you able to add a few if not? Having a few "easy" but tasty breakfast, lunches, snacks, dinners and deserts would make this book even better!

      Also, and this may be asking for something that is not possible, but is there a way to.list companies who make/focus on providing plant-based ready-to-eat/freezer foods?

      As someone who has been an avid cheese and steak lover, I am looking forward to a fun book to help with the transition. It's very clear to me that diary and meet do not process well in my body.

      Thanks so much for doing this!

    28. Miki Mottes Creator on September 14

      @haripetrov More surprises coming up :) Thanks for your support!

      @Gal Angel, writing down everything – thank you SO MUCH for your support ♥︎

      @Thomas Pilz, I feel you – I felt the same way about the Tofu plushie myself :-P Yes, you'll be able to add extras once the campaign ends.

      You're all awesome!

    29. Missing avatar

      Thomas Pilz
      on September 14

      Will it be possible to add extras after the Kickstarter via the pledge manager? I would like to buy just the Tofu plushie in addition to the book.

    30. Gal Angel on September 14

      @Miki Mottes: thank you for your consideration .
      I think its a good idea to introduce the concept with the help of combination of food ingredients like:
      rice ( threonine) and beans (lysine), peanut butter (valine,lysine) , and whole wheat bread (threonine) ,
      also helping is the PDCAA , you can introduce the chard ( leaving animal products off ) , and show how by combining such protein sources you can reach the 1.0 score ( I know the system dose not account for everything , but its still easy )
      I imagine a page divided by columns , each with ingredients grouped by amino acids attribution , and lines that goes across the columns and by connecting ingredients ,to give more complete protein.
      I also think it will be nice for the kids to see the ingredients as friends going together to a party ,
      when its only fun with all of them together =)

    31. Missing avatar

      haripetrov on September 14

      I really hope that you will add stretch goals and in this way you will be able to raise more funds for this awesome project.

    32. Miki Mottes Creator on September 14

      @kollim, thank you SO MUCH for your support! ♥︎

    33. Kollim on September 14

      @Miki Mottes: Thank you! I am happy to back this project. To have al this plant-based information gathered in one book is really helpful for my way of life and explaining it to people around me. So thank you!

    34. Miki Mottes Creator on September 14

      Hi @Hagalaz, great question! The book will include some recipes as examples of what you can do with the tips and facts. To be clear, it's not going to be just a regular a cookbook, but rather so much more than that :)

    35. Hagalaz on September 13

      Are their cooking recipes in this book? Or is it only an informational "nutrition guide"? Thanks.

    36. Miki Mottes Creator on September 13

      @Jacob, no current plans to sell the book outside of Kickstarter (not yet, that is :)
      Please follow our Facebook page for updates:

      Thanks for backing my project! �
      – Miki

    37. Missing avatar

      Jacob on September 13

      When will the hardcover book be available for sale in the US?

    38. Miki Mottes Creator on September 13

      Thank you everyone for the great feedback and for backing my project! You're all so awesome :)
      To be clear, yes, a PDF version be included with all pledges with a hardcover book. Apologize I didn't state that clearly, and I'll definitely add it to the project's description.
      THANK YOU all again for making this dream come true ♥︎

      @Kollim – I'll definitely give it a thought, great feedback, thanks! I'll try my best to make sure part of the copies won't include any perforated pages. Thanks for backing my project!

      @Gal Angel – I've added your request to the content list and will definitely try to include it in the book. Thank you so much!

    39. Kollim on September 13

      @Miki Mottes: Is it possible to publish the book without perforated pages? I prefer not to take anything out of the book. :) Perforated pages makes the book fragile.

    40. Missing avatar

      Jessica Williams
      on September 13

      @haripetrov I agree with including the PDF files with the hardcover pledges.

    41. Missing avatar

      Kristina Capucilli on September 13

      More perks please.
      Would love stickers, charms and bags as perk add-ons.

    42. Missing avatar

      haripetrov on September 13

      Probably it will be a good idea to add PDF digital copy of the book for all pledges which include hardcover.

    43. Gal Angel on September 13

      I would love it if you include a breakdown on the essential amino acids and a guide for eating vegan for all 9 main essential amino acids (which our body can not produce ) {histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan, valine }
      I believe it is a must for people who eat vegan for life and not just as a trend.

    44. Kellie Edland on September 13

      So many great rewards! I'm so excited!

    45. Missing avatar

      Dominika on September 13

      CANT WAIT CANT WAIT .... i was so excited that I bought everything :D am I crazy.. maybe ... but happy ! cant wait to have, to see it, to share it with my friends and animals :D cant waiiiiit..... this is amazingly wonderful project... much love from Slovakiaaa :)

    46. Missing avatar

      Amelie on September 13

      Exactly what I needed! LOVE IT! The illustrations are so nice! Can't wait to have the book in my hand!

    47. Missing avatar

      Tali Gueta on September 13

      Omg this is exactly what I needed in my life, I love the cute illustrations and the rewards are amazing! Good luck!

    48. Robbie Warwick Lockie on September 13

      SOOOOO happy and excited to see you guys realise this. Sending huge love and 10000 hugs from London!