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$1,356 pledged of $15,000 goal
By Mike Vogel
$1,356 pledged of $15,000 goal

The Clone Assassin is Unstoppable

We didn't make our crowdfunding goal but Anya the clone assassin is an unstoppable force who will keep going (at least in the world of Phrenic). 

Here are some free perks for your enjoyment:

1. Read the first chapter in the Anya: I Kill Clones serialized fiction that will be coming in January to Wattpad, online, and our iOS app.

2. Watch the short episode of Anya killing lots of Frank Taylor clones...

Your support truly means a lot and gives us the motivation to keep going forward with this character. Early next year we'll be releasing more alternate reality games with Anya that will appear in the serialized fiction.

We're planning to do the comic in smaller pieces as we go. It won't be the big project we hoped to crowdfund, but it will be cool, we promise. 

Thank you again for supporting our campaign! 
Mike Vogel & Steve Mattsson

The Clone Assassin Goes on a Suicide Mission with Less than 24 Hours Left!

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We've got less that 24 hours and the chances are slim to none that we'll reach our fundraising goal. We're totally OK with that because we think the idea is awesome and we've got plans about how to take the spirit of this campaign and do it with less budget. 

Here's how you can help! We want to get as many backers as possible in this final day. It's very likely they won't pay anything because we won't reach our goal, but we want to send people updates on where we take this in the future. We created a $1 pledge. Please tweet/facebook/whatever the kids these days are doing, to get the word out. You'll already get the updates, but we want everyone who might be interested in this to get updates too!

$1 pledge = Updates with videos, fiction, alternate reality games, lots of other cool content.

And why not throw in a video of the clone assassin killing four clones?  



Interview with Paul Gulacy about illustrating one of the first graphic novels

Paul Gulacy (the artist working on Phrenic: Clone Assassin) is a trendsetting comic book artist best known for his runs on “Master of Kung Fu” for Marvel, “Catwoman” for DC, and “Star Wars: The Crimson Empire Saga” for Dark Horse. He also recently drew the Wolverine story in just released “Marvel’s 75th Anniversary Celebration” #1.

Paul is credited with illustrating one of the very first graphic novels, Sabre, in 1978. Foes of Reality just published this interview with Paul:

Phrenic: Clone Assassin is in our FINAL WEEK! Thank you for your support and please help spread the word! If we don't meet our goal, we don't get any of the funds we've raised so far!

Posing for Comic Book Covers: A Behind the Scenes Look

Steve Mattsson used to pose for comic book covers in the 80s and 90s that drawn by Paul Gulacy. It's fun to imagine two friends staging a photo shoot that would end up as a cover for Terminator or Conan the Barbarian. We made a quick montage of the posed photos turning into comic book covers.

Steve says... "Most of the time when Paul needed a reference shot it was for something simple like how cloth would wrinkle around an elbow, but occasionally costumes, props, and dramatic lighting were involved--those were a lot of fun!" 

Thanks for your support helping Steve and Paul make a new kind of interactive comic!

Friday! Time for a clone assassination!

It's Friday so we wanted to give you a peek at the short film where the clone assassin (Kirsten Foe) kills one of Frank Taylor's clones (Steve Mattsson). 

Have a great weekend!