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The QRUtags! Your personalized QR code that you wear! project video thumbnail
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QRUtags are the fashion accessory that features a customized QR code. That QR code, when scanned by a phone links you to the world. Read more

San Diego, CA Technology
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This project's funding goal was not reached on June 13, 2011.

QRUtags are the fashion accessory that features a customized QR code. That QR code, when scanned by a phone links you to the world.

San Diego, CA Technology
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Wait, What? What is a QRUtag

You have seen them! The QR barcode. Those curious little square barcodes seem to be everywhere now. 

But why shouldn't a QR barcode be a tool that everyone can use? Well, now it can. My goal is to create the QRUtag. The first QR code that is fun, flashy and wearable. Wear it around your neck, or put it on your keys and keep that info at the touch of a button.

Have you ever been out somewhere and met a cool guy or gal and the two of you wanted to be friends on facebook?

You search for their luck! 

You try to use that app where you smash your phones together..... but it never connects!

With a QRUtag you have quick access to your information and its totally customizable.

Do you like carrying around a stack of business cards in your wallet all the time? Who does? With the QRUtag you avoid the need carry around a stack of cards. You are not David Blaine! (Unless you are than I apologize)

Do you own a small business? Put these tags on your front line employees to keep your social and online media marketing presence accessible and strong.

So this may be a stupid question, but what is this QR code you speak of?

A QR barcode is the most commonly used 2D barcode. Square codes that you scan with a cellphone that link you to a webpage or any contact information required. (Check the wikipedia page for more info)

Where does the money go to for this? 

The goal for this project is to launch the first piece of the QRUtag line, the staple piece that can be worn around the neck or on your keys. It is has 100% surgical silicon base with slick designs and a durable epoxy layer so your QR code never fades or scratches. 

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  • Yes, it can be changed by us. All you would need to do is send us an email of what to change it to. If you would like to change it on a regular basis we suggest using a intermediary website that you can change the url redirection to so that you can easily do this without having to wait for us.

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    Every dollar counts! For $1 your name will be listed on the website as a founding contributor.

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    $15 reward

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    Any pledge of $15 receives a QRUtag if the funding goal is met.

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    $60 reward

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    You get hooked up with a Deuce Brand watch to go with your QRUtag. These silicon sports watches are the perfect stylish compliment to the QRUtag.

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    $200 reward

    1 backer

    You get the QRUtag, the Deuce Brand Watch, and you get a customized framed photo collage in a QR. You pick what the QR says or links to and I use your photos to create the piece. Makes a great gift for any occasion.

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    $250 reward

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    Pledge $250 or more and receive a bulk order of QRUtags for 25 people($10 each). Do you want more than 25? Just increase the pledge by increments of 10. Great if you own a restaurant, retail store, bar, or any other small business you would like to market with social media. Either put a QR for your business or make a unique one for each employee.

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    $1,000 reward

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    If you are so inclined to throw down a G you will be a special guest at the Launch Party in San Diego.(travel and hotel not included, date and time tbd)

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