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Help us bottle the flavors of Hawaii and share them with cocktail lovers & bars around the world! 100% locally sourced, made in Hawaii!
Help us bottle the flavors of Hawaii and share them with cocktail lovers & bars around the world! 100% locally sourced, made in Hawaii!
428 backers pledged $20,347 to help bring this project to life.

Suggest A Reward + Final Stretch Goal + HTDC + More

How can we reward you?

With only a few days left, we've just hit our first stretch goal for 5 flavors which means we may still be able to make our 7 flavor stretch goal! Thank you! We couldn't have gotten this far without your support and need just a little but more to hit our final goal. Please keep sharing with your friends and help us make better rewards for you. We want to know, how can we reward you?

The Final Stretch Goal

Tell us what you want! Just comment with any ideas for rewards we can create that you would like to get and we'll see about making them! More flavors means more options and we can't hit our 20k stretch goal without your continued sharing and comments. Let us know what reward you want so we can do this right and hit the last goal! We only have a few days left!

HTDC Support

The High Technology Development Corporation Manufacturing Extension Partnership (HTDC-MEP) is a federal program designed to bring best practices to Hawaii small business manufacturers. They have graciously reached out to us to help promote our project and provide guidance and resources as we move into manufacturing. We're looking forward to working with them to bring you a better bitters!

But wait there's more!

A few more things on the horizon:

  • A tour of a local distiller for our base spirit is scheduled for next week.
  • We are talking to a fellow cocktail related Kickstarter project for a possible team up.
  • While we haven't thought about it yet, a few distributors have approached us with interest!
  • Final label designs are almost done!
  • We have been experimenting with more test flavors! Check out the photo below with Fig + Kona Coffee and Lilikoi!

As always, than you for all your support! Let's hit that final goal!

Mike & Kyle

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    1. Mike Prasad Creator on

      Great comments! Thank you!

      @Patricia, we thought about a book, but printing logistics would be too much at this point, hence we are doing the recipe cards instead.

    2. Missing avatar

      Nicolas Nelken on

      One of the things I like about bitters is that they are well ... Bitter.
      I am sooooo curious to see what you come up with, but I hope it's bitter and mysterious and complicated. one of the problems with many things Hawaiian is that they are too forward and sweet and obvious. Please be very deep in these flavors, like a papaya is both sweet and fruity, but somewhere strange. I'm not suggesting Papaya per se, but it's the best example of something local that has the lively tropical sunshiny fruitiness along with a dark and brewing back flavor. I think you could do something awesome with coffee if you went with that kind of thing. Good luck with this!

      Nic Nelken

    3. Patricia on

      A book with recipes would be pretty awesome. People who pledge at least 50% more than their original pledge gets a special edition recipe book?

      Or anyone who refers at least 5 backers to you who combined pledges at least $100 gets a recipe book? I'm stuck on this recipe book idea, I'm sorry :)