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A simple, yet stylish, arcade game where the shapes never stop falling, power ups never cease to amaze, and your lives may run out.

*The gameplay represented in this video is still very much in the testing phase, and represents PC gameplay.  The speed/positions/etc. of the shapes and player will be different for mobile devices.

Why Shapes needs you

"Woah... Wait a minute, what is 'Shapes'?"

"Shapes" is a simple arcade game, focused on unending game play and reaching extreme high scores.  Power-ups, combos, and point multipliers are the name of the game if you want to get to the top.

We loved the simple yet addicting style of games like Scoops, but we thought it needed some extra spice, and a few twists!

Shapes is being designed firstly for iOS/Android, with the upcoming OUYA console in mind.

"But if it's such a simple game, why do you need us?"

So far Shapes has been self funded, but as we come nearer to completion and release, costs begin to arise.  Unfortunately we, the developers, are just a couple of poor college students trying to make ends meet.  Meaning we don't have the money capable of funding the costs of game creation ourselves. Most notably the costs of developing an iOS/Android game using Unity3D.* 
*The complete lists of our costs is down the page.

"College kids? That must mean you two are WAY too busy to ever finish this game."

Wait! Don't leave yet, hear us out.  Game design is our number one passion. In fact, thus far we've spent nearly every hour of our free time working on this game, and wish for nothing else but to see it completed, polished, and shined to perfection for the whole world to see.  The creation of Shapes is much more than a hobby, its our dream coming true.

With the upcoming OUYA console, we hope to be a forerunner in the push for a more open environment for indie developers.

"Okay fine, you got me.  I'll stay and listen to what you have to say, but make it quick!"

Thank you!  No, we mean it. Thank YOU.  We know you haven't pledged any funds yet, and we know you may not, but by taking the time to even glance at or read this page, you have given us one of the greatest gifts of the gaming world.  Exposure. 
Firstly and most importantly, we do not ask that you pledge money to our game, we just ask that, if you thought it was a neat idea, you spread the word.  Let the world know about us and our dreams, so that one day we may turn around and return the favor to others.

"The clocks ticking.  Get to the good stuff already."

Alright, here's what our game is about...



  • The graphics represented here are all still subject to change. The finished product will be of the same style, though it may look quite a bit different.
  • Since development started on a PC, game play elements are subject to changes/tweaks for the mobile environment.
  • An example of this being, the speed/way the shapes spawn.  The video represents PC gameplay and not the finished product.



As the player, you control a shape at the bottom of the screen. You can control this shape by touch and/or gyroscopic input (depending on our testing/feedback).
*Controlled by joystick on the OUYA.

Note: The player can be any of the 5 basic shapes. (Square, Circle, Triangle, Diamond, Star)
Note: The player can be any of the 5 basic shapes. (Square, Circle, Triangle, Diamond, Star)

Once the game begins, shapes begin to fall from the top of the screen. If any shape, which differs from that of the player's shape, comes in contact with the player it will destroy the player and deduct 1 life!  

If a shape matching that of the player's shape comes in contact with the player, score goes up and the player transitions to the next shape in his/her cycle.  (Think of game play similar to that of "Scoops")



  • The order of the shapes occurs in a specific cycle that should be memorized, that way combos and quick decisions can be made easier further down the line, when difficulty is increasing!
  • The more correct matches in a row, the higher your score modifier becomes. 
  • Score modifiers reset when an incorrect match is made!
  • Certain power ups contain temporary score modifiers (i.e. 2x points) that will also disappear when an incorrect match is made.



Power ups drop "mostly" at random during game play.
Only one power up may be held by the player at any given time, and by touching another power up, the players current power up will be replaced.

Not all power ups are beneficial.

The total number of unique power ups has yet to be determined.

Here are some power ups that may make it into the game:

  • +1 Life
  • Slow-Mo
  • Fast-Mo
  • Enigma       
  • Omni
  • Shield
  • Bomb
  • Seeker



(These features will be implemented no matter the funding amount)

  • HD Graphics!
  • High score tracking.
  • Stat tracking (i.e. Life time total matches, Life time lives lost, etc.)
  • Original soundtrack, written and produced by us, the developers!


(These features we hope to implement, but may be dependent upon funding)

  • High score leader boards. (Friend leader board, World leader board, etc.)
  • Custom themes for in game graphics. (Like fruit better than shapes? Download a custom theme!)
  • Game background doubles as a visualization for the music.
  • Bonus Levels
  • Challenges
  • Achievements
  • Customizable difficulty settings (Tweak speed, amount of shapes, etc. for a customized experience) 



As of the writing of this page, these things are in an "acceptable" state of completion, but improvements can always be made.

  • Core Gameplay
  • Artwork/Graphics
  • Power ups - the ability to easily add power ups to the game
  • Menus
  • Some visual effects - Custom particle effects

Behind the scenes:

  • The ability to easily add in more Shapes/Power ups
  • The tracking of score, and other statistics
  • Multiple tracks from the games soundtrack finished/in progress
  • Late nights full of coding!



100% of our kickstarter funds will be put towards completing, improving, and polishing our game. We want to deliver an amazing product that all of our players, and the world, will enjoy.  
Our first costs (and reason for this kickstarter) are the iOS and Android additions to Unity.

  • Unity iOS development kit 
  • Unity Android development kit 
  • Unity Team License 
  • Unity Pro? 
  • iOS App store license 
  • Mac mini for testing (Would rather not have to borrow the girlfriend's macbook indefinitely.) 
  • Hard drives: External and Internal for storing backups safely 
  • FL Studio
  • Etc.*

The exact expenditures are still up in the air, but this list represents a rough idea, at the moment, of where we believe our costs will come.

*For clarification purposes, we would like to state that all of the money raised from kickstarter will be put towards development and development tools.  It would be unfair for us to use the funds for personal benefit, and unethical.  We highly frown upon those who misuse funds generously donated to them.



Shapes is a dream coming true for the two of us.  We have always been interested in game design, and after many small projects and some no-name games we feel it is the time for us to put our name(s) out there and begin creating things for the world to see.

This is our first great undertaking, which we hope to use as a stepping stone towards a life in the industry.


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