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SIMILO is a SCI-FI love story shortfilm set in 2064 Read more

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This project was successfully funded on March 7, 2010.

SIMILO is a SCI-FI love story shortfilm set in 2064

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Directors Zac&Mac met 5 years ago at Since then they have been working together on several projects (18 Seconds and UYUNI being the most awarded shortfilms with more than 30 film festival prizes).

Producer Mike Hedge joined them 3 years ago and since then they have being working together on multiple productions creating a very solid team.

SIMILO was Zac&Mac's first collaboration together. They started developing the project in 2005 but due to the complexity of the project, it took them several years to raise the money to shoot the film. In order to get attention from different producers, they decided to shoot a teaser in 2006. Have a look here:

This little piece got a lot of attention in the filmmaker community and received excellent reviews and many people became fans. In the end, Macgregor took control of the production and spent every single cent he had to make the film. In the summer of 2009 principal photography was completed.

SIMILO is different from any other science fiction movie you have ever seen. That is why we have taken so much time and effort on this project and have not yet surrended.

Macgregor's recent works:
Mike Hedge's blog and work:

Antarctica. Summer. The future.

SIMILO is a science fiction love story set in the year 2064. The polar ice caps have melted. The world struggles to survive drought and poverty. But those few who live in the new cities in the arctic can live a happy life. At least, that´s what they want to believe.

What is a Similo? Similo: An artificial person designed to be the perfect lover. Similo comes from the word Simulating.

Dylan Evans points the paradox inherent to any relationship with a robot:

"What is absolutely crucial with the feeling of love is the belief that love is not unconditional nor eternal. Robots can not choose one, can not reject you. That relationship can become very tedious, and we can imagine the human becoming cruel toward his defenseless partner." -Evans.

The teaser that we shot in 2006 was just a brief glimpse of what you will see in this 25 minute shortfilm. It´s the same mood and visual approach, but every little detail has been carefully crafted: locations, costumes, VFX... SIMILO was shot on s35mm, high speed Phantom cameras and the RED One depending on the scene.

Music is also a key character. Artists like Max Richter, Hammock, and Helios, will play an influential role in the shaping of the film.

We are really close to finishing the film. We´ve just completed the offline edit of the film. However our funds are not enough to be able to finish the the final VFX.

The plan is to raise $25,000 for postproduction. We are doing this fundraiser for the minimum amount of $11,750 to get the VFX going! And this means:
- online conforming
- sound mixing
- film print (at least 2 to submmit to film festivals worlwide)
- HD mastering

■ the short clip of music used in the intro is by worriedaboutsatan


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