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Fight for the light before the evil Unhallowed consume our world in darkness in this 1-4 player cooperative puzzle adventure game.
Fight for the light before the evil Unhallowed consume our world in darkness in this 1-4 player cooperative puzzle adventure game.
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German & Italian Versions and the Rogue

Posted by Mike Gnade (Creator)

Confirmed Languages

I am happy today that I can confirm that there will be German and Italian versions of Set a Watch available as part of this Kickstarter. We are working with Spieleschmiede and They're each running their own crowdfunding preorder on their site and as long as they get enough interest will print the game in their respective language.  If you're interested in the German or Italian version of the game, don't worry you don't need to do anything! You will be able to choose your preferred language in our Pledge Manager at the end of our Kickstarter campaign. We are still working on commitments for additional languages and will announce any others available as they are confirmed.

Pictures are from a Prototype

I've noticed some comments from some keen observers about some errors in the game.  Yes there are plenty of mistakes in our prototypes that came about in our mad dash to get them done for GenCon to get all of these nice reviews we have.  Here are some of the many items that we already plan to change for the final version:

  • d6 dice will all be rounded (like the orange ones) and change to numbers instead of pips (in black)
  • d8 dice will have numbers in white for better contrast
  • The camp board was originally flipped in the wrong direction and the factory did a quick rotation that caused the numbers in on the skulls to be oriented incorrectly
  • The camp board will change from pips to numbers to match dice
  • Check map should be 4+
  • Rest tokens will not be yellow - likely black or midnight blue  for better contrast with wood.
  • Smallest fire token will be yellow, then orange and red.  We're looking into making them thicker/chunkier as well.
  • We're changing the Elf Ranger and Dwarf to The Ranger and The Warrior
  • Elder Drake misprint with fire decrease symbol and text
  • A slew of other card changes, rule changes, typos etc will be fixed before production

In the past, we've given backers access to production files to look over before we send everything to the printer.  We plan on using the same transparency and process so everyone gets the best final product imaginable.

Philly Games

For some reason or another, September on Kickstarter is the culmination of a lot of hard work out of the Game Makers Guild of Philadelphia. I thought it would be fun to highlight the other great games coming out of our Philly board games scene:

First up, we have Matt Shoemaker. Matt's game, Bee Lives: We Will Only Know Summer, has regularly appeared at guild meetings this past year. It's a worker placement and resource management game for 1 to 4 players that we think you'll enjoy. You can check out the campaign here (it's already funded).

Next we have Heather O'Neill's co-op strategy puzzle game, Meeple Party.  If you check out the campaign page, you may notice a quote from yours truly on the page. The game is all about throwing an epic party and each meeple represents a different personality type with different abilities.  You'll need to work together to mingle guests around the party in order to take photos, handle surprises and avoid disasters! Meeple Party launched yesterday on Kickstarter.

The Rogue

The Rogue may be weak when it comes to direct melee attacks, but she makes up for it with her versatility. The Rogue can switch from direct damage, to revealing creatures, to boosting other allies depending on the situation. The Rogue is always prepared and her camp ability helps players get the abilities they need.

I posted the character board instead of just the artwork - let me know in the comments if you like this better…
I posted the character board instead of just the artwork - let me know in the comments if you like this better…


  • Poison Blade: The next two direct attacks from the party deal +2 damage for each revealed creature.  
  • Throwing Daggers: Reveal a creature and increase one of your dice to its maximum value. Your direct attacks are Ranged this round.  
  • Backstab: Reveal two creatures and then instantly defeat one whose health is under your total die roll this round.  
  • Smoke Bomb: Choose a revealed creature and treat their printed text box as if it were blank.  
  • Stay Dead (passive): Any creature that the Rogue defeats is permanently removed from the game.

The Rogue has always been a notoriously tricky character to play and has changed a lot since GenCon. She’s probably the character we’ve tweaked the most over the past few months. Why has she been so tricky to play? I think the fact that she has d6s and is melee makes her inherently trickier but a lot of her abilities focus on higher concept things as well. Stay Dead is super powerful but you have to stay committed to it and need to focus on removing the most powerful creatures from the game. The Rogue has great reveal effects that she can actually use together to create her own combos (Throwing Daggers into Backstab or perhaps Backstab into Poison Blade). We’re really happy with where the Rogue is now, but you may not want to choose her as your first melee character to play.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Rob on

      Spanish version will be awesome!!!

    2. Missing avatar

      Bryan Johnson on

      Bee's Lives looks awesome and thematic, so I had backed it.

    3. Missing avatar

      Matthew Eyer on

      Could we get some of the reasoning for removing the elf and dwarf, changing them to more generic characters? If the game becomes too generic, and too androgynous, it starts to lose its' appeal.

    4. Telgar

      I am All In for a french version!

    5. Missing avatar

      Hyojin on

      No Korea language though..haha =(..

    6. Dennis Kopcan on

      Hm would it be easier to pledge on Spieleschmiede for faster delivery and shipping cost?

    7. Firedog

      i concur on the races part.
      And i dont know why, but you say the rogue here is a "she".. So i would love to actual being able to see its a female..
      This has a bit too many manly features (or maybe it s just me? )

    8. Missing avatar

      Matthew Eyer on

      I'm looking forward to the game, and I would back it either way, but I really like the idea of having a dwarf and an elf ranger. I prefer having races in the game, to generic warriors and rangers. Making the characters particular races adds a bit of flavor, and increases the quality of the game, IMO.

    9. Rod Freund

      @russonc, looks like there was a typo in the original update. Mike said he was changing the name from dwarf to the dwarf. Its been fixed now. Thanks for making me feel like i was dumb... hahaha.

    10. John C

      A French Rogue?
      Love the Rogue....

    11. David on

      @krum and also the cherry on the cake

    12. Krum on

      I'm already thrilled for the original version, but a french translation would be the icing on the cake !

    13. K. Catton

      I like seeing the character board not just the art work. Really great work graphically and mechanics for this game. I can hardly wait!!!!

    14. Missing avatar

      Bryan Johnson on

      Will flavor text be added to the cards?

    15. Hol on

      No Spanish at the moment? I hope there is still the possibility of getting it out in Spanish

    16. Russonc

      @Rod, the update above states it will be changed

    17. Mike Gnade 5-time creator on

      Yeah if you're looking for a language, it doesn't hurt to voice your opinion here - I can send people here to see the interest in other languages.

    18. Rod Freund

      Since all the other characters are named as there class, shouldnt the dwarf be named the warrior or the fighter or whatever?

    19. Missing avatar

      Jean-Michel Leblanc

      Very interested in a French version as well!

    20. Mike Gnade 5-time creator on

      I've specifically emailed some of the french partners mentioning it's been asked in the comments so hopefully that helps.

    21. METADNA

      Great to have a Rogue on board but... French version ???