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Survivors must explore, sneak, scavenge and kill to survive the apocalypse in this cooperative board game for 1-6 players.
Survivors must explore, sneak, scavenge and kill to survive the apocalypse in this cooperative board game for 1-6 players.
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Shipping Update #4

Posted by Mike Gnade (Creator)

If you have your game, you can ignore this update.  If you don't have all of your rewards, please jump to your region:

USA and South America

I received an extensive list of everything that had been shipped out (before 1-31-18) of the US fulfillment center from ShipNaked on Monday.  I cross referenced this list with the fulfillment spreadsheet from PledgeManager (submitted to Ship Naked on 12-20-17) and submitted a spreadsheet for all of the people missing their rewards.  I don't know why the import of this spreadsheet missed orders seemingly randomly, but I think I've caught everything now.  That means that if you contacted me on Kickstarter or ShipNaked on/before 2-5-18, your order is 100% with ShipNaked.  I have heard that these orders should go out imminently so if you're in this region, please wait to contact me about your rewards until Tuesday of next week.  I will be happy to confirm on an individual basis that your email/order is with ShipNaked at that time.  


I'm still waiting on a shipping list for Canadian backers to see if there were any large blocks of missed orders from ShipNaked.  If you are a Canadian Backer and have not received a shipping notification by Monday, please message me on KS.  I know there are a handful of you in the spreadsheet that I compiled on Monday, but I did not get a full list of shipment info yet so if there is anyone else out there it wouldn't hurt to check.


Unfortunately, this region is the biggest mystery to me.  I heard late last week that there were still 30+ orders that Unicorn was waiting or in the process of shipping.  That being said, if anyone has messaged Ship Naked and heard that they don't have your order information, please message me on Kickstarter so that I can look into it for you.

EU, UK and Rest of World

For the most part, this fulfillment center has not seemed to have many missed backer orders.  The big issue is the missing play mats.  They have apologized to me about the confusion and are aware of the mistake. Specifically, they told us, "Due to the size difference, the mats are being sent separately." If you're missing play mats, they should be going out and with you soon.

If you haven't gotten an email notification, I would not panic; several backers have reported the game showing up without tracking info or delayed tracking info.  That being said, if you are in this region (especially the EU, UK) and have not received your game by Wednesday of next week, please message me on Kickstarter so that I can look into it for you.


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    1. Pavel Krasnovskij

      Received game in Sweden today. Didnt play yet but i love how compact the box is (especially since i am moving soon and looking with horror at piles of huge boardgame boxes with all kind of inserts and empty air inside.. )!

      thank you!

    2. Missing avatar

      Mark Roberts on

      Still waiting for my game mat from GamesQuest, not a happy bunny!

    3. Holbster on

      Hi Mike, still haven't received a shipping notice, sent GamesQuest an email 4th Feb asking for any details on where my game is, they still haven't got back to me.

    4. Chris Rensing

      Hey Mike, I have not received a shipping notice or the game as of today 2/13. Can you confirm anything at this time? Appreciate the hard work you're doing to right things.

    5. Dan Hills on

      Hi Mike. Can you confirm for me as well? I have a receipt from May 18, 2017 but have not received any notification from Ship Naked. Thanks for the help.

    6. Tee Wee Tynn (Jason)

      Hi Mike,
      I'm still waiting for Gamequest to response my 4 copies and playmat???

    7. Lloyd Johnson on

      Can anybody help.
      I received an email to say if i havent received the playmat with the copy of my game then to send an email to an address given in that email, however when i try to email that address it bounces back undeliverable. Can you let me know who to contact to get my play mat.
      P.s played the game on the weekend and i loved it.

    8. Missing avatar

      Sasha Dare on

      Hi Mike.
      I emailed Ship Naked 9 days ago and was told that they don't have any of my order info.
      They said they would pass it on to you, and that was 6 days ago.
      I'm in Australia. Any help?

    9. Missing avatar

      Michael Wifall on

      Hi Mike,
      Can you confirm my information is there? Thank you

    10. Missing avatar

      Sergio David Peña de la Garza on

      Can you confirm if my info is in there as well? I also did not send any email before, but I am in South America so I don’t know if that changes something.

    11. Mike Gnade 6-time creator on

      @Stacey - I can confirm your info is in the spreadsheet sent 2/5 - so yes if you are in the US please wait to contact me since once I had ShipNaked's info I could find missed orders even if you didn't contact me or SN.

    12. Stacey Barteck on

      If we are in the US and didn’t contact you before 2/5, should we still wait until Tuesday to let you know whether we received it or not?