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Survivors must explore, sneak, scavenge and kill to survive the apocalypse in this cooperative board game for 1-6 players.
Survivors must explore, sneak, scavenge and kill to survive the apocalypse in this cooperative board game for 1-6 players.
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Shipping Update #2

Posted by Mike Gnade (Creator)

USA, AU, NZ, CA and South America

Please refer to the last update... nothing new to report here.  Labels and games are shipping out every day.  We will post an update when everyone should have received a tracking email.

EU, UK and Rest of World

The play mats arrived at Games Quest on Wednesday and I got an email early this AM from them confirming that they had received them.  They are finishing up some smaller fulfillment projects that had arrived before us and once those are completed, they will get moving on Maximum Apocalypse + Brass Empire. That means the first parcels will be going out early next week with shipping notifications to follow :)

Never completed the Pledge Manager? 

I you never completed the pledge manager or never added your address, we have reopened it for address changes and confirmations.  If you fall into this category, be sure to login and update your address and confirm your order ASAP via  Our goal is to setup a 2nd wave of shipments as soon as this first wave is completed.

Received your Package? Missing Pieces and Other Problems

As people have been receiving their games this week, I have been messaged a few times about missing cards, pieces etc.  Many of the people who thought they were missing cards, were false alarms so I would ask everyone to double check their counts and games before messaging me.  As a general rule of thumb, each survivor deck should have 30 cards, each monster deck should have 25 normal monsters and 2 bosses and the scavenge deck consists of 80 cards.  If you believe you are missing any cards, please check  the files on to cross reference and write down the cards that you are missing so that we can find them and send out replacement parts to you.

There is a misprint on the Nuclear Mission cards (missions 4-6) that was pointed out to me at PAX South. They inverted the antidote count and medical supplies in the red scavenge deck.  There are only 5 antidote cards so it should be 3 medical supplies and 2 antidotes in that deck.

Maximum Apocalypse on Tabletopia


I think I forgot to mention that the game is up on Tabletopia. The people at Tabletopia went above and beyond setting this up for you guys since they actually individually setup each mission in the game. You may have to mix up the map a bit to make it more interesting but they still took out nearly all of the setup time for each game which is really nice when playing online.   

What's Next?

I've seen many of you in the comments asking about Set a Watch and the next Maximum Apocalypse expansion.  I am very happy that so many people are interested in what we have cooking.  Our plan is to have both of these games hit Kickstarter in 2018.  I am hoping that we will have one launch in the Spring and then the other in the Summer or Fall depending on how it all works out.

The next Maximum Apocalypse expansion is currently titled Gothic Horrors.  You can follow it here on Board Game Geek as I'll start uploading pictures, etc soon.  In short, the theme of this expansion focuses a bit more on the supernatural.  Here's a quick rundown of what to expect:

  • A modular Day/Night deck that can be added to any scenario. It features monster token movement during the day and bad stuff at night.
  • C'thulu Apocalypse featuring a new insanity status effect with a random insanity deck.
  • Vampires, Werewolves and classic supernatural monster apocalypse featuring a new life drain/steal mechanic
  • New Ronin character - all her equipment is dual use depending on her stance (offense/defense) which she can switch with her innate ability.
  • New Priest character - he has some arcane knowledge, wards and other vanquishing type things at his a big desert eagle pistol.
  • Some new thematic tiles
  • and more hidden things of course...
Set a Watch Prototype in Action
Set a Watch Prototype in Action

We're also getting really close to finalizing things with Set a Watch as well.  If you're unfamiliar with that game, it's another cooperative game designed by Todd Walsh. You can read more about the game and follow it on BGG here. In short, it's a line manipulation puzzle game with some light worker placement.  There's dice rolling combat (inspired by D&D) but a lot of the game comes down to using adventurer ability cards to manipulate the creature line and defeat the endless horde of monsters.

Art production is nearly finished but we still have some graphic design to get the player boards together and some board elements together.  I'm really happy with all the art and locations that we've put together so far, but a new game needs reviews so even when we're ready to go we will have to build in a minimum of 60 days before we can launch the Kickstarter.

Location Example
Location Example

If you're interested in Set a Watch, be sure to sign up for our newsletter since we will be emailing out the rulebook and a PNP very shortly.

Art for some of the character classes
Art for some of the character classes

Hopefully these games get some of you excited so that my entire game business doesn't implode with the next Kickstarter.  Until then, Enjoy Maximum Apocalypse and review us on BGG when you get a chance.


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    1. Carsten_de_1981 on

      What happened to the bugs?

    2. Kamran Khan on

      Just received my package from Games quest and there are no player mats. Also, they are not listed on the dispatch/packing note. Who do I need to contact regarding this?

    3. Missing avatar

      Broxi on

      I just received an E-Mail from Games Quest with tracking information.
      I am from Germany... so looks like the delivery is now in Progress... yeah :-)

    4. Chris M on

      It’s now Wednesday afternoon here in the UK, so hopefully Gamesquest have started shipping EU packages as planned, with notifications to follow. Any word, Mike?

    5. Missing avatar

      Timm Hayer on

      Received mine in AU today. Haven’t counted yet but very excited to see what’s in the box :-)

      @Mike: It would be great to have an opportunity to replace the misprinted cards for a fee! I understand that shipping/ re-printing etc. can be quite expensive, but it would be a shame to have such a high quality production and then miss out on a few cards!

    6. Missing avatar

      Patrick Wilver on

      @Mike It looks like I am missing a Walkie Talkie card from my Scavenger deck (I only received x1). From the other comments, it sounds like there are no plans to ship out replacements for the misprinted cards -- but is there any opportunity to get a replacement WT card?

      Loving the game so far. Prints came out really nice, I LOVE the linen card stock. Really solid stuff!

    7. Andrew Dickinson

      Will 'Gothic Horrors' be coming to KS? I already need it, and I don't even have my copy of the base game yet. Haha.

    8. Jorge García on

      @Mike: There is a typo at BGG Gothic Horrors:
      Cthulu => Cthulhu

    9. Sunny Neuroshima on

      Misprints are always disappointing, more so when there's no plans to send out replacements. Some creators will send out corrected replacements and others, as is the case here, will not. In the case of the latter, I find it always takes the edge off what was otherwise a superb production and highlights the importance of double checking every detail before going to print. No project is perfect, however, so I understand that mistakes can and will happen. But when a decision is made not to correct those mistakes, it always disappoints.

    10. Mike Gnade 6-time creator on

      There is no additional info about the misprint or plans to reprint those cards

    11. Jesper Jakobsen on

      Yes, please provide more info regarding the misprint.

    12. René Schultze

      Moin. Not so long anymore... :)
      And the new expansion for MA and Set A Watch sounds awesome! I think now is spring, or? ;)

    13. Pai

      Yes as many state , is it possible to receive replacement of the correct of misprint card?

      If not soon how about put it into the next expansion

    14. Chad Bradbury

      Is it possible to eventually make a bigger box we can buy. I love the box sooooo much, but I want to be able to fit my sleeved game inside it, but still retain that portable feel. Like 3 inches longer would have been perfect

    15. JusticeBolt on

      Which game will launch first on kickstarter?

    16. chris on

      Are we going to be recieving replacement cards to correct the misprints?
      looking forward to recieving the game.

    17. Mike Gnade 6-time creator on

      Correct. Scientist has only 20. That was just a general listing. Please count your components against the totals listed on each box.

    18. Russonc

      Scientist is 20...

    19. Missing avatar


      But every deck DOESN'T have 30 cards. Isn't the scientist only supposed to have 20?

    20. Tomas on

      Hi there,

      Will you be sending out replacement cards for the misprint at any point?

      It wouldn't feel right knowing I dont have a perfect copy. 😕

    21. Ken

      Got mine! Can't wait to test it out soon.

    22. Mike Gnade 6-time creator on

      @Tobias: We're always open to working with partners for translations into other languages. Back when Maximum was on Kickstarter we were talking to a German distributor that was interesting in translating and printing the game in German but they stopped responding to our emails and sort of faded off. We're open to it, but it's not something that we will do internally.

    23. Tobias Reinhard on

      So could you consider to Support other languages in the Futur Kickstarter Projects? Maybe as a Stretch Goal?

    24. Andy Quiles on

      Too cool. Way more excited for this now than I was before!

    25. Missing avatar

      Mark Roberts on

      Thank you for the update, fingers crossed I receive my copy next week.

    26. Kamran Khan on

      Excellent news, really looking forward to playing this