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Survivors must explore, sneak, scavenge and kill to survive the apocalypse in this cooperative board game for 1-6 players.
Survivors must explore, sneak, scavenge and kill to survive the apocalypse in this cooperative board game for 1-6 players.
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A big update to close out 2017

Posted by Mike Gnade (Creator)

Happy Holidays! Unfortunately I do have some bad news: I do not think anyone will be getting their games before Christmas :). While this is bad news, keep in mind that we are still WAY ahead of that May 2018 delivery. I am very confident that games will start shipping out to you in January. Oh and if you live in the Washington DC or San Antonio area, we will be attending MagFest and PAX South in January, so come say hi.

Vote for us  as one of your most anticipated games of 2018!

Hopefully, Maximum Apocalypse is one of your most anticipated games of 2018. If so perhaps you can help us on BGG by voting us up here (login and click the green thumb): Some of you have already nominated us and gotten us off to a great start! It would be really cool to make the cut or even make the top 3 of one of the categories.

Big Shipping Update

For those curious on the status of everything in the shipping department. Here is the information that I have gathered:  

AU, NZ  

Unicorn Games (partner of ShipNaked) has all the games in their fulfillment center and are ready to go. I sent the address spreadsheet to ShipNaked (the folks I’m actually paying/working with for this fulfillment) on December 11th. My guess is that this fulfillment process may be the one that starts before January 2018, but they also may be coordinating with ShipNaked in the USA.

USA, CANADA and South America  

I just got off the phone with ShipNaked and the good news is that the games just arrived at their New Hampshire depot but it is a complete nut house there and everything still has not gotten through receiving and into their inventory. My account manager also informed me that there are two large campaigns ahead of us so we’re definitely looking at post-christmas for fulfillment to start for this depot.  

UK, EU and Rest of World  

GamesQuest received everything last week and I emailed with them on Friday about checking their inventory. Unfortunately, they are missing the Maximum Apocalypse play mats. We tracked them down and they are on the way, but I believe they are going to wait until they receive this last shipment before they start fulfillment to make sure they have everything.

Things shipping directly from Rock Manor Games  

Any international backers that bought Brass Empire Play mats will receive a separate shipment with these mats directly from us. Basically, these are completely sold out and we have all the remaining copies here in our barn so I’ll be shipping these separately to Austrailia, EU, etc. rather than delay anything by shipping them to the depots. It’s only a handful of people so if you receive just a Brass Empire play mat early - DON'T PANIC. I’m going to work on packaging and sending these all out this week.

Setup and Rules Videoa

It’s very important to me that everyone has a clear grasp of the rules, so I put together a setup and rules video along with a full play through of an Alien Mission. I think you can detect a little frustration in my voice as I progress towards losing a scenario I have played lots of times..but hey it happens.  

Here are some important rule highlights:

  • All ammo tokens (bullet and fuel) are LOCKED onto the card that they are placed onto i.e. you can’t trade bullets with another player or move your 6 revolver shots over to your rifle.
  • Furthermore, you CANNOT use fuel tokens to fuel up the van. The fuel symbol on mission cards corresponds to finding X fuel cards.  
  • Finally, if an equipment card has the fuel symbol on it - you must dicard a fuel card to completely reload that equipment (i.e. you can discard a fuel scavenge card to refuel the Blowtorch giving you 6 more uses of that weapon).

If you have any questions about rules, please do not hesitate to comment on the videos above or to message me via Kickstarter once you receive your game. There’s also a thread on BGG already that I’m subscribed to as well:

Address Changes

I have already submitted all of the fulfillment spreadsheets, but will collect any address changes in another spreadsheet and send them a final update. There are no guarantees that they will catch my changes, but if you absolutely need to change your address, please message me on Kickstarter ASAP.  

PNP Backers  

If you are a $1 PNP backer and have not gotten your key. Please check your email and spam folder first (they were sent out several months ago). If you can’t find the email with your PNP key, please message me on Kickstarter and I will send you a new one.  

- Happy Holidays from everyone here at Rock Manor Games!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Broxi on

      Any News about shipment? In the EU the games arrived on time 6th december... now it is alreasdy mid of January. Do we know if some games are on their way?

    2. Icehawk101 on

      Also Nackers, you are a sneaky hobbit

    3. Icehawk101 on

      It's after Christmas but I don't have my game yet! I needs it! My precious... :P

    4. Missing avatar

      Nackers Gauthier on

      @mike : One little question about the rules. In this scenario, the point is to reveal all tiles (+fuel the van).
      Is it possible to win this scenario without facing the boss by using the recon ability to reveal the tile without triggering the boss himself?

    5. Grant Muir

      This is the second game in a week that's stuck till after xmas with Unicorn Games because Ship Naked in the US is busy.

      It seems ridiculous that nobody can work out how to get the backer list for Australia into the hands of Unicorn Games to let them get on with distribution. Making backers wait because someone 12000km away is busy is farcial, but seems to be the norm for Shit Naked.

    6. René Schultze

      Voted weeks ago. Can’t wait to get and play the game - a nice coop game :)

    7. Mike Gnade 6-time creator on

      @randy: imo it makes the game a little easier to play it that way. Mainly because if you move into a corner and have to make your way back that’s harder than hitting a tough tile and then being able to connect a tile and move to it. Slightly different feel and slightly easier but not a massive game changer. I would not oppose a house rule like that but that style will not work for every mission.

    8. Missing avatar

      randy lopez

      @Mike in the game setup you put down all your map tiles prior to starting the game. Do you think setting up the map as you move around would work? So creating a stack for the map tiles and drawing whenever someone wants to move into a new space to let the map be made as the game goes on. Of course, keeping in mind that the van has to remain on the outside side of the map. Is there anything that might impose this?

    9. Steven Crane

      Voted :) Good luck!