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Survivors must explore, sneak, scavenge and kill to survive the apocalypse in this cooperative board game for 1-6 players.
Survivors must explore, sneak, scavenge and kill to survive the apocalypse in this cooperative board game for 1-6 players.
3,258 backers pledged $153,086 to help bring this project to life.

The Games are on Boats! Freight Shipping Update

Posted by Mike Gnade (Creator)
I am happy to report that the games have all been loaded onto boats that are sailing around the world as we speak. We are shipping games to three different ports in the US, UK, and AU. Information for these shipments follows:
  • Australia ETA is November 26th.    
  • This shipment will service all AU/NZ backers. 

  • USA ETA is December 3rd 
  • Ship: XIN FEI ZHOU 
  • Container: HMCU1061850 
  • This shipment will service all US, Canadian and South American backers. 

  • UK ETA is December 6th 
  • Container: IMTU1089088 
  • This shipment will service all EU, European, UK and everyone who is not included in the above. 
If you want to track your vessel online, I use but sometimes prefer to track the container via

Production Schedule

Our schedule over the next few months is getting more and more concrete now that the games are on manufactured and on cargo ships, but can still change. The important thing to note is that we will be locking all of the shipping information once the games reach port. If you need to change your address, please follow the directions in this update.

  • November 2017: Freight Shipping to Fulfillment Centers 
  • November 17th - 19th 2017: Pax Unplugged #1 in Philly: Come play Set a Watch and New Canton!
  • End of November/Early December: SHIPPING INFO LOCKED IN PLEDGEMANAGER 
  • December 2017 - January 2018: Fulfillment!

Brass Empire: New Canton

Maximum Brass backers have asked me which version of Brass Empire will they be receiving. All backers from this campaign will be receiving the new 2nd printed edition. Basically, if you don’t have a copy Brass Empire in your hands already, you’ll be playing with the most updated version. Our New Canton campaign is still live on Kickstarter if you like Deckbuilders and epic campaigns, be sure to check it out!

Oh and here's a Maximum Apocalypse demo playthrough video I found from BostonFig:



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    1. Missing avatar

      Broxi on

      If I understand the tracking correctly, the Container reached the UK as planned on 6th decemeber. So do we know if any games are on it's way already? Still dreaming of a Christmas present :-)

    2. Missing avatar

      Chris Willis

      And now pulling into Melbourne... that's one fast container ship

    3. Stuart McCune

      So after no updates for over a week the CMA CGM EIFFEL which is coming to Australia is now off the coast of Brisbane. So close!!

    4. Ashton Laughman on

      What stand will you be at in Philly?

    5. Vindexus on

      That's so early it's crazy :)

    6. Yong Siong Oon

      How about shipment for Asia backers? Is it the UK ship?

    7. Scott Sinclair

      In case anyone hasn't seen the amazing scale of modern cargo ships, the XIN FEI ZHOU looks HUGE:

    8. René Schultze

      Ah, I‘m very happy :)

    9. Ben Stealer of Bagged Lunches

      I'll see you at PAX, Mike! Looking forward to it.

    10. gerraldo

      Yes, oh yessssss!!! Go CMA CGM KERGUELEN go! :)))