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Survivors must explore, sneak, scavenge and kill to survive the apocalypse in this cooperative board game for 1-6 players.
Survivors must explore, sneak, scavenge and kill to survive the apocalypse in this cooperative board game for 1-6 players.
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Manufacturing is Complete!

Posted by Mike Gnade (Creator)
I am happy to report that I received word last week that manufacturing is complete and everything is making its way from our factory to a port in China. As soon as games get on boats and out to sea, I’ll let you all know so that you can track them as they make their way across the vast ocean to our fulfillment centers. For anyone reading this that isn’t a backer already that means that preorders are closing imminently! This week is your absolute last chance to preorder.  

Address Changes  

If you need to change your address (e.g. if you moved recently), please do so as soon as possible by following these steps:  

  • Go into your pledge manager account through the link provided by the initial invite email or the order confirmation email. If you can't find either of those, you can get a link by requesting a new invite here: 
  •  Scroll down a bit and click the blue "Unlock & Modify My Order" button. 
  • Then confirm that you actually want to unlock it. 
  • Skip through add-ons page. 
  • Click on the "Create New Address" button and fill in a new address. 
  • Then finally make sure to click the green "CONFIRM ORDER" button to once again close your order. 

I will make a final announcement for address changes, but the sooner that you take care of this the better. 

In other News…

The Few and Cursed Board Game in 2018


I’m very excited to announce that this past week, I finalized an agreement to design and publish a board game based on the comic, “The Few and Cursed.” You will all be more familiar with the Redhead once you get your copy of Maximum Apocalypse since she ended up being one of our KS promo cards.  


It’s been a pleasure so far to work with Felipe and Fabiano. I’m really psyched to have their stable of artists work on this project. If you’re interested in learning more about the comics, check out their current Kickstarter for the Chronicles of the Few and the Cursed. This particular comic was meant to expand the world and characters for the use in the game. Stay tuned for more info on the game next year.  

I’ll leave it at that for now since I’ll be updating you again with the launch of New Canton on Wednesday. Enjoy your Halloween!

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    1. gerraldo

      OMG! A Kickstarter that delivers EARLIER!? That's just so, so ... Words fail me... I'm just super-excited. This is one of my most anticipated games for 2018! ;)

    2. Adam B on

      This is great news. This game has me hyped!!!!

    3. Ashraam

      Super excited to see what you come up with for the Few and Cursed game! :)

    4. Mike Gnade 6-time creator on

      Set a Watch will come out before Few and Cursed for sure.

    5. Stephen Paltrineri

      YAY!!! Can't wait to get my game. I'm also excited about the Few and the Cursed game! I was on the fence about backing MA way back when, but that Redhead promo card was what pushed me over the edge.

    6. René Schultze

      Looks awesome!!! And what news of Set a Watch? Or will the Few and Cursed replace it? I hope not!