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Survivors must explore, sneak, scavenge and kill to survive the apocalypse in this cooperative board game for 1-6 players.
Survivors must explore, sneak, scavenge and kill to survive the apocalypse in this cooperative board game for 1-6 players.
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Pre-production Samples + Unboxing Video

Posted by Mike Gnade (Creator)
It hasn’t been long since my last update, but I received the pre-production sample this week so I have lots of pictures and an unboxing video to share:  



opening up the box
opening up the box


Unpacking it all
Unpacking it all



There's a divider for each apocalypse and hero and then some extras that I used for separating Scavenge and Mission cards
There's a divider for each apocalypse and hero and then some extras that I used for separating Scavenge and Mission cards



Kaiju Expansion
Kaiju Expansion

I think all the wood bits came out really fantastic. This is officially my new prototype set and it's coming with me to GenCon! What do you guys think about both the fuel and monster tokens being the same red color? I was thinking about maybe changing the color of one of them. The only other major thing is that the standee bases were supposed to be in 6 different colors.  I'm wondering if they just sent the clear bases to give me a sense of the style, but I have to email and check. I’m still compiling all of my comments and proofing everything for the manufacturer but the game looks amazing if you ask me. 


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    1. JC on

      If the Kaiju pack will be sold on stores... why is the scientists and army ranger inside of it? Aren't they KS exclusive? I don't mind if they will be available for the public just wondering.

    2. Missing avatar

      Murray Denholm on

      Hey Mike.
      1. Was VERY disappointed to see square blue bullet tokens when the stretch goal was actual bullet shaped and colored. Please don't become one of those companies who misrepresents the components in advertising.
      2. Monster tokens- black with red
      3. Gas can- red looks great or flat military green
      4. Hunger tracker- I like Josh's suggestion ... Perhaps have 1-6 printed on front of card with a plastic slider/score keeper to track hunger. This way, when survivor has to flip card, it's already pointing at hunger damage on reverse side. This will also save time for players and make things a bit more convenient. Would also cut down on production cost, (possibly) since you would be eliminating the 12mm die

      Can't wait to get my game!

    3. Missing avatar

      Josh on

      Hey mike! I've played about half a dozen games on PnP, and absolutely love the game! I understand rules are a. It washy and still in works so we've done our best with making it work. Lots of fun! My biggest gripe is using dice to track hunger. It may be too late, but Perhaps have 1-6 printed on front of card with a plastic slider/score keeper to track hunger. This way, when survivor has to flip card, it's already pointing at hunger damage on reverse side. This will also save time for players and make things a bit more convenient. Would also cut down on production cost, (possibly) since you would be eliminating the 12mm die... thanks for reading.

    4. Missing avatar


      Monster tokens should be a different color but I really like the clear bases. I hope you make the color change but change your mind on going back to different color bases.

    5. Missing avatar

      JOmphroy on

      -Monster Tokens: I agree with everyone, they should be Black with Red etchings.
      -Bullets: Change the shape to the bullet model shown in the campaign, colored silver or gold.
      -Gas Can: Keep it red, since it will no longer conflict with the Black colored monster tokens.

    6. KickFurn

      Hi, can't wait to play the game =)

      I like the box, specially as it seems to feet sleeves fine.

      @Mike, The gas cans look cool although that dark army green as mentioned below is not a bad idea either. Anyhow it would be nice indeed to have monsters and fuel in different colours.

      I like the clear standee bases but as they cover so little of that gorgeous artwork either way is fine by me ;)

      I agree with many of the comments below where it would be nice if the bullets were more bullet shaped if at all possible, and with a more metal related colour.

    7. Logus Vile on has pretty cool bullets…. Unfortunate that the ones included aren't similar.

    8. Harald. on

      The bullets should look like the stretch goals. This kinda doesn't look good in my opinion. The cards, monster tokens and the fuel cans look fine.

      Pretty hyped to test the game though!

    9. Missing avatar

      Renato Castro on

      My suggestions:
      - fuel can - leave it red;
      - monsters - a "vibrant" yellow or orange, so, as a threat, they stand out on the tiles;
      - standee bases - I like the clear ones, but if they're colored, I'm ok too;
      - bullets - I think it should be silver or gold, with black engraving.

      All the other conmponents are fantastic !! Can't wait to play it !!

    10. Undecisive on

      Olive green for fuel cans or you could do a beige/tan for monsters

    11. DGenerateKane

      Fuel cans should stay red. Don't know what monster tokens should be, but they should not be red.

    12. Bradleykins

      Green fuel like a jerry can normal

    13. Missing avatar

      David Benson

      I too advocate different colour for fuel and monster tokens - makes sorting them much easier.

      I would have suggested olive green for fuel, but if they cans are red on the cards, then I concur with those saying change the monsters. Red on black does sound cool.

      The blue is a bit bright...

    14. Dean Kirkpatrick

      Gas cans green? Not in the USA they are red keep the gas cans red. Change the monsters to a sickly green. Or Black would look maybe better. Bullets bullet shaped with the counter being brass with black lines in color, more like a full metal jacket round. And if need be change the color of the icon on the cards to match the new counter colors.

    15. Simon Beal on

      Some good points about the colours. Whilst I like the idea of the gas cans being green, the colour should match the icons on the cards. But if they stay red, then the monster colour should be different so its easy to tell them apart (and as pointed out, they need to stand out from the cards).

      Bullet tokens: Bullet shaped would be nice. Not sure blue is the best colour though (its just not a colour I assosiate with ammunition).

      Looks great apart from that though.

    16. Andrew Dickinson

      +1 about a divider card for the expansion! If they're taking out one punchboard from the pack it seems like there could be room to fit in a divider or 3 instead maybe?

    17. Missing avatar

      John on

      Monster Tokens - I agree with a few others on here having a black background with a red etching outlining the face.

      Bullet Tokens - Definitely more bullet-shaped would be great and the color of gold/silver to make it look more like an actual bullet.

      Everything else looks spot on! Great job!

    18. Missing avatar

      Nackers Gauthier on

      Ok, so the fuel colour is gonna stay to match the cards. If the monster colour is gonna change, red on black is the best choice to me.
      The bullet tokens are indeed not what they should be. Yes, the design during the campaign was excellent. But if it were too expensive, you could change the engraving to be more visible.

    19. Lasse Rosenkilde Olsen on

      I really like transparent bases (though the ones here are a bit too big), monsters could be green currently they look way way too much like the fuel tokens. Blue bullets is a bit weird also it is really hard to see the engraving on that light blue that color really "eats" the engraving.

    20. Missing avatar

      Grzegorz on

      1. Bullet shaped tokens - as those presented during campaign
      2. Bullet tokens color: yellow & grey - same as above, their design shown during campaign was amazing
      3. Gas cans color: blue or orange

    21. AcesofDeath7

      The bullets need to change color. Blue is used for training/Dummy rounds which do not fire.

    22. Paul Molloy on

      If it's the monsters that are changing colour, I'd vote for black with red printing on if that's possible. Black is not specific to the type of monsters, but conveys threat and evil well. Blood Red image on the black would really help that too

    23. Vindexus on

      Will sleeved cards fit in the box?

    24. Jim Silsby Jr on

      Traditional Jerrycans were olive drab, but I see Amazon is selling new ones in red. The fuel cans pictured on the cards are red, so I'd stick with that for the tokens. The monster tokens should be some other color, but not so dark that they get lost on the cards. This is one nice looking package - very much looking forward to it. One question that may have already been asked - will it be possible to store sleeved cards in the box?

    25. Connie Koorevaar-Goecks

      I also like the clear stand bases but I agree with others to change the gas can color. Otherwise it looks amazing!

    26. Russonc

      Love the update... I'd be up for a change in color of either the gas can or the monster tokens. (Black token with red monster sounded cool, but anything that makes the colors a bit different is great).

    27. Missing avatar

      Dave on

      I actually like the clear standee bases.

    28. Cindy M on

      Another +1 for bullet shaped tokens (even if it's just a rough rounded shape at one end). The rest of the game looks fantastic.

    29. Nicolas Aguirre Nankervis on

      I feel the same way about the bullets. They're very different from what was shown on the stretch goal list (to be honest there were the reason I finally decided to back the game haha they looked amazing) and they do seem difficult to see. Maybe using a darker color for the token would solve this.

      The rest looks amazing! I love how everything fits in one little box, can't wait to play it!

    30. Ugo Cimone

      The box seems little to me, will the sleeved cards stay in it?

    31. Missing avatar

      Vincent Bonaventura on

      DEFINITELY make the gas cans orange please!!! À la L4D2! :)

    32. Bobby T

      RE: wooden bits...

      I think the gas cans look great, so I'd suggest changing the monster tokens and I'd recommend a red logo on a black background for those bits. As for the bullets, they seem to be a little difficult to distinguish in the photos, so if there is a way to darken the outline with a dark grey or black... or change the background color to a darker shade to provide contrast, that would be good.

      Everything else looks great!

    33. Russell L. on

      I agree the transparent bases are not an issue but the blue ammo tokens don't live up to the rest of the game. I would like to see black for the monster tokens since that is what is on the tiles..Great job on everything so far Mike.

    34. Elsworth on

      I like the clear bases (to see more of the nice tiles), and black for the monster tokens to match the cards. I'd love carved silver or gold for the bullet tokens. Looking good!

    35. Missing avatar


      I think the colors for the tokens should change. Could either make the monsters black or the gas cans a more orange color as opposed to red.

    36. Yra

      +1 for carved bullets, maybe grey/silver color :)

    37. Missing avatar

      SFaragher on

      I actually really like the transparent bases (as long as they are a little smaller). It would allow us to see more of the tile underneath!

    38. Missing avatar

      Kora Kopieniak on

      It looks so good! I couldn't be more excited! I totally agree on changing fuel and monster tokens to be different colors. Can't wait to play!

    39. Vindexus on

      Agreed on changing the monster token colors. I'm not sure about green cause green means good and monsters are bad. I think black with red etching might be better.

      I'd also like the bullet outline on the blue tokens to be more visible.

      The whole thing looks great though! Can't wait to get it.

    40. Missing avatar

      Chris Weaver on

      Looking great, Mike! Agree with black monster tokens being easiest fix and matching up, maybe with red etching. The player stands are a bit large but not a dealbreaker. Would prefer colored stands but clear would do.

    41. Olly - Please Expect KS Delays.

      Holy moley! These look absolutely fantastic. I joined kickstarter to back your game. I was on the fence about kickstarter but those cards and coins look great.
      I love the dividers too. Such a great touch.

      How soon realistically will I be able to play at home with my son?

    42. Icehawk101 on

      Looks amazing though! Can't wait to get it

    43. Icehawk101 on

      I'd say make the monster tokens black or green maybe. Red suits the gas cans as they are red, but the two reds are not great

    44. Simon Beal on

      A couple of questions about the expansion:

      1. Is there room for it in the main box?

      2. If so, does it come with dividers? (which is a great addition for the main game BTW)

    45. Simon Beal on

      Yeah, a military green for fuel would work well I think.

    46. Chad Bradbury

      Fuel should change color. Maybe to a hunter green kinda color like militaries use. Besides, green means go! :-)

    47. Missing avatar

      Eddy Picking on

      Loving the look of everything already and the clear base looks good the fuel cans should be like a dark green colour like they are in real life

    48. Logus Vile on

      Also I like the clear stands but they do seem bigger then they need to be. Hardly an issue though

    49. Thomas Price on

      Woah. Looks good. I think green pieces for fuel is a good idea. Less confusion, more of a mental association without looking at the image (green=go, fuel makes you go)

    50. BruceP - Chameleon Prime

      Agree about the bullets. A bullet shape would be preferable, but if not that, then at least make the bullet lines more readable (black?)