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Survivors must explore, sneak, scavenge and kill to survive the apocalypse in this cooperative board game for 1-6 players.
Survivors must explore, sneak, scavenge and kill to survive the apocalypse in this cooperative board game for 1-6 players.
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The First Expansion is "Kaiju Rising"

Posted by Mike Gnade (Creator)

I am happy to announce that the Kaiju won the vote (Kaiju: 1360, Dino: 754, Bugs: 665) quite handily. There are still some stragglers on the Pledgemanager, but not enough to change this outcome. We've wrapped up all of the art for the main game and we're already hard at work on the expansion artwork. 

Since we have nearly everything ready for press except for the 82 card expansion, we will be sending out the Print and Play for the main game later today via The PNP will be sent to your kickstarter email on file.  If you have any feedback for the PNP, please comment on this post and we will address them before going to print.

So let's take a look at that Production Schedule:

There are a bunch of things to cross off the list since last time, but we do have an anticipated delay from the artist. We've finished up all the artwork for the Gunslinger and Mechanic, Brass Empire has entered mass production and the Alpha copies are estimated to ship on June 23rd. It is definitely looking like you'll have the game before the end of the year. Keep in mind that this schedule is only an estimate and will change over the coming months:

  • July 2017: Artwork for Expansion is completed (Pushed back a week - wrapped up by July 7th.)
  • July 2017: Alpha Playtesters receive copies and provide final feedback (on schedule - we especially need feedback on Ranger/Scientist and Alien missions).
  • July 2017: Final Production files sent to printer. Final PNP files sent out to backers (on schedule - draft PNP going out today) 
  • End of July 2017: Art Production starts on future expansions
  • August 2017: Pre-production Sample and proofing
  • August 2017: Enter Mass Production for Maximum Apocalypse
  • August 2017: Attending GenCon! (All Maximum Apocalypse Events have already sold out!)
  • Fall 2017: Freight Shipping
  • Fall-Winter 2017: Fulfillment

More Games in the Pipeline:

Brass Empire: New Canton (Campaign Expansion) 

The Art Production for the Brass Empire expansion is picking up. We should have this hitting Kickstarter near the end of Summer or early Fall.  

Go Set a Watch  

I am happy to announce that we signed our first game and will be publishing ‘Go Set a Watch’ from Todd Walsh, a local Philly designer. It’s a cooperative fantasy themed game where you have to work together to fight off monsters at night while a party member manages the camp and rests. It’s a game that takes place  at night between your classic D&D adventuring when monsters are out for their revenge.   

That’s it for now!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Hendrick on

      @Jim Silsby Jr - Thank you (and others) for doing such great QA work on these cards to make the game even better on release for the rest of us!

    2. Jim Silsby Jr on

      Mike - Sorry, scrap the second question I posted about the punchboards below. I just realized that there are individual Survivor cards for both the Veteran and Dog, so there's no issue with having both on the same standee.

    3. Jim Silsby Jr on

      Mike - PNP Card dividers.
      Should "Nuclear" divider be labeled "Mutant" to match the deck?
      Dividers #11 and #12 have no labels. Add "Scavenge" and "Map Tiles" respectively?

    4. Jim Silsby Jr on

      Mike - PNP Punchboards A and B.
      The distribution of the damage markers is currently: 1(x13); 2(x20); 5(x7); 10(x10); 20(x5). Suggest reversing numbers of 5 damage and 10 damage counters, so there are ten 5 damage markers, and seven 10 damage markers.
      Punchboard B has the Veteran and Dog on reverse sides of the same standee. Should these be separate standees (for marking damage, etc.)?

    5. Jim Silsby Jr on

      Mike - PNP Reference cards: compare to Turn Reference on page 28 of rulebook.
      Free Actions, 3rd bullet; cards have additional text "Drop of cards at Objective". Add to rulebook Reference. Suggest revising to "Play cards on Objective" (follows text on page 15 of rulebook).
      Phase 5: Cards state "End Turn: Take Damage". Rulebook reference states "Take Damage; End Turn". Revise cards to follow rulebook text.

    6. Jim Silsby Jr on

      Thanks very much for your response, Mike. Some of my questions resulted from text I thought might be subject to differing interpretations between players. Personally, I try to read such as it's written, look at the effect, and apply some common sense. I especially appreciate you not filling the cards with difficult to read (small/odd font) or unnecessary text. The cards are direct, clear, and very well done!

    7. Jim Silsby Jr on

      Mike - PNP Scavenge deck: Cards #1-14 and #35-40 have a number in the Scavenge symbol. This is not otherwise explained in the rules, but the numbers correspond with the quantity of the material scavenged. Should the numbers be added to Cards #16-20?

    8. Mike Gnade 6-time creator on

      Jim - thanks for all the questions and feedback. Here are some answers/clarifications but I will also look at all the cards and make a few changes:

      Zombie: Yes some walkers trigger additional draws - some don't (not a typo).

      Robot: I'll change tracking to in front of player and instead of 2X damage I will change it "This monster attacks for 8 damage if player did not move this turn." to clarify. Destroy/Attack: terms have already been added to the rulebook glossary.

      Surgeon: Yes Surgeon has some cards that can be used without range.

      Mechanic: Range is always the range the card can affect so it does not define the type of weapon you can reload. When in doubt, do what makes sense thematically. i.e. you can't reload a weapon when you're at the grocery store and your buddy is at the mall next to you. You have to be nearby to help.

      Hope that helps.

    9. Jim Silsby Jr on

      Mike - PNP Zombie deck: Walker cards #18-23 don't have any additional text. Walker cards #24-25 have a comment to draw an additional card. Is there a typo on set or the other, or are there two classes of Walkers?
      Card #26: What result when a Player kills a Zombie with a mid or long range attack - still draw another monster card?

    10. Jim Silsby Jr on

      Mike - PNP Robot deck: cards #3-8; how is "tracking" defined? In front of a player?
      Cards #14-18; Is the 2x damage if the Player didn't move in addition to the ordinary damage (no move = 8 damage)? Or is the additional damage for no move inflicted only on destruction?
      Cards #24-27: Is the 4 damage dealt on destruction to all players in range, or only the Player with the card in front of them?

    11. Jim Silsby Jr on

      MIke - PNP Veteran deck: cards #29 and #30; change "player" to "players".

    12. Jim Silsby Jr on

      Mike - PNP Surgeon deck: Question cards #2-5, #6-8, and #9-11; do these take effect regardless of the range between the Surgeon and the receiving Survivor?
      Cards #12-14; as previously commented, I think the Molotov is overpowered.

    13. Jim Silsby Jr on

      Mike - PNP Mechanic deck: cards #2, #10, #11; change "Weapon's" to "Weapons".
      Cards #23,#24, #25; change "destroy" to "discard"(?).
      Question: cards #5 and #15; "Short Range - Fully reload any weapon in range". Does this mean reload any weapon at short range from Survivor, or reload any Short Range weapon?

    14. Jim Silsby Jr on

      Mike - PNP Hunter deck, cards #29 and #30; Camouflage misspelled.

    15. Ethan Furman

      I'm working on it, but won't be offended if somebody else beats me to it! Maybe we should have competition? ;)

    16. Missing avatar

      john pooley on

      maybe someone will volunteer to make a nicely formatted pnp set for the backers?

    17. Cory Kneeland on

      Those results don't 'bug' me. I know we will see more in the future. This is the game of unlimited potential.

    18. Alexander Dargatz

      Thank you for the PnP! Downloaded it yesterday. It will become a very personalized copy of MA with handmade tokens as a birthday present for a geek friend. I'm glad that it came so early - great job!

    19. Mike Gnade 6-time creator on

      Yep we will definitely post an update for Set a Watch when it launches on Kickstarter (probably early 2018)

    20. Alexander Dargatz

      I see that "set a watch" will be on Kickstarter, too. Will you send a notification, email, or update? I sure want to check it out.

    21. JLo on

      Set a watch sounds interesting.

    22. Stavros Tsiakalos on

      Dinosaurs aren't sore losers, so congrats to the Kaiju.

    23. Lasse Rosenkilde Olsen on

      Dinosaurs would be big... but Kaiju is just bigger ;)

    24. Andy Barnard

      Woohoo go Kaiju!!

    25. René Schultze

      And I'm looking forward to "Set a Watch"! :)

    26. René Schultze

      Ah man, and I would have liked to see dinosaurs... But, hey, now there will be a giant dinosaur - perhaps ;)