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Survivors must explore, sneak, scavenge and kill to survive the apocalypse in this cooperative board game for 1-6 players.
Survivors must explore, sneak, scavenge and kill to survive the apocalypse in this cooperative board game for 1-6 players.
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June Update

Posted by Mike Gnade (Creator)

We've had a really productive May: the pledge manager launched (read more), Brass Empire 2nd Edition has entered production, the Alpha copies have been ordered and we've got drafts of all the mission cards and the rulebook… more on all of these things and more below in this month’s update.

Pledge Manager

If you haven't completed your order via pledgemanager or read this post, please do so immediately. We are still waiting on ~500 people. I also think there are still people out there that inadvertently added an extra expansion to their order so login and doublecheck.  

Check and complete your order! Remember that you can always change your address and this is just about locking in your order and verifying our manufacturing quantities. If you need a refund or have any problems, please just message me on kickstarter and I can help you out.

Draft Rules and Missions

Per our production schedule, we would like to get everyone’s feedback on our drafts of the mission cards and rulebook. Plenty of you have commented on the google documents which was helpful, but it’s really best to start working from the PDFs. I scoured the internet for a good way to allow comments/annotations to the PDFs and couldn’t find anything that worked elegantly or simply so I’ve posted the files to BGG and we can use their forum/comments section for feedback. Here are the links:  

Mission Cards:


Alpha Backers

The Alpha has been queued up and will ship out this month from the GameCrafter. While you guys were filling out the pledgemanager, I worked on updating it and sent myself a copy. Here are some pictures of everything the Alpha holds for you:

I swapped in the Ranger and added the Scientist for testing.  I also decided to go with the Nuclear and Alien Apocalypses since they offer more challenges.  You have all the map tiles to play around with as well.  I'm looking forward to your feedback...if you have any suggestions over the best way to aggregate/discuss the alpha I'm all ears.  I was thinking that just making a forum on BGG would be the easiest.

Play Mat Samples

Another thing I’ve been working on is the play mats and possible vendors. I’ve gotten samples from many vendors and my two finalists are pictured below:  

The one on the right/bottom is from the same vendor from China that we used for the Brass Empire mats. I think the colors are better on that one, but the one on the left from Inked Gaming is a much better mat overall. It has a nice grip on the bottom, more weight to it and is slightly slimmer and even though the color is a little dark/black, I’m leaning towards that one. If any of you have ever ordered a mat from Inked Gaming, you may have a mat similar to this one. What do you folks think?

Production Schedule

We are a bit behind on the gunslinger and mechanic art (finished next week) but here are some previews of the gunslinger cards that we have been finishing up this month. Gustav had another project with a strict deadline so he promises he will make up some time this month.  

test on card is just placeholder
test on card is just placeholder


text on card is just placeholder
text on card is just placeholder
  • June 2017: Mechanic and Gunslinger artwork is completed 
  • June 2017: Alpha Copies enter production (are in queue you should get an email when they ship) 
  • June 2017: Community Apocalypse is announced based on votes 
  • June 2017: Artwork for Expansion is completed 
  • July 2017: Alpha Playtesters receive copies and provide final feedback 
  • July 2017: Final Production files sent to printer. Final PNP files sent out to backers via 
  • July 2017: Art Production starts on future expansions 
  • August 2017: GenCon (All Maximum Apocalypse Events have already sold out!)

That's it for now! Enjoy your weekend.


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    1. Mike Gnade 6-time creator on

      @MattShack - Your alpha is scheduled to ship July 5th... it went into a later order because you added it as an add-on instead of upgrading your pledge. If anyone else added the alpha as an add-on and didn't get a shipping notification, please message me ASAP so we make sure you get it.

    2. Missing avatar

      MattShack Computers & Games

      Where are the alpha copies?

    3. Samuel Mayo on

      My vote is for the Inked mats. Based on the pics and your description, the color differences seem minimal and quality is always priority one.

    4. Stephen Paltrineri

      Just curious, you keep listing GenCon on all of your timelines. Does this mean you are hoping to have the game complete and ready/near ready to ship by then?

    5. Brad Hutchison

      Community Apocalypse gets revealed this month, can't wait :-) hoping everyone went same as me and voted Kaiju

    6. Missing avatar

      'Ronald Gilbert on

      @Mike Gnade: for the mat's i would go with quality over color.

    7. Sunny Neuroshima on

      A good rulebook will never need a FAQ. If you find yourself with a FAQ as long as your arm, that's a sign you need to look at rewriting your rulebook and including more rules clarifications and examples. I'm no expert rulebook writer, but that's just my opinion.

    8. Sunny Neuroshima on

      I like the way the rulebook looks and the way it is formatted makes it easy to read on my iPhone. But as Logus correctly points out, it is incomplete and missing significant details. But that's the reason you posted it on here and BGG - to get feedback. I don't envy your job as far as writing the rulebook is concerned; it's not something I would relish. But you have to make no assumptions when writing it. Spell everything out, even if it sounds obvious to you. Go through every aspect of the game, step by step and explain everything. Don't write an broad overview and expect the reader to fill in the gaps. Go into detail. It's all in the detail.

    9. Logus Vile on

      Will the boss attack everyone at once?

    10. Logus Vile on

      As I'm looking through the mission packs now, the question I keep having is: How do BOSS fights work? There's no mention of them in the rulebook.

      One of the mission cards says that as soon as one player walks into the police station they have to draw the boss and fight him. Can other players help? If turns are done one at a time, is it up to that one character to defeat the boss? If other players move into the same location and fight the boss, who is the boss placed in front of? Does it only attack the survivor it is in front of?

    11. Selgador

      The quality of inkedgaming mats is so high, i just really love them!

    12. Logus Vile on

      +1 to Sunny's mentions below with the "D6" reference.

      I posted this at BGG but since it seems people are posting here, I will re-post:

      You're missing a component break down with card counts, tokens, dice, etc

      Point in case: under "Turn sequence", it says "monster token" so what is that?

      Found in SET UP that it states to go Clockwise. A mention at the end of the turn would still be a good reminder as this is where it talks about actual play.

      STARVATION. I don't get it. At which point do I take damage?

      Your text: "When your hunger level hits 6, you will continue to take more and more damage until you starve to death. (Do I take damage when it hits 6? How much damage?) Flip over your character card and place the die at the start of the hunger track. You lose access to your innate ability when starving. Every turn that you would increase your hunger, instead progress it down this track. (Is this when I take damage? How much? A picture of the card would be great.) As soon as you eat something or reduce your hunger level below 6, flip over your character card back over. When you start starving again, your hunger damage starts at the start of the tracker." Still confused, was I supposed to take damage as soon as it flips over?

      How I would word it: "When your hunger level hits 6, flip over your character card and place the die at the top of the hunger track. You lose access to your innate ability when starving. Every turn that you would increase your hunger, instead progress it down this track (and take the number of damage shown on the tracker. I'm guessing this is how it works). As soon as you eat something you are no longer starving, flip your character card back over. If you starve again, flip your card once more and place the die at the top of the tracker."

      Page 15, typo: " test to sneak them." missing "sneak BY them."

      Page 15, in bold states: "Remember that each monster token on the tile reduces your Stealth by 1." I find it a little weird that it's telling us to "remember" something that is being explained for the first time in the rulebook. I think it should simply read: "Each monster token on the tile reduces your Stealth by 1."

      For some reason, after page 16 there aren't any more page numbers.

      Page 19, typo under RANGE: "affect the space that you pawn currently
      occupies."should read "affect the space that YOUR pawn currently

      I think it should be mentioned in the PLAYING CARDS section that if your deck of cards runs out, you don't reshuffle the discard pile, your character dies instead.

    13. Sunny Neuroshima on

      I would also avoid the use of "D6" unless you're going to give a brief explanation as to its meaning. Never assume the reader is familiar with game terms which you may take for granted. Keep it crystal clear and use "six-sided die", or stick with "D6" but include a sentence or two to explain what it means.

    14. Sunny Neuroshima on

      The rulebook needs a component listing. Very important to include a list of all components with illustrations so we know what the rules are referring to when they reference something. Component listing is also useful for checking we have received everything and nothing is missing.

    15. Vindexus on

      This is one of the most informative KS updates I've ever read, kudos.

    16. Christopher D.

      Inked Gaming would be my preference over the regular vendor.

      I will now ask the 'dumb' question. If you didn't like the way the colors came out, can't Inked Gaming tweak the file/image/printing process to get the printed image more to your liking?

    17. Russonc

      Hummm, I totally missed seeing the Maximum Apocalypse events on my GenCon wishlist... poo...
      Nice update though!

    18. Logus Vile on

      I have an Inked Gaming mat and it is excellent quality. I love it.

    19. Ashraam

      Any chance they can go for a darker contrast on the higher quality mat?

    20. Mike Gnade 6-time creator on

      @Ashraam: That's good to know. Yeah darker works for the theme too.

    21. Ashraam

      For what it's worth: Visually I think the darker mat looks a lot nicer.