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Survivors must explore, sneak, scavenge and kill to survive the apocalypse in this cooperative board game for 1-6 players.
Survivors must explore, sneak, scavenge and kill to survive the apocalypse in this cooperative board game for 1-6 players.
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Behind the Curtain #2 - Only a few hours left

Posted by Mike Gnade (Creator)

WOW! I think I'm still in shock over the past few days, but as promised I will continue to tease what is in the pipeline for Maximum Apocalypse with every $10k that go past the $125k goal. Keep in mind that these teasers will be separate add-ons or expansions down the line and are subject to change drastically.  Hopefully, you enjoy a glimpse into the design process despite the fact that it is an utter tease.

Behind the Curtain Teaser #2: The Ronin

One of the new survivors I'm working on that wasn't quite as far along as the Army Ranger is the female Ronin character class.  She is another tank type of character with a little more range than the fireman and the ability to make herself immune to attacks.  From a design perspective, she's very interesting to play since her innate ability will be to shift her stance between offence/defense (there will be a 2-sided card to indicate which stance you're in) and then all of her equipment and abilities do different things based on the stance that you're in. For example her Kabuto Helmet makes her immune to midrange attacks in the offensive stance but in the defensive stance it increases damage by 2 (she has a lot of counterattacks in defensive stance). 

If you're interested in these teasers, sign-up for our newsletter.  We often send out new PNP content to playtest to our newsletter list. 

Enjoy the final hours and thanks again for an amazing campaign! 

It's almost time to pop that champagne.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Rhys on

      Love the artwork for the Ronin character! Already sold on that expansion.

    2. Jim Silsby Jr on

      Hmmm - Mike, not sure if you're talking about a traditional Kabuto helmet, or the current line of motorcycle helmets. (And yes, I had to look it up.) Either way, I don't think complete immunity to mid-range attacks would be applicable in a "real world" setting. They surely wouldn't stand up to any current firearms with the possible exception of a .22 rimfire - not even Kevlar will do that. Deflect, maybe, so perhaps a defensive bonus is warranted. But beyond that, we're into superhero territory -

    3. Tomas on

      Love the idea of a Ronin type character!!
      Perhaps an evil Shogun / Dragon / Japanese spirit type expansion too???

    4. Missing avatar

      Adil on

      Just wanted to comment how beautiful the artwork in this game is. Congrats on the success!

    5. Mike Gnade 6-time creator on

      She's not - but I'm likely to swap in the Army Ranger for the Gunslinger for the Alpha Test

    6. Stavros Tsiakalos on

      Looks fun!
      Now tell us she'll be in the Alpha Test package you are sending out :P