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Survivors must explore, sneak, scavenge and kill to survive the apocalypse in this cooperative board game for 1-6 players.
Survivors must explore, sneak, scavenge and kill to survive the apocalypse in this cooperative board game for 1-6 players.
3,258 backers pledged $153,086 to help bring this project to life.

All Stretch Goals Unlocked! The first of many THANK YOUs!

Posted by Mike Gnade (Creator)

With over 24 hours left in the campaign, you guys piled into the Van and loaded up for the Apocalypse and picked up a sweet Army Ranger on your way. We have an absolutely perfect version of Maximum Apocalypse without bloat, and with plenty of room for growth in the future. It's all because of you guys and I can't express my gratitude and thanks enough.  

Backers Get the First Expansion for FREESIES!

The Scientist, Community Apocalypse, and Army Ranger are going to get packaged up together in a tuckbox and will make up the first expansion of the game.  It seems lame to call it the Kickstarter Expansion so I'm open to suggestions in the comments below but am thinking something like "Remnants of the Apocalypse" or "Stragglers of the Wasteland".  Thoughts?

So What's Next?

Next we transition to making it all happen. In fact, I've already emailed my manufacturer to get a final quote and lock all the pricing in. 

While we wait those pesky 2 weeks for the funds to get to us from Kickstarter, we will be finishing up a pdf of the rulebook for your feedback and then will finalize the mission cards. The rest of May and June will be spent getting the final art completed and files ready for production.

No more Stretch Goals but perhaps I can offer some peeks behind the curtain...

I don't want to throw in more stretch goals that will delay the project.  As I've always stated, our intention is to get you this game well before May 2018.  For fun I'm willing to unveil some of the characters, scenarios, and new mechanics that we are already working on behind the scenes, with the disclaimer that they are prototypes, not heavily tested, and may change completely if they prove to suck. We're offering a glimpse of a vague and distant possible future.  I'll unveil a new idea/overview for every $10k that we go past the $125k goal. Any takers?

Thanks again! 

- Mike Gnade


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    1. Rhys Mounger

      The Second Apocalypse; Screw the Humans.-Monsters
      The Second Apocalypse; I'm gonna eat your face.-Bug
      The Second Apocalypse; "Oh No! Not Again!"-Alien

    2. Tobias Reinhard on

      Could you please consider to translate the game in other languages as a Stretch goal ??

    3. Simon Beal on

      @Nes I was about to say the exact same thing. The type of apoc should definitely influence the name.

      Bugs - Bug Hunt
      Dinos - Out of Time (Blake Foster's suggestion, I'm giving it a +1)
      Kaiju - From the Deep

    4. Nes Cyril Mercado on

      I think the expansion should be related to whatever apocalypse gets voted . Perhaps something like "Arachnapocalypse...and friends"

    5. Missing avatar

      Eduardo on

      Now what - expansion name.

    6. Missing avatar

      Blake Foster on

      Expansion Names?
      Dinosaurs - Out of Time
      Kaiju - Marianas Dread
      Bugs/Spiders - They're coming outta the walls!

    7. John L Vogt

      For the expansion :
      Plural Maxima

    8. Russonc

      I agree that no more SGs is wise.... Nice to end a campaign with everything reached! Fantastic campaign and looking forward to the final day!

    9. JLo on

      Does the community apocalypse depend on what wins in the PM? If so, that could affect the name:

      Cretaceous Park - Dinosaurs
      Pacific Apoca-Rim - Kaiju
      Arachnophobic - Spiders
      The Monsters Inside Me - Bugs

    10. Missing avatar

      Michael Westberg on

      I can appreciate you not wanting to just cram more stretch-goal content for the sake of it. However, I could think of something reasonably cheap and wouldn't change the gameplay at all: that would be alternative cards for male and female versions of the characters. I like how the Hunter has alternative art and think creating alternatives for the other characters would go a long way in playability.

    11. Never Bored Wes on

      Thank you for not continuing to add Stretch Goals for the sake of Stretch Goals. Great job! Can't wait to see the finished product!

    12. Ashraam

      Expansion name ideas:
      Survivors' Legacy
      Remnants of Humanity
      All that Remains
      The Collapse
      Societal Debris

    13. Brian Bartlett on

      Expansion name idea: Aftershocks of the Apocolypse

      Looking forward to this hitting the table!

    14. René Schultze

      Armies of Armageddon

      And my guesses:

      - Night/Day
      - Environment Cards
      - New Character: The Agent
      - New Character: The Kid

    15. 9thLevel

      I say you call the exansion KICKING THE APOCOLYPSE

    16. Bham on

      *Envoys of Genesis

    17. Bham on

      Congrats on the massively successful campaign, can't wait! How about Envoys Genesis as a possible expansion title?