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Survivors must explore, sneak, scavenge and kill to survive the apocalypse in this cooperative board game for 1-6 players.
Survivors must explore, sneak, scavenge and kill to survive the apocalypse in this cooperative board game for 1-6 players.
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Happy International Tabletop Day! New Stretch Goals

Posted by Mike Gnade (Creator)

Today I demoed the current prototype of the game at Red Caps Corner in Philadelphia for International Tabletop Day (so sorry for the delay with this update). We had quite a few close calls and it was delightful to return and see that we’ve smashed through the $80k stretch goal. I think you all will be very excited about these next stretch goals:


Alternate Hunter Promo Card  

This stretch goal unlocks an alternate art promo for the hunter class. This version of the hunter is a better scavenger than scout. His innate ability is to draw from any scavenge deck (regardless of what tile he’s on).  

Fuel Tokens  

If you’ve played with the most up to date prototype, you may have seen that some cards ammunition spot is represented by a Fuel canister. It’s always seemed silly to put bullet tokens on these cards so by adding fuel tokens, we’ll be able to differentiate the ammo types and you’ll be able to place these on the van tile as you fuel up your getaway car.

New Tile: The Amusement Park  

This abandoned place will call to you with it’s diverse resources, but beware because sticking around will cause you to lose yourself (and your cards) in the fun! 

Community Apocalypse: 

Vote for Dinosaur, Kaiju or Bugs/Arachnids  

This Stretch Goal will unlock a community inspired apocalypse to be included as a Kickstarter Bonus for all backers. It will include approximately 30 cards with monsters, bosses and new missions. If this stretch goal is reached, it will be combined with the Scientist to create the first retail expansion of the game. The important thing is that you will decide which apocalypse is added:  


Here is a general design overview of how these apocalypses will play:  

Dinosaur: Dinosaurs have overrun the world thanks to some genetic missteps. The monster deck will be full of vicious predators and some defensive dinos as well. Raptors will viciously attack your survivors in packs but perhaps that next monster is a mighty Stegosaurus that will swing its tail and kill all the raptors in sight. Obviously we’ll have a T-rex as a boss card.  

Kaiju: Enormous monsters are appearing from deep under the ocean and have decimated our cities and now roam the land as Gods. This scenario will be a little different where the monster card draws build up tension until a mighty Kaiju appears. These guys will have tons of health and be incredibly hard to take down. Think of it sort of like a deck of bosses.  

Bugs/Arachnids: The bugs have infested our world! The basic bug enemies will be a bit squishy but they will trigger additional monster draws so you’ll face large swarms. Arachnids will spin webs that deplete your actions per turn, until you’re nothing but spider food.

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    1. Billy

      Depending on which way the community vote goes, will the other 2 expansions be released at a later date for purchase? �

    2. Mike Waters on

      I want all 3 tbh but if dinosaurs don't win then you'd better let me pay you for 'em later on

    3. Missing avatar

      Elias on

      Having the three will be amazing !

    4. Missing avatar

      Samuel on

      KAIJU KAIJU KAIJU! Most fitting with the apocalyptic theme!

    5. Elizabeth on

      Current results are:

      Bugs 1.9
      Kaiju 2.0
      Dinosaurs 2.1

      Does this mean Bugs are winning? I assume the number is the average ranking position amongst the voters?

    6. Shaun Varsos

      FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PEOPLE, DINOSAURS! I'm really excited for them. If it's not dinosaurs that shattering sound you hear will be my hopes and dreams but no big deal.

    7. Kevin Chang on

      Love the Hunter promo, as I for one think Scavenge is a lot more valuable than Recon.

    8. Brandon Wolf on

      Dinosaurs would be so amazing.

    9. Missing avatar

      T0000000001 on

      Super stretch goal suggestion: $125k, all 3 apocalypses!?!?! :P :D :D

    10. Goodsound on

      After 373 votes we have The following Ranking:
      1.8 Dinosaurs
      1.8 Kaijun
      2.5 Bugs

    11. Missing avatar

      Samuel on

      Kaiju look the most interesting and will DEFINITELY have the best art :D

    12. somonflex

      Let's go bugs !

    13. Markus on

      @Mike: could you give an example what "monster card draws build up tension" means?

      Awesome update btw!!1!

    14. René Schultze

      After my vote we have
      1.8 Dinosaurs
      1.8 Kaijun
      2.5 Bugs

    15. FootCthulhoose on

      I just watched Pacific Rim not two minutes ago, checked the kickstarter updates, and see a potential kaiju apocalypse.

    16. Missing avatar

      'Ronald Gilbert on

      bugs are at 2.5
      dinos and kaiju are at 1.8

    17. David Vasquez

      Please do both Dinosaurs and Kaiju! Please!!! Both are awesome!

    18. Steven Crane

      Here are the results so far!!!! Keep voting!!!


    19. Stavros Tsiakalos on

      Really tough decision there in the vote

    20. Neil Edwards

      Lols. Can't. Resist. I know the feeling ;) Yuuusss!! Let's get those dinos!

    21. Icehawk101 on

      Goddamn it, I had to go from a $1 pledge with a plan to buy during the PM to getting it now.