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Survivors must explore, sneak, scavenge and kill to survive the apocalypse in this cooperative board game for 1-6 players.
Survivors must explore, sneak, scavenge and kill to survive the apocalypse in this cooperative board game for 1-6 players.
Survivors must explore, sneak, scavenge and kill to survive the apocalypse in this cooperative board game for 1-6 players.
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    1. Mike Gnade 4-time creator on

      @seth: you never filled out the pledge manager a requirement to getting a reward. Please contact us directly so we can help you.

    2. Missing avatar

      Seth Sequeira

      I haven’t gotten anything yet. Game, playmat, nothing..

    3. Steve Manser

      Still no playmats despite speaking to Games Quest. Can't believe anyone would risk getting any from the new expansion KS, unless Mike is using someone else. It's ridiculous.

    4. Simon Dunkley

      Just opened my copy to fined several tiles glued together... they are ruined :( anyone had success with replacements.

    5. Chris McDermott

      Opened a ticket with GamesQuest 7 days ago and no response yet.

    6. Missing avatar

      Mark Roberts on

      Stil nothing for me on the playmat :-(, GamesQuest are attrocious.

    7. René Schultze

      Got the tracking mail for my playmat! :)

    8. Jose Enrique Deza

      Yesterday i got the base game and couldn't be more thrilled about it! I might be able to pull it up for game night today! My only concern, is the drawings of the bullets, I know some might find it "funny" but I prefer to replace those.

      Now regarding this campaign, so excited! currently at 1$ pledge level but will update that as soon as my budget allows it. I agree with most, if possible, to include more map tiles and more mission cards would be awesome.

      Also Mike, could you please provide a sneak preview on more content of this deluxe expansion and the Dino expansion...

      PS. Congrats on another great success (will beat MA base campaign in a little while!).

    9. René Schultze

      Good to hear. But nothing for me yet.

    10. Olly - Please Expect KS Delays.

      @ mike. Yes!!!! - my missing Maximum Apocalypse playmats (UK) have finally arrived.

      All is good, I’m finally gonna break the seal in the Max Apocalypse box this weekend.

    11. Flo1983 on

      Finally i got my mat.... After nearly 3 month.... Juhu.....

    12. René Schultze

      I agree ;)

    13. Missing avatar


      I'm sorry, I haven't read through all the comments, but we do all agree that the ammo tokens have penises on them right?

    14. Flo1983 on

      No still nothing recieved yet

    15. Chris McDermott

      Thanks René. I'd forgotten I ordered one until I read some of the comments here.

    16. René Schultze

      Nope, no mats, no information from GQ...

    17. Chris McDermott

      What's the situation with the mats? Has anyone received them yet?

    18. René Schultze

      @Joe: Someone else‘s to her

    19. Missing avatar

      Joe Moran on

      For the Mechanic's Read the Manual card, does she equip her gear to someone else, or someone else's gear to her? Ambiguously worded to me.

    20. Kevin Webber

      The ammo tokens are a little... phallic looking lol

    21. aasjoa on

      Still no playmat

    22. René Schultze

      I will not order Playmats but I already pledged for the expansion :)

    23. Missing avatar

      Mark Wheatley on

      Still no playmats for me. Still no reply from GamesQuest despite four separate emails. Sigh. I'd quite like to back the Gothic Horrors expansion but no way am I even looking at that until I get the first Kickstarter delivered in full. Very disappointing from GQ.

    24. Steve Manser

      Weeks later. Yet neither of my 2 mats have arrived. Games Quest have single handedly soured this otherwise excellent Kickstarter campaign. Really hope we can get stuff sorted. They weren't exactly cheap either!

    25. Ian Fenn on

      Giancarlo just reviewed MA, if anyone’s interested:

      7.5/10. A bit lower than what I would have given, but hey...

    26. Olly - Please Expect KS Delays.

      @all - update. yesss... a play mat arrived today, @ Mike - The mat looks great, I cant wait to open the full game now. Though a slight snag. There should have been two play mats. ..... I'll raise yet another ticket.

    27. René Schultze

      @Bálint: Good idea, perhaps I should give it a try.

    28. Bálint Péter on

      I got my game after 2 month delay(yaaay) on my old address,luckily mom get it. based on pictures no damage, but I will see when I go home next weekend.

      My tactic was that I harassed GQ heavily on fb chat, and they were more responsive there than on their stupid ticket system.

    29. Flo1983 on

      Same here..... Still no mat....

    30. René Schultze

      I have to say that the quality of Games Quest is really lacking. I wrote them weeks ago and received this mail:

      Thank you for contacting us regarding Maximum Apocalypse.

      If you have already received your game but not your playmat then please do not worry - this is being shipped to you separately due to its awkward size and the shape.

      Having spoken to our fulfilment team I understand that the playmats are due to be shipped within the next week, so you should receive yours very soon. Once it has been dispatched from our UK warehouse you will be sent a shipping notification email, which will include a delivery estimate and any available tracking information for this.

      Please let us know if you have any further queries concerning your order and we will be more than happy to help!

      Kind regards,

      But I haven’t received the mat yet. Still missing. I would be glad if Mike could intervene with them and kindly remind them to fulfill their service.

    31. Olly - Please Expect KS Delays.

      @ All - Ok. Interesting news receive, did I (yoda?) I got an email from Gamesquest, saying it was my fault for the delay in the missing mats. Not sure if that is BS or not. But here is what they said.

      Every time I raised an email it generate a new ticket, thus my query kept moving down the pile, whilst the newer queries got sorted. So they recommended that refrain from emailing once I had raised the original ticket. Although that was over 4 weeks ago. So I find that hard to believe.

      anyway, Gamesquest advised me to raise one query in future rather than keep chasing it.

      Anyone else got / had a similar experience?

    32. Olly - Please Expect KS Delays.

      Still waiting for my playmats from gamesquest. No chance for a while now, as 7th continent and a couple of other huge games have arrived at gamesquest for distribution. Poor service.

    33. Sunny Neuroshima on

      Can't believe people are still waiting for play mats. Appalling service from GamesQuest.

    34. Missing avatar

      Hugh Newton on

      I am still waiting for the missing playmat. I guess this issue is not going to be resolved any time soon.

    35. Missing avatar

      Rich Bouselli on

      @Joe each monster has three scenarios plus the tutorial.

      Should be 13.

    36. Missing avatar

      Joe Costello on

      Hi. I just noticed the rulebook contents says the game comes with 13 Mission Cards, but mine only came with 12 (0-11). Am I missing one or is the rulebook wrong?

    37. Missing avatar

      Neal Carter on

      I know i'm very late in asking this, but where are the final PnP files? Thanks.

    38. Flo1983 on

      @Balint..... thx are missing your game...thats worse than the playmat.....did GQ never reply to your ticket? But i am sure the day will come you finally get it....and its worth the wait :)
      My ticket for the playmat is now open for nearly 40 days without reply.......but that happened to me with Vampire Hunters, Green Horde and Rising sun (all delivered by GQ)......and after 2 month of emails and tickets and horror thoughts.....they finally arrived......but the Playmat was my FISRT and ONLY still open issue with Gamesquest........

    39. Missing avatar

      Mark Roberts on

      I received an email 9 days ago stating ticket had been opened, and would be viewed by a support rep asap, but due to an unusual large volume of queries and staff problems I should have a response in 13 working days, so hopefully I should hear something around end of next week.

    40. Missing avatar

      Adrian D. on

      Anyone had any luck with gamesquest replying to missing mat tickets? My ticket was opened 13 days ago and still no update even though their SLA is supposedly 7

    41. Bálint Péter on

      @Flo1983 Dont worry mate,for me the whole game is missing(without gamemat).

    42. Olly - Please Expect KS Delays.

      Who is the EU Hub for gothic? Please tell me you have switched from Gamesquest

    43. Missing avatar

      Rich Bouselli on

      It’s a misprint. Substitute one with medical supplies.

    44. Pai

      @Mike / Anyone

      I notice that in 4.scenario.

      The set up said total of antidote is 6 but the cards have only

      No card is missing total counting is 60 scavenging card.

      Do I got one swap card or i got misprint ?

    45. Andy Quiles on

      Well im sold on the new KS already. The more expansions the better! I would love to see a werewolf boss and some additional content for the current expansions too (maybe another kaiju/robot :)...

    46. Ryan Miller on

      @Mike Sir, you already have my money. I just read through every bit of the new campaign and I am so excited. I absolutely love this game. The day and night cycle I think is a fantastic idea. And both of the new monster decks look amazing as well as dinosaurs, which I voted for in the last campaign. Overall I can’t wait for this game. I will probably pick up the playmate this time as well. I’m excited for all the stretch goals to come!

    47. Missing avatar

      Hendrick on

      That looks incredible.

      Looking forward to it!

    48. JusticeBolt on

      @Mike Gnade: can you show us the kickstarter preview link for the future expansion Gothic Horrors? You posted a link on but it only send us on the kickstarter main page...

      Thanks! And can’t wait to back that expansion later this month!

    49. Flo1983 on

      still no gamemats....ticket open now for 34 days without reply from GQ.......

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