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Survivors must explore, scavenge and kill to survive this deluxe expansion featuring New Character Classes and monsters!
Survivors must explore, scavenge and kill to survive this deluxe expansion featuring New Character Classes and monsters!
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Fulfillment is complete!

Posted by Mike Gnade (Creator)

As of February 04, 2019 Ship Naked has successfully picked, packed, and shipped all reward packages for Maximum Apocalypse: Gothic Horrors Expansion.

They send a shipping notification email for each package when it goes through their local processing facility. If it’s been a few days since this update and you have not seen your notification email, please check your spam folder. 

Ship Naked has sent me a full report of all packages shipped so I can see the tracking and shipment status for everything.


In short, if you have a problem with your rewards, please contact us directly here on Kickstarter.  If you need replacement parts use the form on our website:

If you did not fill out the Pledge Manager to provide us with an address and pay for shipping, rewards were not shipped out to you.  Please read our terms and conditions on our Kickstarter page before contacting us. 

If you did not receive a shipping notification yet, you absolutely should message us!  A few backers surveys were completed but left in an unlocked/incomplete state so they were not batched/exported by Ship Naked.  When you contact us, please include and confirm your address so that we can get these processed for you quickly.

If you receive your package and any rewards/products are missing or damaged, please message us through Kickstarter.  If components are missing from any rewards/products, use the form on our website. 


We've compiled some frequently asked questions from those of you who have received the game.  You can visit to see a list of all the cards as well.

So the laser drones were included just to remove the old passive ability? Why do I have copies of Laser Drones in Gothic Horrors?

Laser drones had redundant text so we provided new ones since we fixed this in the reprint.  We included them in Gothic Horrors because only backers from the first Kickstarter would have been affected so this was a way to ensure they got the corrected cards.  If you're a rookie completionist and got the reprint of the core game, you already had fixed laser drones - so you can dispose of the extras.

Not sure why the antidote was included? I don't see any typos that require 6 antidotes.

The extra Antidote was included to fix the misprint on missions 4-6 of the original core game where the antidote count was wrong.  Again this was fixed in the reprint.

How does Rapture work? Use the H deck? 

Rapture is H for Hell/Horsemen so yes you use the H deck.

I'm not sure I have the right number of cards? What are the "45 Stretch Goal Cards"?

Check the card list on BGG:

When would you use the Gremlins/Clowns? Why do they have a *? (Also the crazed fireman from the previous game?)

Gremlins/Clowns/Crazed Fireman are promo cards and can be used as you see fit. You can mix them into a monster deck or create your own missions.  Remember this great site?

Are the new empty handed cards and the single extra ambush just to increase difficulty if wanted?

Yes the new empty handed - starve out the location so they are more difficult. I'm not sure if any missions use the extra ambush but it is there if you find the game too easy.

What are the gas station and jungle dividers for?

Extra dividers for you to use however you see fit. Here is a Pro Tip that I don't think a lot of gamers realize:  If you pick an apocalypse and play through all of those missions, you DON'T need to sort/find the tiles and scavenge cards because they are the same for each apocalypse.  I use these extra dividers to "save" my scavenge decks and tiles when I'm playing through a sequence of missions.

What's the giant robot mech standee for?

If you were in the mech and wanted to use the mech standee to represent you were in the mech you could use it.  We had extra space on a punchboard and thought it would be fun to include.

As always if you have any rules questions, please visit BGG and search the forums and ask your questions there.

Leave us a Review

If you're playing and enjoying Gothic Horrors, please stop by BGG and leave us a review! We would really appreciate it.  Having a decent BGG rating really helps the longevity of a game over time.  So far it seems like Gothic Horrors is trending higher than the original game which is great! Happy to see we have addresses some of the problems with the original game.  

Future Projects

Miniatures for every survivor class
Miniatures for every survivor class

We are working on a Miniatures campaign and took the time to design a miniature for every survivor class thus far.  It will feature an epic box that fits everything released thus far and has room for the next expansion as well. This campaign will happen in 2019, but the next expansion is further away...

Left to Right: Chef, Driver, Thief
Left to Right: Chef, Driver, Thief

The next expansion will be standalone game for 1-4 players so slightly less characters but a lot of new map tiles, new apocalypses and new mechanics.  We are already playtesting the new classes. It will eventually get a subtitle, but I can say that this one will be a lot more realistic and grounded in its themes. This expansion is the final one I have planned and will wrap up the trilogy.  Don't fret though, I've been working on a secret spiritual SciFI successor - really really excited about it but it's so early I'm hesitant to talk too much about it. We are still very much developing all of this stuff and have a lot of artwork left to do though so take all of this with a grain of salt. I never know whether teasing these things this early is a good or bad thing... hopefully you all do as well, but if not it's what I'm actively working on and excited about.  I'm totally Tom Holland spoiling stuff but luckily I don't have Marvel to yell at me.

Thanks again for supporting Rock Manor Games and making this stuff possible!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Boyss on

      @Hank Przybylowicz : Blank because you can't sneak when monster attach to you as normal.

    2. Hank Przybylowicz

      Okay, the Drone Cards are for the core game. So which ones should I be using? The ones with the printing on them telling me I can't sneak, or the blank ones?

    3. Missing avatar

      ManicJest on

      'Thief' feels a bit fantasy-game-esque, and I'm not complaining.

      Because the mechanics are solid, this game could play well with any theme, so a re-skin to a dark fantasy theme could actually be pretty neat. Actually, now that I think about it, a fantasy-themed expansion would be awesome. I know it's not in the plans, but consider it, Mike! :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      I'm conflicted. On the one hand, I love having the minis. On the other, one of this game's strongest selling points has been the absolutely baller artwork, even on the character standees.

      And a third expansion? Why, yes please. Do you know if it will be a big box like the Gothic Horrors expansion, or a smaller box like the Jurassic Perils box?

    5. Christi Kropf

      What a great update, Mike!! Super excited for everything announced and teased!!

    6. Christi Kropf

      @Stavros That same thing happened to me too. I contacted Mike who contacted ShipNaked a mine is finally hopefully going to arrive soon.

    7. Missing avatar

      ManicJest on

      I hope 'fits everything' includes all SLEEVED cards!

    8. Stavros Tsiakalos on

      I got a notification a month ago (8th January). Still waiting for the package :/

    9. Missing avatar

      Paul Lippincott on

      Ooooo minis! I'm totally in for that.

      Just out of curiosity, will there be minis for each version of the survivor class (for example, a male and female Surgeon?

    10. Armaan Khan on

      I'm still holding out hope a fairy apocalypse is coming, especially since bugs are coming too. Will the big box KS have new apocalypses as well, or will bugs be a different KS? Or is it too soon to be asking these kinds of questions! :D

    11. Missing avatar

      Vincent-Michel Aubé on

      great !
      wish u good luck with all your future projects !
      i plan to b part of extension so i'll follow you !!
      just a question : i already fullfill a form to claim a mossing part, but never receive any news from this yet...
      do we suppose to receive a receipt or something about claim ? or its the "no news good news" philosophy ? thanks and congratulation again

    12. The Fish on

      I'm definitely looking forward to literally everything on here. Super excited to hear more about the SciFi game in the future!

    13. Dylan Baldanza

      @Mike oh good, whew. Too many good IPs have contracted with a less than delivering company I am still waiting on multiple deliveries from. So, just checking that it wasn't them. Looking forward to backing that too!

    14. Mike Gnade 5-time creator on

      @Dan - isn't the OG Veteran already sort of the hobo? jk love it!

    15. Missing avatar

      Dan Synge on

      Great work on this expansion. My kids have made their own Player cards with their own 30 card decks. We now can play ‘The Gardener’, ‘The Twins’ and ‘The Hobo’. They work surprisingly well. All credit to Mike for a solid game structure that can support this kind of modding. Looking forward to seeing your new projects.

    16. Mike Gnade 5-time creator on

      @Jason: Yes Bugs are coming
      @Cory: Yes everything is going to be compatible with the next Maximum Expansion. The expansion itself will not require the original maximum apocalypse to play (ie it will have its own tiles and scavenge decks).

    17. Varghund

      Now I want a superhero version of Maximum Apocalypse... Or an expansion. Take my money!

    18. Simon Gill on

      Have had great fun with the new stuff, although nowhere near playing all the way through.

      When you do the last expansion, will there be a big box option that can fit everything in? Or at least an option to get an extra large empty box?

      It's already a bit of a squeeze and I haven't sleeved up everything yet :(

    19. Cory Kneeland on

      Stand alone eh? Interest - although I am curious. Will the tiles and characters be compatible with the base game?

    20. Jason Cisneros on

      Will we finally be getting a Giant Bugs scenario with this next one?

    21. Mike Gnade 5-time creator on

      @Dylan - we are working with Firescale on the minis (I met Patrick at a PAX years ago when he was showing off his game Mech Deck).

    22. Dylan Baldanza

      Do you have a business partner in mind for the minis? Or doing your own design and printing of them entirely?