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Survivors must explore, scavenge and kill to survive this deluxe expansion featuring New Character Classes and monsters!
Survivors must explore, scavenge and kill to survive this deluxe expansion featuring New Character Classes and monsters!
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Fulfillment is complete...except for Australia

Posted by Mike Gnade (Creator)

Most of you should have your games or at least been notified about your shipment.  I had a call with Ship Naked on Friday and they have told me that fulfillment is complete for North America, Asia and the EU... sorry Aussies!  We reached out to the AU Depot (Aetherworks) and they have given us an ETA of January 28th. Apparently we were behind a few other Kickstarters down under: Anyways to recap:

  • USA/CA - Completed
  • EU - Completed
  • Asia - Completed
  • AU - ETA 1/28/19

Issues with your Order

If you have an issue with your order or are missing a product (i.e. you got Gothic Horrors but are missing a playmat), please contact Ship Naked at  If they messed up the order, they'll fix it.

Replacement Parts

We have received replacement parts for all things Maximum Apocalypse last week and have already sent out some pieces.  If you need replacement parts, please complete the replacement parts request form on our website:

Future Projects 

We're working on a ton of stuff here at Rock Manor Games! I'm excited and thankful to be collaborating with so many other talented designers and people while still working on my own designs.  If you missed out on the Set a Watch Kickstarter, you can now preorder the English version from our website.  I thought it would be nice to visually show everything that is active in our pipeline.  Keep in mind that we don't take games to Kickstarter until we believe they are ready (so that we can deliver them on time or faster) so this is more of a snapshot of what we're working on then a release schedule. 

That's it for now.  Thanks so much for backing and supporting our projects!  My wife would literally make me get a 'real job' if it wasn't for you all.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      Oooh, I'm intrigued by Lawyer Up. Sounds different. Is there a place I might see more, please?

    2. Hol on

      Response received ;D many thanks.

    3. Hol on

      Hi, I didn't receive the dividers and I wrote through the contact form days ago; I figure it out everything is OK and may be the dividers are now travelling :D, but I didn't receive any response on my mail so I wanted to be sure. It's all OK?

    4. Missing avatar

      Brendan Carroll on

      Checked everything over last night, all present and correct. Box insert was a little tight due to folding, but sorted that no problem. May try to modify the inserts so I can get all of the cards into one box. I haven't tried the thicker standees in the plastic stands, but I can see that they're not going to fit as well as the originals. Is there any resolution coming for this? Thanks though, looking forward to giving the game a try!

    5. Missing avatar

      Henry Bergemann on

      Hello, when i go to
      and try to open the Maximum Apocalypse Site, i get an Error, i cant open it via different PC and Mobile and different Browser, is there a Support Side ?, Please Help.

      The Tidal Blades Projekt is able to open, just the Problem with MA:GHE

    6. Bahzeal on

      Haven't received notification nor my game in Singapore

    7. Stavros Tsiakalos on

      Mike said it will be stand alone, so it will have to be similar size to the base game.

    8. Missing avatar

      ManicJest on

      Will Maximum NEXT be an expansion of similar size as Gothic Horrors or a size of Jurassic Perils?

    9. Mike Gnade 5-time creator on

      For those of you that didn't receive a shipment notification in North America or the EU, please do the following:
      1. Login to the pledge manager and verify that your order is in a completed state (there may even be fulfillment info uploaded here):
      2. If your project was incomplete or if you have shipping left unpaid, please contact us ASAP. We will give you a coupon that will give you credit equal to your pledge in our web store. You will need to pay the difference/shipping.
      3. Remember to add all of the products that you want in your order. This is not grouped together by pledge.
      4. Finally, read our terms and conditions and remember that quantities of these Kickstarter rewards are limited and subject to availability. You are responsible for providing your address and paying for shipping to get your reward.

    10. BrotherJ

      I am in US, did not receive notification for tracking number yet, who shall I contact? This applies to me as well.

    11. Missing avatar


      I am in US, did not receive notification for tracking number yet, who shall i contact?

    12. Super Sloth on

      Actually I didn't receive the game nor the notification. I'm in the EU, I am the only one?

    13. Missing avatar


      Ok I really need to buy some play mats for this bad ass game

    14. Dylan Baldanza

      Not only is it complete, the components are fantastic, the extra box holds everything perfectly when combined with box 1, and a dry run of a vampire fight with all new classes only showed a solid balance of survivor types, and a really great addition to the game.

      Everything I hoped and more, cheers on a great sequel.

    15. jcollier1117 on

      Super Excited about the New MA stuff! Any news on when we might see The Few and The Cursed KS?

    16. Seb_Amiens

      Maximum NEXT!!!! Great!!! My 15 y/o son and I are enjoying very much your game. Give us some more! Yeah!!!!!!

    17. Courtaut Christophe on

      It seems that i might have messed up something, i just realized i did not even receive my shipment notice, who should i contact to solve any issues i might have?

      Bests and many thanks!

    18. Mike Gnade 5-time creator on

      @Tim - My guess is that for Denmark it came from the Germany/EU depot - I would not take too much stock in their timeframe for delivery

      @Kar: Maximum RPG is a traditional RPG - we are trying to offer something that is more approachable (think Kids on Bikes) while still offering some meat with streamlined combat etc.

      Maximum NEXT is the next expansion. It will have a subtitle eventually and will include the bugs. It will be a standalone expansion. That's about all that's definitive at the moment.

    19. kar on

      Are maximum RPG and maximum next, new expansions for Maximum Apocalypse? Were are my giant bugs? Also, where can we send you idea's for the next expansions for MA? I've got some.

    20. Powerplant Games on

      Maximum NEXT sounds interesting :)

    21. Tim Elk Hedegaard on

      I have received an notification for shipment but it has not been delivered yet. Can you confirm that the packages Are sendt from the us? In the mail it said 3-4 weeks delivery (Denmark)