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Survivors must explore, scavenge and kill to survive this deluxe expansion featuring New Character Classes and monsters!
Survivors must explore, scavenge and kill to survive this deluxe expansion featuring New Character Classes and monsters!
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Last 24 Hours! Are you ready for a New Batch?

Posted by Mike Gnade (Creator)

I want to start off by saying thank you to all our backers on making this a phenomenal campaign.  Your support really means everything to a small indie publisher.  I'm not sure what's possible in the final 24 hours, but I do have 1 final Stretch Goal to reveal:

This final stretch goal is a stroll down memory lane for me to one of my favorite all time horror/comedy B movies.  This minimum apocalypse will feature a bunch of nefarious Gremlins and perhaps a new companion to help you thwart them?  I think you get it.

To help us hit these new stretch goals....  

Please take a spot of time to shout out to your social network(s) that we are on our final day and to not miss out on this great game. Please Share the project and visit the Kicktraq page and click visit project.  Feel free to engage / thumbs up this BGG thread as well.

If you want to share/retweet some social posts, here you go:

Where are the Bugs?

Many astute backers have commented about the Bugpocalypse making an appearance since it was a potential community vote from the last campaign.  Unfortunately, the bugs are not going to show up this time.  I'm not going to get into all the reasons why they're on hold but it's mainly because they're not quite ready.  Rest assured I am working on them and the arachnids have not been forgotten.

Thank you all for your continued support! I am very grateful for the confidence and love you all show.

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    1. Missing avatar

      TreeMunky on

      Hahahaha refresh *goes up* refresh *goes up* refresh *nearly there*

    2. Corey Chaves on

      @Sharkey "Soldier character"... You do realize there's already an Army Ranger, right?

    3. Chris M on

      @Ian Fenn - I share your caution.

      The original tales of gremlins (still less than 100 years old) may be non-copyright but elements like getting wet and feeding after midnight, not to mention a certain type of visual depiction, are still owned by a company with a legal department.

      By way of comparison, Baum’s Wizard of Oz books are now in the public domain, but try using ruby slippers in a game and see how fast that same department contacts you.

    4. Peter "Dia Fir" Andersson

      Gizmo... Kakka!!!

    5. Marco on

      What Sharkey says. And Gremlins are kind of folklore. Not sure if Warner "owns" them ...

    6. Drakonvirus on

      @Mike Just awesome. Your the best! So exited about those Stretch Goals.

    7. Sharkey on

      Pretty sure the Gremlin pic is just a stand in for now and won’t 100% rip from the movie.

    8. Ian Fenn

      I don't want to be 'that guy', but I don't want to see you get sued by Warner Brothers, either...

      Just playing devil's advocate... but I'm hoping that you ran this through a legal-type person. This looks pretty spot-on with the film, and shares the name... My gut tells me that this is too close to be protected as parody. :/

    9. Gavin Robinson

      Gremlins! I was hoping for Tremors! Now that would be truly terrifying.

    10. Missing avatar

      Josh Cederna on

      I love the Gremlins SG. Sounds awesome!

    11. Carsten_de_1981 on

      Cool idea

      Was still hoping for an alternate character bundle (Ronin, Priest, Adventurer, Army Ranger & Scientist required to complete the set).

      Maybe with the bugs or standalone as add on later during PM?
      Or an end campaign gift as there were no social SG. *dreaming

    12. Omar Little

      WTF! OMG! I think I even prefer this one over the bugs! This one could be amazing if done well! :-) Thanks Mike.

    13. Andy Quiles on

      @Mike I don't think any of us saw this one coming, but damn if this isn't amazing. Awesome!

    14. Captain_Kiwii on

      I need the gremlins so much ahah

    15. Nicholas Trafananko

      You could combine all the micro into one full deck called nightmare fuel apocalypse

    16. Icehawk101 on

      Gremlins must happen!

    17. Marco on

      Oh Mah Gurrd that is the Best Apocalypse EvA!!! lol

    18. NingaubleOTSE

      "Minimum Apocalypse" ... Love that!

    19. Marco on

      Oh my god, a gremlins apocalypse so deserves it's own expansion-spin off-whatever campaign! It's my favorite apocalypse, and damn you, Billy Peltzer, for thwarting it twice!
      Still would like a mini-gremlins-apocalypse though ... :D

    20. Russonc

      Gremlins... we need more water tiles and late night snacks!

    21. Christi Kropf

      Yay! We got our first horror/comedy B movies apocalypse. May many more come where that one came from. So many options!

    22. Sharkey on

      Haha, awesome! Hopefully Bugs show up in the Legendary Box campaign, along with a Soldier character! ;D

    23. Jason Cisneros on

      Gremlins?! DUDE!!!!!! That would be awesome!! And Critters!!!