Maximum Apocalypse: Gothic Horrors Expansion

by Mike Gnade

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    1. kar on

      Stop teasing us stretch goals we will never have :(

    2. Andy Quiles on

      That clown is too terrifying and too cool! Love this game, and super excited to play the expansions!

    3. Carsten_de_1981 on

      Please - add the other gender for all remaining characters as a social SG.

    4. Helen

      Oh man, I want that Clown Apocalypse so bad...

    5. Cruel on

      Where are those arachnids ?

    6. Goodsound on

      One of my favorite SGs so far, but last in the queue...

    7. Vincent on

      Can't we swap the bullet tokens with the scavenge relics? :)

    8. Hol on

      I`m glad with the new SG but I feel it's kind of a pity not to use them with the first apocalypses (where the scavenge deck is closed on the mission cards). Maybe could be some rules to include the relic set on any mission? Maybe replacing standard scavenge cards, or maybe adding positive effects but also negative so you could add to every mission without unbalancing it?

      About the SGs I truly believe there are cool 230K and 240K SGs and also an amazing bugpocalypse waiting for us on the 250K, but I also think this time it's gonna be really hard to reach the 250K. It's not a noob lament :D I know how the flow of the campaigns works but this time... 250k are gonna be a hard goal. But we'll try!!

    9. Russonc

      Nice update! Looking forward to an exciting final 48 hours

    10. Missing avatar

      Doug Cerulli on

      Love the clown artwork! This is gonna be so cool! Thanks.