Maximum Apocalypse: Gothic Horrors Expansion

by Mike Gnade

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    1. Sharkey on

      Haha, nice I saw this come up in the BGG forum, now it’s official! XD

    2. Stavros Tsiakalos on

      Hehe, my No Scavenge tokens will become obsolete :)

    3. Pierre G.

      NIce idea :)
      still a bit sad that the 200.000 sg was not a big thing like a new apo or a new character but glad it is a good idea.
      Maybe the last big Sg wil be for 250.000

    4. Peter Hofland on

      Tbh I still need to find time to play my first game but I'm glad to see the Scavenge option added. I can now switch difficulty between playing family friendly or go for the more hard core version with game friends.

    5. Cyril Giraud on

      No longer allowing the search of a tile is really a great idea. Thanks Mike

    6. Missing avatar

      Jean-Michel Leblanc

      Yeah, I'm happy to see some of the ideas from bgg sneak in the game :D

    7. Thomas Pape on

      Out of interest what was the rules swap on scavenging? Must have missed that one.

    8. Frank Sultana on

      I really like the new scavenge card idea and the blocking of the scavenge tile - great idea!

    9. Sharkey on

      Can only scavenge on the same tile once per turn.

    10. Goodsound on

      I never had the „scavenge is too easy“ problem and consider it absurd to take countermeasures to a overly constructed issue.