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Survivors must explore, scavenge and kill to survive this deluxe expansion featuring New Character Classes and monsters!
Survivors must explore, scavenge and kill to survive this deluxe expansion featuring New Character Classes and monsters!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Luke Jacobs on

      I'm excited about the allies expansion.

    2. vaanguard on

      @Creator: I see Gothic Horrors includes the standee for the alt-Gunslinger. Is it safe to assume the artwork is based on the gunslinger from Few & Cursed? Is it possible for you to post a pic of the standee? Thanks.

    3. Kellen Walsh

      Oops, clearly meant when I missed the original MA campaign, not this one. I knew I'd have a typo in there...

    4. Kellen Walsh

      Concur with the other comments on just about everything. 1) All or none on the minis because I would go crazy not having matching components as well. 2) Also only if the big box could fit the minis plus sleeved cards between the core and big box (but tough call because the small form factor is nice...but I would like bigger box to fit all my sleeved cards at least so smiled when I read that). 3) When I read the update I was thinking how I actually really like the standees because of the great artwork and see I'm far from alone on that. 4) I would prefer token upgrades for the non-wooden components as I saw others mentioned, takes up less space than minis while improving aesthetics. 5) What's this"Legendary Box" you speak of??? 6) Mike thank you for making such a great game and being so responsive to your community. I was sad I didn't see this on KS and picked it up at retail after reading about it. It had a misprinted card, you emailed me back within hours and shipped me one right away. I was so impressed you gained my future support before I even played the game.

      Sorry if typos, writing from phone...

    5. Sharkey on

      Agreed, I'll fully support a future campaign that includes the full range of Hero minis, large box, and maybe even some more expansions you come up with! =D

    6. Mike Gnade 6-time creator on

      @Ru: well said. I think saving minis for the legendary box Kickstarter may be the best route.

    7. Ru Simmons on

      My 2 cents regarding minis-- Neat idea, but unless all of the heroes are represented, I'm simply not interested. I'm very much into uniformity with components, and it would drive me nuts to have some heroes in mini form, while others are relegated to standees.
      Additionally, to echo other comments here, the inclusion of 3D components will bloat the game's shelf presence pretty adversely. Even a handful of minis require a substantial storage area in a game box, which in a more compact game like this is going to be rather noticeable.
      That said, I'm a sucker for minis, and if you DO manage to find a way to offer a full set of hero minis for a reasonable price (and some sort of storage solution like a 'big box'), I'm on board. Perhaps include it in a future project, so that you don't get overwhelmed by an (honestly) unnecessary addition that is undoubtedly going to prove to be a lot of extra work for you.

    8. Sharkey on

      I've gone ahead and made a BGG poll to gauge interest in the minis, hope this helps you!

    9. Sharkey on

      I'd be down to support a KS campaign for the big box and ALL hero miniatures then!

    10. Mike Gnade 6-time creator on

      @Monttu: Yep that's definitely a possibility.

    11. Mr.Monttu

      @ Mike: Yeah that sounds about right. You could even consider doing kickstarter campaign just for the miniatures + big box in the future.

    12. Mike Gnade 6-time creator on

      I agree the standees are rad! Obviously the minis are completely superfluous but I know lots of gamers love them. However based on many of the sentiments about wanting all the characters (even the alt promo characters which adds a huge expense), I may have to poll this particular option out before I commit to it 100%. Still waiting on some info from the manufacturer too...

    13. Mr.Monttu

      I don't think I would buy the minis. Other stuff eats the budget + the current standees are pretty rad imo...And, Yay for the few and cursed shout out! ;)

    14. Missing avatar

      Doug Cerulli on

      Mike, you really took me by surprise with this update! Thank you for putting your heart and soul into this game. I can tell it is a real labor of love for you. In general, I love minis and often dislike standees (sorry Dead of Winter fans), but the "compactness" of this game seems to lend itself to the standees and I have grown to enjoy them. However with that said, if you offer minis I will gladly order them, but agree with those who would like to see all hero class characters represented - though I wouldn't necessarily need them to have their separate genders. I would love to see upgraded tokens for hit points, poison, etc. Very excited about the solo mode update! Thank you and keep up the great work!

    15. Missing avatar

      Smithers on

      I'm with @Michael Palmer, on all topics.

      Minis aren't necessary but I too will throw in for them to show support for this excellent game. But it really does have to be all or nothing and that alone could lead to all kinds of costs and complications especially if there are any future expansions. Minis are often the cause for significant delays. Then there will be the whole quality issue (there will always be someone not satisfied). I don't know your experience with minis or if you have guidance from someone who does have experience, but I sincerely advise caution if you follow this path.

    16. Brian Lewis on

      Yes you definitely need to include all the minis, including alternative genders like Red (daughter will only play with her!).

    17. Armaan Khan on

      Minis are cool and there was a time when I'd prefer them over standees, but that time has passed so I'm skipping on them. Now I'm standees and 2d art all the way. I know a lot of people want them, though, so hopefully you get a lot of orders! Love the idea of solo mode allies and the mashup missions! definitely would add more variety and excitement to the games. Question, though: are the different monster card decks marked in some way so we can separate them out once we're done playing?

    18. Russonc

      Nice update, I'm "mini'd" out for now and am happy playing this with the standees. Nice to offer them though for those that really want them.
      @Paul, the original box isn't all that big, so the "big box" really isn't a bad thing (and the slightly deeper is nice).

    19. Petter Ruenes Jensen on

      I will have a hard time buying the minis if its not for all characters, as I am quite happy with just the standees. Big box is welcome, especially making it deeper so the dividers fit perfectly.

    20. Adam B on

      Yep, put me down for some miniatures too. They look awesome.

    21. Missing avatar

      Graham Pates on

      Definitely want the miniatures, and $20 seems pretty good price!

    22. Jason Donnell on

      I was actually gonna comment that you should add minis to this game and you did it before I could say it! Amazing!! I’m so excited to get these! I feel miniatures always bring games to life and to me they make them more fun. Plus I like painting them.

    23. Michael Palmer

      I honestly think minis aren't needed for this game. Having said that I'm gonna get them if you make em, added the $20.

      On the "controversial" Rapture stuff, I'm 100% fine with offending main stream religious peoples. I'm also cool with you not doing it since you know how to approach it and it's better to be cautious, business wise.

      You're killin it with this expansion, updating core mechanics and improving. Great work!

    24. Donfito on

      I like the Idea of the minis, but not just 6, make all the characters and it would be more atractive to pledge.

    25. Paul Molloy on

      Unless I've missed something, a bigger box is just going to result in a ton of wasted space and I'd rather have the small one. I've got no space on my game shelves as it is

    26. Carsten_de_1981 on

      I like the idea of miniatures - nice for atmosphere surely. But there would have to be one for each character. Including promos.
      And they'd have to be at a reasonable price.

      For now I'll pass.

      And although I understand the financial pressure - the price performance for the add on compared to the core box of the first Kickstarter with Kaiju as a free add on is a little disappointing at the moment. And seeing that the SG gaps get larger and larger I doubt that we'll make the add-on (which comes at 39$ too if you include Jurassic perils) match the core.

      Still a great game. And sure worth the price. You have just pampered us too much on the KS for the core... ;)

    27. Danny Shafer

      The miniatures look great. Looking forward to the new solo mode. I like everything about this campaign.

    28. Missing avatar

      Scott on

      Wow Mike. What an update. You are taking what feedback we are giving and doing wonders with it. I like the minis idea. Will definitely be keeping my eyes on that one.👌

    29. Harald. on

      I don't want the mini's because I'd like to have 'm all. Not just the 6 base. I mean alt-gen & expansion. It would look silly that I am playing the gunslinger with a mini and my friends play expansion heroes with a meeple. No thanks.

      Rest of the update is awesome though!

    30. Missing avatar

      Timm Hayer on

      Yes to all of this!!!! Thank you Mike!

    31. Marco on

      as what some have said i LOVE the Minis and will definetly add them ... but as much as it would be sad to not get the alternate art Minis i would understand if you only make the Base & Expansion ones.

      Solo variant sounds AmaZing!!! picking up survivors and adding them to the group then later playing as them sounds Great! plus an easy way to make the game a little easier with the harder levels

      Any plans to add a few more BOSSES to previous Apocalypses? maybe making the Zombies a little harder a few more Aliens n Machines?

      Loving this Campaign!!!

    32. Apocalypse Nerd on

      Thank you for a more truer solo mode for the game. I also love the miniatures but like others I’d only get them if there was a miniature for all playable characters. I’d be fine with just core and expansions, does not need to include alternative gender (male or female) promos.

    33. Missing avatar

      Jean-Michel Leblanc

      Awesome update, I had a thought that minis was an April fool XD
      Count me in for all minis and I'm so happy for the new solo mode.

    34. Mark Stewart on

      Wow, great update! I'm definitely in for the minis and can't wait to play the new material.

    35. Rob


    36. Mike Gnade 6-time creator on

      @Hugh G Rection: 40mm tall

    37. Hugh G Rection

      What scale are the minis?

    38. Icehawk101 on

      As I paint minis (eventually) I am definitely in for them!

    39. Missing avatar

      TreeMunky on

      Added a score for the minis 👍 did I hear you say solo play gaming mat? ;) I have four originals but a solo variant might be good or artwork to send to a mat maker? Either way great stuff looking forward to seeing where you end up.

    40. Christopher Fields

      Definitely interested in minis, but probably won’t buy in unless there is one for all the current characters. I don’t like the idea of some minis and some standees on the same board, generally.

    41. Missing avatar


      Great update, good stuff. I’d add the miniatures for sure; would love them for all characters!

    42. Christopher Brown

      I’ll do minis :)

    43. Black Kestrel

      I'm in for miniatures.

    44. Chris Rensing

      The Rapture sounds amazing. Excited to play it.

    45. Stuart McCune

      Great update! I love all those things so the minis and playmats will probably be added to my pledge in the next few days.

    46. Missing avatar


      I'm down for the minis. Count me in for twenty bucks Mike!

    47. Sharkey on

      Here’s hoping we could see the other expansion heroes in mini form this campaign too, will totally pay for them! =D

    48. FlorianGaines on

      Good call with the minis, those are always a popular choice, and with the larger box I can see actually having room for them!

    49. Kevin Shaud

      Wow, hadn’t read the whole update! LOVE the new solo mode. I only play this solo so I love having this an option.

    50. Kevin Shaud

      Great update. Super excited about the minis and at a very reasonable price.