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Survivors must explore, scavenge and kill to survive this deluxe expansion featuring New Character Classes and monsters!
Survivors must explore, scavenge and kill to survive this deluxe expansion featuring New Character Classes and monsters!
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More Stretch Goals...already!?!

Posted by Mike Gnade (Creator)

Today has been absolutely crazy. We are going through stretch goals way faster than last time and that was a big one guys!  25 more monster cards, 2 bosses and 3 more missions all revolving around the Yokai.  I'm still working on a more indepth preview but I won't keep you waiting and will just add it to my Day 1 recap for tomorrow.  I  updated the graphic a bit to show off Kickstarter Exclusive Stretch Goals.  Those items tagged KS Exclusive will only be available in the KS edition of Gothic Horrors. Items without that graphic will be put into all copies of Gothic Horrors.

Here are the new Stretch Goals:

  • New Swamp Tiles (x2) -  This tile is much more treacherous than that tranquil garden.  We'll add two of them to the Gothic Horrors box.
  • New Promo Character and Standee for the Male Mechanic. His innate ability is Recycle: Replay any instant card in a discard pile and then remove it from the game. This will be a Kickstarter Limited Exclusive!
  • Church Tile - This tile is actually a combination of Shelter and the Factory from the original set.  God giveth aid and then take it away....
If you all keep this up, I'm going to need to come up with some more stretch goals... post your ideas below so I have time to plan and price them out.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Jean-Michel Leblanc

      Health dials please!

    2. Missing avatar

      Joe Moran on

      I'd love a waterworld type scenario flood tokens could stack like monster tokens and fight seamonsters, pirates etc. Ship captain as a survivor can move people with him or something.

    3. Missing avatar

      Joe Moran on

      Supervillain that takes monsters from all decks for different schemes and a hero survivor who can protect/take damage for other survivors and could get stronger or weaker based on morale.

    4. David Vasquez

      Stretch goals ideas:
      - Life dials to track Health of each characters
      - Some way to track your stealth level

      It could be part of an add-on deluxe pack maybe...

    5. Missing avatar

      Stuart Brown on

      I agree with David Dowbyhuz - survivor miniatures please.

      Also maybe create an alternative underground map system - like the catacombs in Dungeonquest - maybe this could have a "Tremors- the movie" theme? - monsters could pop up through the earth unexpectedly - so you would have to set sound making devices on far away tiles to keep them away from your survivor.

      Thanks - looking forward to receiving this - love the base game.

    6. Zoey Ng on

      What about aliens?

    7. Missing avatar

      Smithers on

      How about variations on some of the existing tiles. We could randomly select or they could just be tougher versions for a bigger challenge. Some might come with multiple numbers for monster generation, some might have special effects when a certain monster count is reached. Or...just more tiles.

    8. David Dowbyhuz

      While certainly cost prohibitive for 'stretch goals', I would love to see miniatures, or something more deluxe than standees as add-on's?.

    9. Missing avatar

      Tk71 on

      I would really like to see more non-scenario specific boss cards, like the Crazed Fireman, that can be added to add additional challenge options to any scenario.

      Also, not as good as additional non-scenario specific bosses, nice-looking cardboard ammo tokens to replace the rather "odd-looking" wooden ones found in the original set.

    10. Missing avatar

      lecaillon on

      one idea for add on it's a playmat allowing the management of 2 characters on a single playmat ??

    11. Missing avatar

      Doug Cerulli on

      @Dino - Killer Klowns!! I love it!

    12. Dino Buffetta Jr.

      1. Killer Clowns from Dimension X - Because who doesn't love clowns. Maybe where the boss is located in a circus tent that moves as the big boss takes damage, retreats and changes forms. More Killer Klowns from Outer Space then IT.
      2. Village of the Damned - Adult survivors battling the children of the damn with telepathic powers.
      3. Stargate like universe where history and science fiction meet, but instead of Egyptian use Mayan mythology.

    13. Falagar

      I do not have basic game but I red here somewhere that box does not support game with first expansion sleeved. I do not need one big box for everything (like you wrote in f.a.q.) but it could be great if expansion box could support enough place for sleeved cards of each expansions in one place. I usually use FFG sleeves and it needs some place spared.

      Interesting choice for us sleevers was for example deluxe edition of Villages of Valeria - box was bigger to support card with sleeves.…

    14. David Vasquez

      *Kaiju robot standees, just like Mart said :)

    15. David Vasquez

      -A new KS exclusive box that fits Original Game + Expansions all together nicely organized (to save shelve space)
      - Kaiju standees!

    16. Mart on

      How about some kaiju robot standees ? But definitely more purpose built missions for the core monsters

    17. Missing avatar

      Andrew Jones

      Some Survivor ideas:
      -Mad Max type: Gasoline requirements for Weapons and Equipment require 1 less.
      -Eli (Book of Eli): Protected from danger (discard an item card to prevent a negative effect from a map tile being revealed; like Enter a tile without triggering the Enter effect. Other characters have versions similar to this, like Hunter or anyone with binoculars, but this way allows for good effects to still occur, with the cost of lost cards to prevent the bad ones).
      -Joel / Ellie (Last of Us): Crafting (can perform the discard 2 / draw 1 free action twice a turn). *Veteran character from Core Set already presents a “dual character” Survivor.
      -Disillusioned Acolyte (for Cthulhu Survivor): After take damage phase, stun an Enemy. (Acolyte left the Cultists, but retains the ability to control certain monsters).
      Mess Cook: Items and Abilities that reduce starvation gain +1. Applies to cards traded to other survivors. The military training grants some combat/survival abilities to fill up other ability cards.

      If we’ve got Werewolves, a Red Riding Hood could be a good choice, given the whole big bad wolf thing. (Check out B B Hood from ‘Darkstalkers’).

      Of course, plenty of options from Supernatural and Firefly for Survivor inspirations.

    18. Bobby T

      I am surprised one of the new characters wasn't a little more inline with the Cthulhu tropes... and while I like the originality of the characters that are included, I think a DETECTIVE type character would be very welcome to use with that and the horrors already offered.

    19. Greg on

      Hollywood actors that won't break character for anything!

    20. Missing avatar

      Doug Cerulli on

      + Map Tiles, Map Tiles, Map Tiles! Keep 'em coming! :)
      + Acrylic / plastic hit point tokens or some kind of remaining health counter.
      + Different scavenge cards to freshen up the deck.

    21. Missing avatar

      Ian Nash on

      I’d love to see a Monster Swamp apocalypse. It could be where the swamp gradually spreads out from certain points, and the longer the game goes the faster it spreads. As well, the monsters can only stay in the swamp but are really powerful.

      Another fun one would be a Villain Uprising apocalypse, where the deck is populated by like 6 to 8 tough mini bosses and a bunch of standard thug like goons.

      It would also be cool to see a weather system that we could overlay on all apocalypses.

      These are my thoughts, I’ll probably have more later on :)

    22. SMYR

      After thinking about it: You could just throw in 6 divider sized additional cards with the trackers.

    23. Armaan Khan on

      I'm new to Kickstarter, and seeing all this activity is so exciting! I personally would love to see more expansions more than anything else. I'm used to having multiple boxes of core games and expansions on my shelf thanks to Talisman and Runebound, so the one big box idea is kind of meh for me.

      If new apocalypses get added, I also vote for the "Gates to the Abyss" idea with demons and angels. Perhaps it could have some occult theming too, Aleister Crowley references and whatnot. I said this over on BGG, but a fairy-themed apo might be a good time, thematically, as well.

      Perhaps some scenarios/rules that allow us to combine different monster/apocalypse decks might be a good add.

    24. Missing avatar

      Ian Nash on

      You should do a monster swamp case. Powerful units, and status affects which corrupt tiles and sap actions from players.

      You could also do a Super Villain uprising where the monster deck is comprised of mini bosses each with unique abilities

    25. Mart on

      I'd like to see wooden rather than cardboard tokens for objectives and poison. Dividers for all scavenger colors. And some sort of action counter. I use the monster tokens but would like something propose built.

    26. Andrea Coletti on

      Big box would be a great idea, core game and kaiju expansion with all cards sleeved don't going in so well :(. A big box with enough space for core game and all expansions (also fufure expansions) would be appreciate so much

    27. SMYR

      And I wrote this already but:
      - some scenario like Metro 2033
      - something ice age themed (I'm talking about a future ice age, not past ones)
      - something absurd/humoristic (coen brothers style)

    28. Missing avatar

      James C on

      I don't know if it's the route you want to go but as a fan of all things apocalypse it would be really neat to see some sort of heroes of the apocalypse homage. Have a reformed raider as a reference to tank girl, lone driver as a mad max homage and maybe a sheriff for Rick grimes.

    29. Missing avatar

      lecaillon on

      or one playmat in SG :-)))))

    30. SMYR

      Just so it's clear what I'm going for:

    31. Missing avatar

      lecaillon on

      a nice big box for all with dividers, ...

    32. Peter "Dia Fir" Andersson

      @Migael, I really like your idea of gates to the abyss! I vote for that one!
      Also, great to hear that the campaign is going so well. Let's hope it continues all 30 days!

    33. Missing avatar

      Crochet on

      a deck of event that we can play every apocalypse. In this event deck we could find earthquake...

    34. Migael on

      Idea for a theme : have it been thought of having a plague like desease . Not talking zombies but simple need to survive and stay away from infected , try to find a vaccine or what not?


      Gates of the abyss and demons invade the surface ;) , mix in some angelic interventions etc and i think we can have a apocaful fun time lol

    35. SMYR

      So I'll post it here again: I'd suggest a stretch goal for upgraded dividers with action and hunger trackers on the back of the character dividers. Would solve my problem of having not enough space on the table for four play-mats.

    36. Erick Trudelle on

      A nice box that everything fits in nicely , seperators ect...