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Survivors must explore, scavenge and kill to survive this deluxe expansion featuring New Character Classes and monsters!
Survivors must explore, scavenge and kill to survive this deluxe expansion featuring New Character Classes and monsters!
Survivors must explore, scavenge and kill to survive this deluxe expansion featuring New Character Classes and monsters!
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    1. Mike Gnade 4-time creator 5 days ago

      The revised rulebook on the campaign page is the “gothic horrors” rulebook

    2. Missing avatar

      5 days ago

      No but I’m sure it will come in the second wave. Right Mike?

    3. Missing avatar

      Russell 6 days ago

      Those who received the base game did that come with a revised rule book?

    4. Missing avatar

      Ian Nash 6 days ago

      Sooo, what’s the next expansion pack? Sci-fi monsters? Shapeshifters?

    5. BerryVanilla 6 days ago

      Anyone knows how many cards are there in total in the rookie pledge?

    6. Mike Gnade 4-time creator on

      @alan: message us via Kickstarter and we will send you the links

    7. Missing avatar

      Alan Webster on

      Still not received my email link for Gothic PNP, PLEASE put in the FAQ the contact email for those of us still waiting so we can request a resend if the link.

    8. Bryan Moe

      Got my base game today! Cannot wait to play! Thanks.

    9. Missing avatar


      Received the base game a couple of days ago. I own well over 100 games (yes it’s an obsession). I have to say that this thing is simply awesome. Very fun. Very thematic. Great job Mike. Thank you.

    10. Ryan Guerra

      Just got the game in today and my wife and I gave it a go. We both loved it. So excited to play with friends!

    11. Andy Quiles on

      @Mike Gnade i know youre in the midst of post campaign madness, but any chance of seeing additional content for the existing expansions in the next KS? (I'd love to see more kaiju and robots, a new boss here and there, maybe a creature or two.) I love this game, so cool.

    12. Yra

      Mike can I still add the mats? :)

    13. Default Idiot on

      It looks like the three Angels in the Four Horsemen apocalypse are identified as belonging to set "D" which I believe indicates Dinosaur.

      I remember bible stories about "giants in the earth", but I cannot recall ever seeing anything about fossilized angels. Might make a really cool/weird hybrid apocalypse though...


    14. Missing avatar

      TechnoGolem on

      Any word on when the next shipping wave will start?

    15. Joseph W on

      Looks like my wave 1 shipment will be here tomorrow. Along with Nemo's War, how about that. Never would have guessed I'd get two KS on the same day.

    16. Missing avatar

      Vitonofrio del Rosso

      @Creator: side question here..
      I already own first edition brass, but didn't notice the end of pledge manager so i didn't upgrade my 1$ pledge to get the xpac.. i'll get it via retail later so that's fine.. that being said, are there any difference between first edition brass and second edition reprint?

    17. Rhys637 on

      Just got home to a pleasant Wave 1 KS edition core set on the porch. Sweet Baby Deity...that's a lot of game in a box!

    18. alberto alonso

      Just curious.. the promos of the first kickstarter... shouldn't be send in the wave 1 ? or there was not an option for it?

    19. Mike Gnade 4-time creator on

      @Julius&Go-san: WAVE 1 Shipping was an ADD-ON selection with additional shipping fees that you would have selected in the PM. If your receipt does not have Maximum Apocalypse (USA Wave 1) or (EU Wave 1) next to it - they you will receive all your products in 1 shipment at a later date.

    20. Go-san on

      +1 Julius Heinke, same question for me ^^'

    21. Danny Shafer

      No tracking # here in the midwest.

    22. Missing avatar

      Julius Heinke

      Ehm silly question but how can i see if i have WAVE1 shipping? Has it every one? I have the rookie pledge with core set etc. and i am in the EU. I cannot see it in the pledge manager. Thanks in advance!

    23. Missing avatar

      Michael Hunter on

      I think I may have missed this further down, but are the backs for the cards (Priest and Ronin deck in particular) in the PnP files?

    24. Missing avatar

      Daniel Cole on

      oops, i forgot to pay for my pledge manager. am i out of luck now, or can i still pay and get it sent with the normal shipment?

    25. Missing avatar

      Alan Webster on

      Can you put in the FAQ the contact email for those of us who have not been sent the pnp email link so we can request a resend.
      . In my case I got the Jurassic but not the gothic link.

    26. alberto alonso

      any update on when can we get the copy of the original game for early shipping? :D

    27. Dan M. on

      Question (too lazy to read comments to see if its been asked already) - IF we picked up play mats in the pledge manager. when are those expected to ship ? With the expansion or before?

      Thanks !

    28. Kraig on

      Hi Mike, as I commented in the last update, I really appreciate having all the new characters/promos and monsters in the 9 per page PNP. It would be really cool if you could do the same for the original 3 promos and the Kaiju Rising set. It would also be helpful to have the original/ new map tiles without the cut out lines, or even better, in a print friendly version. Thanks again for a great game.

    29. Missing avatar

      Jérémie on

      @Mike: Thanks for the great game!

      Two possible issues, based on the PnP cards:
      - both Rapture scenarios are numbered as 1
      - shouldn't the two actions be swapped on the Kabuto card? Seems strange that the offensive action reduces damages received while the defensive action increases damages done and dealt...

    30. Missing avatar

      Arkeran on

      I have receive no any itcho PNP mails yet, neither gothic or Jurassic ( I validated the PM on 13th of may ) do I have to wait or did I miss something ?

    31. Mike Gnade 4-time creator on

      @Cruel: if you're playing the Ally Solo mode, you only need 1 play mat. If you want to play with 2 characters, you'll want 2.

    32. Mike Gnade 4-time creator on

      @Warchild: If you are missing something, message us and we can fix it (send you another PNP download link)

    33. Mike Gnade 4-time creator on

      @Boyss: Message me any PNP file issue and be more specific since I don't know what you're talking about.

      The Drone ability is covered in the FAQ and has been answered numerous times during the campaign. Yes KS backers will get new drone cards (that are just blank below because of the redundancy) and an additional antidote card.

    34. Missing avatar

      Boyss on

      @Mike Gnade Did you forget to reverse horizon card back in pnp file?

    35. Missing avatar

      Boyss on

      Do you plan to fix drone ability in base game?

    36. Warchild on

      I got the link for the pnp for jurrasic but not for gothic. How can i get my link?

    37. Cruel on

      Do I need one or two playmates if I play solo only?

    38. Pai

      Rule clarification about sneaking , is that a stealth check when you move to area with monster token and you dont have any monster in front of you?

      If that so , drone bot passive : you cannot sneak while this monster is in front of you.

      Assuming I have drone bot in front of me then why do I have to stealth check again ??

      Seem like many card are not clear at all.

    39. Missing avatar

      Eric Mattar-Hurlbut on

      @Mike Gnade
      Hey, I was starting to set up the print of the PnP version and I noticed there were no backs for the cards.

      Also, what are the 2 Samurai cards with no numbers, but just text?

    40. Missing avatar

      Alan Webster on

      Got the link for the Jurassic pnp but not the gothic is there a delay or have i been missed ? Also Jurassic said don't download yet as there are card errors,will we get an email to say OK to use?

    41. Missing avatar

      Joel Gibson on

      Are there any missions included with the Gothic Horrors PNP? I didn't see any and without them it feels almost like having a lot of toys and nowhere to play with them.

      Also, I purchased the Kaiju Rising as I was too impatient to wait for it to ship with my physical Gothic Horrors. The version on there is not vrry Print and Play friendly, is there a version of it laid out like the Jurassic or Gothic expansions?

    42. Mike Gnade 4-time creator on

      @Andy: We are fixing Missions 4-6 so they have the correct antidote count and getting rid of the redundant text on the robot drone. We've also updated the rulebook a tad to be more inline with the expanded rulebook coming out with the expansion and as mentioned before the bullet tokens are being revised. Gothic Horrors backers will be receiving an additional antidote, new robot drone cards and new bullet tokens... so the difference really comes down to the corrected mission cards when all is said and done. Hope that makes sense.

    43. phil on

      Does anyone know when the previous core set pledge is due as it on shelves in Amazon

    44. Andy

      @ Mike Gnade, you mentioned in the last update that the manufacture was looking over their old files of the Core Set and Kaiju Rising to compare any changes you uploaded. Does this mean there are some stuff that was changed on the cards ? Such as errata's?

      I only ask because I'm debating whether to do wave 1 shipping or not. If there are going to be some minor changes/fixes then I'll just wait for the reprint.

    45. Missing avatar

      Lisa Midelf on

      @Eric Mattar-Hurlbut Thank you! I'll sort it someway. It can't be too hard 😊

    46. Mike Gnade 4-time creator on

      @Boyss: We will upload master/production files, additional stretch goal files, and revised PNP files as we get closer to manufacturing.

    47. Missing avatar

      Boyss on

      Do pnp have master file same as base game? Current 9 grid pnp some picture has white line .

    48. Mike Gnade 4-time creator on

      Jurassic Perils pnp is included and was sent out with a key as a separate email from itch

    49. Missing avatar

      Jens Kraybørre

      I agree with Default Idiot. I thought it was included in my pledge

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