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A bank heist goes wrong in a zombie-infested dystopic world. ZOMBIE BANK is a horror/heist short film metaphor for the economic crisis.

MANIFESTO - "In Dark Times Money Rains"

  • Writer/Director: Mike De Caro
  • Producer: Lindsay Tolbert
  • Cinematographer: Saro Varjabedian


ZOMBIE BANK is set in a bank in the downtown New York Financial District. It tells the story of Joseph, a desperate young man living in a collapsing world, assaulted by a deadly virus that transforms and mutates humans into white-eyed flesh eating hunters. In the bank, he finds a vaccine to this lethal contagion. He manages to cure a mutant who was formerly a banker, Helen. Thinking that a normal world is about to come back, Joseph uses Helen's help to steal the hidden money within the inner vaults. But the place where he hoped to realize his ambition dreams becomes a trap, a nightmare.


My goal in filmmaking is to make commercially appealing stories with an artistic vision. I believe it is possible to combine entertainment and meaning, and that this combination makes the movie special. ZOMBIE BANK has this potential.

I was looking for a story for my next film when I saw something unusual happening downtown in New York: a Zombie Walk. People belonging to the Occupy Wall Street movement were demonstrate against corruption dressed like zombies. The event intrigued me and I found out there were demonstrations like that all over the country.

I always thought that a good scary movie must have a connection with contemporary society and act as a the metaphor for that world: the zombie demonstrations and the businessmen who made massive profits in a time of crisis was a thrilling space to explore a major moral crisis in our times.

ZOMBIE BANK explores a man's desire to exploit a global travesty for personal gain. When Joseph gets his hand on the vaccine, the possibility of controlling his destiny feeds his greed. And in this future-less wasteland, the introduction of hope is the very catalyst toward avarice.


We assembled a great team: skillful working actors, a dedicated and talented producer, an award winning cinematographer, a professional crew... Who else? YOU!

The film will be shot in the greater NYC area using a RED EPIC camera.  Your donations will go to: equipment rentals, location fees, production design, make up, costumes, transportation, permits, sound design, music composition, color correction, and food.

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Mike De Caro - Writer/Director

Michele "Mike" De Caro is an Italian filmmaker based in New York City. He grew up watching films by Spielberg and Antonioni, dreaming about making movies able to combine entertaining and thought-provoking stories. A graduate from Columbia University, he received his Master's degree in Film in 2012. He worked as a film journalist and in 2007 he published a book about Jack Nicholson, "L’uomo che visse due volte" [The Man Who Lived Twice]. Between Rome, New York, Los Angeles and Oregon, Michele wrote, directed or produced more then ten short movies, including Draw Me Something (2009) and Springfield (2012). From 2010 to 2012 he is the Assistant Director of the Columbia University Film Festival and in 2011 he produced the event “Forman/Hausman – An evening with Milos Forman & Michael Hausman”, held in Miller Theatre in New York. He also produced the second season of the TV show Columbia Cinema (2012) for NYC Life. In 2011 Mike won the 2011 HBO Films Young Producers Award and in 2012 the EP Best Producing Honorable Mention.

Michele "Mike" De Caro e' un filmmaker italiano che vive a New York. E' cresciuto guardando i film di Spielberg e Antonioni, sognando di fare film capaci di combinare il divertimento con una riflessione sulla natura umana. Michele si e' laureato cum laude in cinema all'università' La Sapienza di Roma nel 2005 e alla Columbia University di New York nel 2012. Ha lavorato come giornalista di cinema, e nel 2007 ha pubblicato un libro su Jack Nicholson, "L'uomo che visse due volte". Tra Roma, New York, Los Angeles e l'Oregon, Michele ha scritto, diretto o prodotto oltre dieci cortometraggi. Dal 2010 al 2012 e' il direttore associato del Columbia University Film Festival e nel 2011 ha organizzato l'evento "Forman/Hausman - Una serata con Milos Forman & Michael Hausman", tenutosi al Miller Theatre di New York. Nel 2012 ha prodotto la seconda stagione della serie televisiva Columbia Cinema per NYC Life. Michele nel 2011 ha vinto l'HBO Films Young Producers Award e nel 2012 l'EP Best Producing Honorable Mention.

Lindsay Tolbert - Producer

Mainstream movies and production challenges captured Lindsay’s imagination from a young age.  A darkened theater screen coming to life with the drama of a volcano emerging from the streets of LA or a harrowing escape from a collapsing underwater tunnel, this is at the heart of Lindsay’s drive to become a filmmaker.  While living in Atlanta, Lindsay had the opportunity to work and learn on films such as Zombieland and The Blind Side.  Since enrolling in Columbia, she has collaborated on multiple short films. Trevor, a short film that she wrote and produced, was chosen to screen at the SAG Foundation Short Film Showcase.  Lindsay also Produced and Directed Bangkok Heat, which was recently shown on NYC Life channel.

Saro Varjabedian - Cinematographer

A Queens native of Armenian descent, Saro is an up and coming Director/Cinematographer. As a Cinematographer, Saro has photographed two features, the first a low budget horror film entitled "Erza: Fear of a Faceless God" which distributed over cable and Netflix, and more recently "Elliot Loves", a gay romantic comedy slated for distribution in 2012. In addition, he photographed countless shorts which have taken him across the globe to Armenia, Lebanon, India and Mexico, has written over twenty published articles on Cinematography practices for Student Filmmaker Magazine, is part of the Tiffen Family of Cinematographers and has taught several workshops in the New York Metro Area.

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SET DESIGN & SPECIAL EFFECTS - Creating a Decadent World
One of the most significant challenges for the production will be creating a world that is both terrifying and believable.

The majority of the script takes place inside a bank so finding the perfect location was one of our highest hurdles. With the help of the amazing locations expert, Gerry Kim, we were lucky enough to find an empty bank with tons of beautiful vaults and mysterious spaces. The uniqueness of the location will add a richness and texture to the film that would otherwise be difficult to achieve.

MAKE UP - A New Face for Zombies
Another challenge we face is creating the look of the zombies themselves. We are looking for something different from the old "gross" look of the zombies. In the script we call them "hostiles" and they look more human, sick white-eyed virus-infected. Our make-up artist is Fiona Tyson, Zombie Guru. She is collaborating with us to design the infected villain that we hope will thrill and chill you to the bone! See the teaser for a sneak peak of her amazing work!


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