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CNC lathe turned Titanium pen body and cap for the Pilot HITEC C pen.
Created by

Mike Bond

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Black Edition -- Revised Update

Unfortunately our update 31 was based on the 1st box (2 in the shipment) we have rejected the 2nd box due to uniformity of finish and color.  I know you have been patiently waiting and this will set us back.  TM has committed to rectify the problem and I spoke with them at length today. 

Moving forward... fortunately we have produced enough extra parts for a re-run.  We will expedite getting these to TM as best we can.

I'm sorry for the bad news, I will keep you posted.

Bottom is a used cap from the original sample.  Middle is a good one from the current run.  Top is rejected parts from box #2


    1. Creator Mike Bond on September 28, 2012

      Production samples sent today ups blue, we should have on tuesday. We will post an update once we get a chance to review.


    2. Creator Mike Bond on September 15, 2012

      @ Miles & Darren -- thank you so much for your understanding.
      @ Mark & Jem -- Not sure at this moment. You guys deserve the best, that's what we want to deliver.

    3. Creator JemC on September 13, 2012

      If you don't return them, you could maybe sell them to backers at a discount? ;)

    4. Creator Mark Atwood on September 12, 2012

      What will happen to the rejected pieces?

    5. Creator Darren Myers on September 12, 2012

      I'm with Miles, at long as I'm informed i can careless if it takes a little while,it will be worth it!

    6. Creator Miles on September 12, 2012

      All good Mike :) thanks for telling us! Don't mind at all about the delay, it's just nice to know what's going on :) really appreciate all the hard work :)