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imagine roaming the world’s largest ocean year after year alone, calling out with the regularity of a metronome, & hearing no response.

imagine roaming the world’s largest ocean year after year alone, calling out with the regularity of a metronome, and hearing no response.

the loneliest mix is an audio project by mike ambs to share the beautiful and rare song of a last-known hybrid blue whale, known by the name the loneliest whale, one mix-tape at a time.

trying something a little different this time! normally I just run a very small campaign to find people interested in cassettes, but, after a few request, I'm hoping this time round to find enough people interested in the 52hz whale to help place a minimum order for t-shirts. 

t-shirts will have the below symbol on them - the symbol is actually the song-waveform of the 52hz whale wrapped in a continuous loop. 

follow the project on and at @52hz on twitter.

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the mixtapes themselves have already been recorded and are ready to find new homes - the posters that come with each mixtape are also ready and waiting to be mailed out.

the only piece of this campaign that is new to 52 hz are the t-shirts, the company I've used several times in the past when ordering batches of t-shirts is the always-wonderful, located in Ypsilanti, MI.

there will be some slight experimenting with the exact position and size of the 52 hz symbol on the t-shirts, but the team at VG has always had a great eye for what works best.

once those t-shirts arrive here in LA, I'll be ready to package up everyone's rewards and get them in the mail. thanks so much for supporting 52 hz!


  • The loneliest whale’s song, also known as simply 52 hertz, is a low-trembling on more powerful speakers, specifically subwoofers capable of such a subtle bass. As a comparison, 52 hertz is near the lowest note on a tubba. If you’re listening on laptop speakers or apple earbuds, you will most likely hear nothing at all after hitting play.

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  • The circle symbol is the audio-wave image of the loneliest whale wrapped into a circle. If you had a playhead, positioned similar to the seconds hand of a clock, as it turned a full 360° the whale’s song would loop over and over again.

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  • The ⌃ that you often see in the title of different 52 hertz kickstarter campaigns stands for the current total count / goal of loneliest mixes recorded. So, if a campaign ends with a ⌃ 90 in the title, that means the previous campaign brought the total number of mixes to around 80, and the current goal for total mixes is now 90 cassettes *nods*

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    one loneliest mixtape and one 52hz t-shirt. ░ 52hz t-shirt with the loneliest mix symbol on the chest. shirt is a hanes deep-navy unisex 100% cotton. available in all sizes. all US shipping cost included! ░ I promise to deliver a cassette tape that a) is in good condition, b) can still hold clear sound, and c) has character to it. each mix tape is assigned a unique #hashtag and comes with a small hand-made poster, plus a nice thank you letter.

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