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imagine roaming the world’s largest ocean year after year alone, calling out with the regularity of a metronome, & hearing no response.

imagine roaming the world’s largest ocean year after year alone, calling out with the regularity of a metronome, and hearing no response. 

the loneliest mix is an audio project by mike ambs to share the beautiful and rare song of a last-known hybrid blue whale, known by the name the loneliest whale, one mix-tape at a time. 

the story of mix number one 

written by daniella jaeger via the kickstarter blog: I watched [the] hypnotic video and scanned the sparse page. I then remembered that I had backed 99 projects thus far and had been waiting for something special to back for #100. I thought, I must have this mixtape

so one $5 pledge later… I got all excited and tweeted the milestone. I don’t even own a cassette player, but this project, so simple in its execution and so easy to support, is a story I’ll never forget. 

the 3rd batch of mix tapes

I'm very excited to be leaving los angeles for two weeks to help assemble and edit a beautiful feature film in toronto, titled to our bright white hearts - I thought these next 12-14 hectic days on set would be the perfect time to launch a 3rd batch of mix tapes! 

this campaign is unique in that each mix tape is going to be a bit of a surprise - the 1st two campaigns of loneliest mix tapes were almost all pre-purchased and listed as individual rewards, but I'm anxious to try something different. I'm planning to find a few unique cassette tapes in both toronto and detroit (we'll be making a quick stop in detroit for filming), before my returning home to LA, where I'll make up the difference in cassettes at local thrift shops and yard sales. 

very excited about mailing out this next batch of mix tapes to new people. 

follow the project on and at @52hz on twitter 


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    the loneliest mix : one cassette tape. I can't say *which* cassette tape you will receive, as I have yet to adventure out and track down old cassette tapes to re-record over, but, for every backer, I promise to find a tape that a) is in good condition, b) can still hold clear sound, and c) has character to it. all shipping cost included. plus a nice thank you letter.

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    the loneliest mix : two cassette tapes. one for you and one for a friend. you'll be able to choose between having both mix tapes shipped to you or, if you'd like, I can mail one to you and one to a second address. your friend / family member / long-lost-lover can be *anywhere* in the world - all shipping cost included.

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