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A limited run of the 52-hertz whale's lonely song on vinyl.
A limited run of the 52-hertz whale's lonely song on vinyl.
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UPDATE: All 100 of the special #make100 Kickstarter LPs sold out in the first 3 days! Since then, I've received hundreds of emails asking for a 2nd pressing to be made by people from all over the world. First of all, thank you so much! I've never seen such a swell of interest and support and it makes me so happy to know people find this story beautiful and inspiring. If you are still looking to grab an LP of Loneliest, you can do so here. Thank you!

Pre-order Loneliest LP (2nd Pressing)
Pre-order Loneliest LP (2nd Pressing)


Please note, the 2nd pressing LPs will have a different jacket design than the original #make100 LPs, but otherwise will still contain the same #52hz song for you to enjoy.


"Imagine roaming the world’s largest ocean year after year alone, calling out with the regularity of a metronome, and hearing no response."

Loneliest is an audio project by Mike Ambs to share the beautiful and rare song of a last-known hybrid blue whale, known by the name the Loneliest Whale, one LP at a time. 

Since early 2011 I've been recording the song of 52 on old repurposed cassette tapes - to date, I've made exactly 180 people a unique tape. 

To celebrate Kickstarter's #make100 campaign, I'm running a limited pressing of Loneliest on vinyl. What better way to help ensure this unique story finds a lasting place in people's lives. 




Risks and challenges

Risk is fairly low for this campaign, if the minimal order of 100 LPs is reached before the deadline, it will fully help cover the cost of production and shipping.

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    Pledge US$ 25 or more About US$ 25

    Loneliest LP

    Limited run. 12" Vinyl 150g. Special extended version of #52hz song. 33 1/3 RPM. Standard Matte Jacket w/ Spine.

    • 12 Years of Tracking #52hz (PDF)
    • 10 Min Mix of #52hz (AAC)
    • Signed Thank You Note
    Estimated delivery
    Ships to Anywhere in the world
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