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Selling our film's super-comfortable 100% organic cotton unisex t-shirts one minimum order at a time ;)
Selling our film's super-comfortable 100% organic cotton unisex t-shirts one minimum order at a time ;)
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Important Update!

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The other night, at around 3 in the morning, the film hit a long-overdue but important milestone: the last remaining sequence of the film was finished.

Meaning, there is nothing left to film, nothing left to edit, nothing left to change. It’s finished - FOR THOUSANDS OF MILES is finally finished!

It feels very strange and exciting to write those words. So, what’s next? Two things - the 1st being, Erica is finalizing the licensing rights for a piece of non-original music in the film; and 2nd, the final sound design / mix will begin soon, estimated to take about a month.

Summer is coming up fast, there’s a lot to do between now and then to gain momentum. It’s been so long getting to this point… I have to admit… I’m not really sure what to say or do.

let's make videos together

In the last two years we have lovingly packaged-up and mailed-out FToM t-shirts to places as far as New York, Quebec, Brussels, New Zealand, Alaska, Norway, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, Netherlands, and even Taiwan!

We have been wanting for quite some time to reach-out to everyone in all these corners of the world to collaboration together! This 1st collaboration could be one of many, depending on how things go, but for starters we wanted to keep this video simple.

Interested? Yay! Here’s what you’ll need:

* An FToM t-shirt (preferably on your person),
* a video-camera (this could be an iPhone, a point-and-shoot, a 7D, etc),
* 2 minutes,
* the internet.

Here’s the idea - we’d love to collect self-portrait videos of people and mix them all together into one longer video. That’s it!

If you’ve never seen a self-portrait video before, here’s one that Erica and I did for a Vimeo Weekend Project - picture something similar to that, but with less moving around and no cuts.

A few suggestions for people: try to keep yourself center-frame, try to get your waist on up in the shot, try to stand in one place for your self-portrait for about a minute (longer if you’re up for it), you can try to keep a straight face or you can smile or you can start laughing half-way through - anything will work, and, one more thing… oh!, right, keep the original audio in there if possible.

I’m really, really excited about seeing self-portrait videos from so many different countries - it will be great to see all the different faces and personalities that come through on camera! When you have your video ready, you can upload it anywhere really (Vimeo, YouTube, Dropbox, etc) and let us know about it either by or email or leaving a comment here on this post.

Just picked up the last of the t-shirt orders :)


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