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Los Angeles to Detroit > Building an audio-log of small towns, the open road, & everything in-between.

To make the most of the last weeks of summer, my wife and I are taking Xander on a 3,000 mile road-trip across the country before he starts the 4th grade. 

The three of us will leave from the Pacific Ocean, near a stretch of state beach that makes an especially unique / relaxing sound thanks to thousands of smoothed-rocks that shift under each wave; the following 8 days between the Pacific and Detroit will take us through Death Valley, Arches, Zion, small town after small town, grass fields, rail yards, badlands, wetlands, mountain passes, great divides, on and on. 

Over the years I've traveled back and forth across the country 6 times - by car, by train, even by bicycle - and in most of my traveling I've recorded many, many hours of footage, but this time I'm interested in focusing on something different: sound. I'm packing a handful of memory cards, an H4N Zoom, and two wind-protected professional microphones. 

I intend to record in mainly 10 minute blocks, whenever possible, capturing enough uncut audio to serve both as a relaxing background loop, or a substantial library. 

This is an audio project I'm doing whether this campaign reaches its goal or not, it's something I've been thinking about doing for quite some time, but I'm very interested in sharing all of the raw-recordings with other people. Typically I record around 30-40 minutes of footage per day on road trips, assuming I keep a similar pace with audio, I should come back to Los Angeles with nearly 400 min of audio, 120 of which I hope will useable and worth logging. If you'd like to hear what I find out there, please consider supporting this project. Thank you. 

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High-quality audio .wav files add up in size quick, I'm estimating nearly 12 GBs of sounds that I'll need to make readily available to everyone involved in this campaign.

One of my concerns is how I'll deliver those 12 GBs, I'm planning on using Dropbox with an option to download all 12 GBs once, or to download files in blocks of 1 GBs. I might also look into Soundcloud Pro to host and share all the files for easier access.


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