$422 pledged of $3,250 goal
$422 pledged of $3,250 goal


Ten years ago, 'For Thousands of Miles' became one of the first films to be funded on Kickstarter - a small group of friends and complete strangers helped financially make possible a few months of writing, and then later a 10 day trip to Truckee, California, to finish up the last bit of production. 

The film is now free to watch on Vimeo, VHX and YouTube - and for those of you in NYC, you can see an excerpt of the film on the big screen during the Bicycle Film Fest

Up until now, the film has only really existed online - short of a few fan-organized screening events - I wanted to do something special and something personal here, as part of the Kickstarter Gold campaign.

Fernsehen unter Tage Screening of FTOM in Germany
Fernsehen unter Tage Screening of FTOM in Germany

Hand making care packages of all things 'For Thousands of Miles' seemed the perfect way to put this small indie film out into the world and onto people's shelves. Simply put, I'm going to gather much of what has been created during the life of the film, sign it, number it, put it in a box and mail it to your front door! I'll include a handful of photographs from the road (some of which I've never shared anywhere else), some buttons, stickers, extended scripts for both the film itself as well as the making-of series (which was instrumental in the early years of the film).

Note, I'm literally going to be burning the BluRay disc of the film here at home and stamping the covers with a custom made stamp - so, when I say this is a handmade package, I just want to be clear that I mean as many aspects of this care package as possible are going to be handmade here in my office, just for you. If you want something more high-end, you'll have to wait till the 20 year anniversary rolls around ;) 


Risks and challenges

This process will take me a bit time for each care package. I want to make sure this is something personal and special for each person - as this film means quite a bit to me, and anyone willing to watch it and support it is a superstar in my book.

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    Care Package

    A handmade collection of all things 'For Thousands of Miles'.

    • Feature Film - BD Disc
    • Visual Script, Signed & Numbered
    • 8.5x11" Poster
    • Making-of Script(s)
    • 4x6 Printed Photos
    • 3x3 Sticker
    • Desktop Wallpaper
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