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THANK YOU for helping us to bring "Libra of the Vampire Princess" to the West, a brand new bishoujo visual novel by Japanese studio XERO.
THANK YOU for helping us to bring "Libra of the Vampire Princess" to the West, a brand new bishoujo visual novel by Japanese studio XERO.
2,285 backers pledged $183,105 to help bring this project to life.

Libra's Script Improvements Update #1!

Posted by MiKandi Japan (Creator)

Vampire Princess Army,

We have some great news today for you, so let's dig right in! 

Help Has Arrived!

Since our last update, we've assembled a team of four motivated and dedicated volunteers to assist us in improving Libra's overall reading experience. On board we have Emiri HowellNDarkstar, Joe P / Iarumas, and Hexxellor, all of whom are Libra backers, visual novel fans, and bring editing experience to the table. The team has been working diligently this past week, making corrections to various things like grammar, flow of dialogue, but they've also been making thoughtful suggestions on how to handle some of the finer points of the narrative: unifying the characters' speech, use of humor, to name a few.

To sum up the feeling so far, here's a quote from James on the improvements:

"Taking this extra bite into Libra is really pushing it to another level. It's gonna blow your socks off and make your feet freeze... and if it doesn't, it'll only be because you weren't wearing any socks in the first place and you've already been frost bitten which is way worse than being bitten by a vampire."

Needless to say, we feel the script is moving in a very positive direction... more so than we expected and it's thanks to the hard work of our volunteers! A round of applause for them! *APPLAUSE*

Libra New Edit FAQ

Q: Why are you updating Libra's script?

Since Libra's release we've kept our ears open to feedback and suggestions. It became clear that some were disappointed with the end result of Libra's translation and editing. We did our best at the time, and we are forever grateful to everyone who put the hard work in to make this game become a reality, but now we've decided to revisit the entire game with the mission of producing something even better. We are making these edits with the help of volunteers, and as our schedule permits.

Q: What part of Libra are we working on?

Right now, our focus is on updating the Main Route and Mari's Route. The current progress on these route are...

  • Main Route: 30% Updated
  • Mari's Route: 20% Updated

We'll be updating the progress on our good ol' Libra Updates and FAQ Page. Be sure to check there weekly for the latest!

Q: Will there be an update patch? When?

Yes, for both digital and physical formats. Originally we wanted to have everything wrapped up and ready to go by Christmas, but after some consideration we've decided the best course of action is to wait until the whole team is happy and satisfied with these new edits. In the coming weeks, the time frame on a patch release will become clearer. Naturally, we'll keep you all informed. So sit tight... it'll be worth it! ^_^ 

Q: What about the other paths?

Lycoris, Aoi, and Calen will eventually receive some love too. Details on that will come later in the future.

Q: Is there anything else you can tell us?

About the new edits? No... but we have some juicy news you'll definitely want to sink your fangs into for our next update. 

Would you like a hint? Okay!

What goes up, must come down.

Onward to Victory!

MiKandi Japan and XERO

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    1. MiKandi Japan Creator

      @Lavender: Hi! We're very happy to know you're excited about the upcoming improvements and do hope that your next experience with Libra will be pleasurable. ^_^

      @beliar: Yes! The patch will be for both formats, digital and physical.

      @Ian: Thanks for offering to help, but the programming is out of our hands and being handled by XERO in-house. However, would you mind sending us another email along with your resume so that we may keep you in mind for future projects? Thanks and good luck! ^_^

    2. Ian Cervantez on

      I sent an email to mikandijapan (@) gmail (dot) com like update #66 instructed, haven't heard back. I volunteered to lend support on the programming side since update #66 said there was going to be a cost involved there. I make software/apps for a living, so it'd be easy for me to pick up and do for the project.

    3. Missing avatar

      beliar on

      I assume the patch will also be released for those who have a physical version of the game? Right?

    4. Lavender Courage on

      I think it's excellent that you've listened to your backers and fans! I only played a few hours of this after release as I struggled with the current translation. I can't wait to "sink my teeth" back into this once it's re-done! Thank you for all your hard work.