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THANK YOU for helping us to bring "Libra of the Vampire Princess" to the West, a brand new bishoujo visual novel by Japanese studio XERO.
THANK YOU for helping us to bring "Libra of the Vampire Princess" to the West, a brand new bishoujo visual novel by Japanese studio XERO.
2,285 backers pledged $183,105 to help bring this project to life.

Mari Long Tapestry V2.0, Kururu Kurasaka Cosplay Profile!

Posted by MiKandi Japan (Creator)

Vampire Princess Army,

A thunderous roar was heard from beyond the castle walls. And then, a mighty surge cometh onto the battlefield. New soldiers have joined our great cause. WELCOME THEM! 

Now, the shrieks of the Kickstarter Balrog's minions are now louder than ever. Their zeal has been shaken, but not yet broken. Stay strong, stay united. The courtyard will soon be ours! Fight!


Mari Long Tapestry V2.0: "Wakeup Voice" Concept!

In honor of January's "Full Wolf Moon", we've decided to celebrate with Mari-chan.

Wait, that's not Mari!
Wait, that's not Mari!
Whew, that's better.
Whew, that's better.

As many of you know, we added Mari's Long Tapestry ("Maids Lap") as a reward tier and an add-on. 

What MKJ and XERO would like to do is improve this item by adding a Mari "Wake up" ringtone alarm.

So, the concept we envision is this...

  • Set your Mari's "Wake up" alarm on your cellphone. 
  • Rest your head peacefully on on her lap. 
  • Arise to the sound of her caring voice. :D

We think this would add an extra level of cuteness, practicality and enjoyment. As for Mari's voice, Mayumi Shindo-san is ready to reprise her role for our needs. Stay tuned for tomorrow's update for more details. Thanks!

Kururu Kurasaka Profile

Announced yesterday, MKJ has an upcoming project and AMA with professional cosplayer, Kururu Kurasaka-san. We put together a profile so you can know a little bit more about her before the event starts: SUN JAN. 10th 22:00 EST | (reddit URL subject to change) |

  • Name: Kururu Kurasaka 倉坂くるる 
  • Birthday: April 5th 
  • Hobby: Costume making, Singing, Dancing, Drawing 
  • Favorite anime: Smile PreCure!, Zero no Tsukaima, Disney 
  • Favorite comic: NARUTO, Mahoujin Guru Guru 
  • Biography: Kurasaka-san has had a cosplay career for over 4 years now. She was a high school student, the first time her friend brought her to Akihabara. Over time she slowly became otaku and started visiting Akiba on her own. She began working as an Akiba maid and when she discovered a character she really liked, she decided to try cosplaying. She learned to make costumes so now she really enjoys that part of cosplaying.

We hope you're all looking forward to this project as much as we are. There's also something neat planned during the AMA that you don't want to miss. Tell your friends, let the cosplay community know, and be sure to show up. ;-)

See you all soon.

Onward to Victory!

MiKandi Japan and XERO

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    1. Accelsharp on

      Haha full moon!

      Awesome! Wish I could afford pledging higher. Can't wait for the AMA again!

    2. Kam Kitano on

      I saw Kururu at Comiket earlier and she is sooooooooooo kawaii ^(^ Count me in for the AMA - I'm excited about the ringtone as well. I know I'll be bumping my pledge. Its wonderful to see Mikandi Japan and XERO working TOGETHER on this project!

    3. Teofilo Hurtado

      Oh, my God... MiKandi, please, please tell me you're not going to sell Kururu Kurasaka photographs or something like that just when I won't have internet connection...