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VFX and 3D artist Brandon Fayette (Star Trek, Super 8, MI:4 ) creates this Epic Journey of a Simple Robot trying to get back home.
VFX and 3D artist Brandon Fayette (Star Trek, Super 8, MI:4 ) creates this Epic Journey of a Simple Robot trying to get back home.
800 backers pledged $82,817 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Mighty Treehouse on August 20

      @LiLo - we deserve that and share your frustration. Please know we are doing everything within our power to finish asap. It is absolutely getting there, render times are just, well, they take a long time...

      @Rene - long overdue- milestone / detailed status update coming very soon.

    2. Creator LiLo on August 19

      Am beginning to doubt DVD will be a supported format by the time this project is complete..

    3. Creator Rene Laursen on July 31

      A shot or two is not a project update - a revised timeframe with milestones would be...

    4. Creator Mighty Treehouse on July 25

      Hi Rene- We posted an update with some new shots a month and a half ago-
      Things are moving, some renders taking up to 6 hours per frame! We'll update again soon. thanks!

    5. Creator Rene Laursen on July 23

      Another three months without updates! What is going on?

    6. Creator Chris Kemper on June 2

      Itching for an update here

    7. Creator Mighty Treehouse on April 6, 2015

      Updates as we speak! Sorry for the gap guys, we are most definitely moving along but life happens more than we can control. Slowing, but never stopping us. Hope you like the Intruder Sequence!!

    8. Creator Rene Laursen on April 6, 2015

      Two months without news! What's going on???

    9. Creator Rick Grzyb on March 7, 2015

      how about a update to all backers?

    10. Creator Mighty Treehouse on February 14, 2015

      Hi Tarasis- We're jamming along! We've built a mini-render farm that is cranking away on final shots as we finish up and light what remains- one of the most complex sequences of the piece just completed. We'll have an update in the next couple weeks with more info on that and more goodies to look at!

    11. Creator tarasis on February 11, 2015

      *poke* so what's happening at the moment? :)

    12. Creator Mighty Treehouse on December 21, 2014

      Yes! Update with some first final renders just went out! :)

    13. Creator Chris Kemper on December 19, 2014

      Any chance the final render will be ready prior to Christmas? fingers crossed ;)

    14. Creator Brandon on November 7, 2014

      We're definitely in the home stretch! Here's that one shot at full resolution (download the file to see the full 2k render)…

      Here are some full resolution renders of one of the major set props as well! Download them to see the full resolution!…

      and another…

    15. Creator Brian K on November 6, 2014

      Thanks for the update - I love your imagination and commitment to quality!

    16. Creator Mighty Treehouse on November 6, 2014

      Hi Rene- We totally understand your frustration and will be more frequent with updates as we finish. Hope you enjoy today's update! Thanks!

    17. Creator Paul McQue on November 6, 2014

      Thanks very much for the latest update, guys :)

    18. Creator Rene Laursen on November 3, 2014

      Being hurled into the future at a 1:1 pace is not really(!) a time machine - and apparently in this case only working one way. "A couple of weeks away..." - perhaps not only replacing the storyboard shots, but also the batteries in the your electronic calendar is needed... Will we live long enough to appreciate your eternal thanks? Happy that I chose the 10 Karma ;-) My name forever listed on the waiting queue...

    19. Creator Mighty Treehouse on October 3, 2014

      Yep! Replacing the last couple storyboard shots this weekend then finishing look dev on some things to show you guys. A couple weeks away but things are moving along!

    20. Creator Nick Malasca on September 29, 2014

      Hey guys,

      Wondering if there's an update in the works. The last update we had was early July. It'd be nice to hear, and possibly see, some more information.


    21. Creator Chris Kemper on August 21, 2014

      Still looking forward to viewing your masterpiece.

    22. Creator Mighty Treehouse on June 8, 2014

      Hey Chris- We're obviously way behind, but we are making significant progress right now. We will have a nice big update in the coming weeks. Thanks!

    23. Creator Chris Kemper on June 6, 2014

      Hey crew, as of May 2012 the anticipated release date was March 2013 - any likely chance that we will be able to see the feature by EOY 2014? Thanks.

    24. Creator Mighty Treehouse on April 1, 2014

      Hakon / Rick - not stopped - still moving! More updates coming soon. Thanks for your support!

    25. Creator Håkon Nessjøen on February 28, 2014

      Whats up guys? Any updates? Has the project stalled?

    26. Creator Rick Grzyb on February 21, 2014

      has this project stopped again?

    27. Creator Brian K on January 2, 2014

      A W E S O M E pics! It just keeps getting better!!!!

      Keep up good work and quality!!!

    28. Creator Mighty Treehouse on December 31, 2013

      Madlyb- Not dead! Slow, yes, but still moving. Our websites are currently down due to our hosting service being down right now - they are still live :) We have long overdue updates coming in the next couple days that we're excited to share with you all! Thanks and happy new year!

    29. Creator Madlyb on December 31, 2013

      Back to The Dome and Mighty Treehouse websites are dead and nothing posted...well...anywhere since September. Guess this is truly dead.

    30. Creator Madlyb on December 31, 2013

      Website is dead and nothing posted...well...anywhere, since September. Guess this is dead.

    31. Creator corey swanson on December 29, 2013

      Any updates????

    32. Creator Mighty Treehouse on September 6, 2013

      Hey guys! Thanks for checking in. Sorry for the silence. Things are still moving! Updates coming soon!

    33. Creator Duane Stork on September 5, 2013

      It's been awhile. How is it going? I'm feeling a bit lonely.

    34. Creator Chris Kemper on August 19, 2013

      Any updates as to when we can expect the episodes to be released... I am also really looking forward to the 90+ min movie download.

    35. Creator Mighty Treehouse on March 24, 2013

      More infoz, and animation video, coming this week! :)

    36. Creator TheChosenOne on March 23, 2013

      Needs more infoz. :)

    37. Creator Frank Timmers on February 28, 2013

      Great, thanks :)

      Updated MB-209 looks super!

    38. Creator Susan Lowe on February 27, 2013

      Looking great!

    39. Creator Mighty Treehouse on February 27, 2013

      Hey Frank- Just responded to your forum post (missed that, sorry) and keep an eye out tomorrow for an update.

    40. Creator Frank Timmers on February 23, 2013

      Wondering about the progress of the project... Last update on the R&D site is of Jan 5th and last response on the devforum Jan 7th with posts still unanswered. :/

    41. Creator Sonia Koval on September 16, 2012

      Meant to say sooner -- got the T-shirt & "somebody" is going to enjoy the "wrapping" on a Christmas present. :-)

    42. Creator Scott Early on August 25, 2012

      Showed the t-shirt and poster to friends this week and they got excited about the project!

    43. Creator dgagnon99 on August 17, 2012

      Just got my 8x10 and T-shirt. Both are very nice. Can't wait to see the first episode!

    44. Creator Mighty Treehouse on August 1, 2012

      Thanks Carolyn- Glad you received and appreciate the feedback!

    45. Creator Carolyn on July 31, 2012

      Just got my 8X10 on Saturday! Just a small bit of criticism, the print seems a tad bit too dark and I think it would have benefited from a lighter or white border to make the actual image stick out a bit more. Other than that though it's nice and I'll probably frame it. Thanks again and good luck on Dome!

    46. Creator Mighty Treehouse on June 28, 2012

      @Mark - Anything is possible!

    47. Creator Mark Barnett Jr on June 27, 2012

      Just a question any chance there might be a 3d bluray release if done takes off!

    48. Creator Frank Timmers on June 15, 2012

      Great, thanks! :)

    49. Creator Mighty Treehouse on June 15, 2012

      Hi Frank!
      We will have an update on many things, including the R+D site, next week. We are working on all fronts and have some very exciting updates/news to share with you all very soon!

    50. Creator Frank Timmers on June 15, 2012


      Any news on when the R&D site will be up?


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