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Mighty Pizza Oven will let you bake pro-quality pizzas in 3-5 minutes on your backyard grill!

Mighty Pizza Oven will let you bake pro-quality pizzas in 3-5 minutes on your backyard grill! Read More
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About this project

I wanted a way to bake pizza at home that is every bit as awesome as the best restaurant pizza, and that’s why I invented the Mighty Pizza Oven!

I believe it should be quick and easy to bake your own delicious, golden brown pizza at home, with perfectly cooked toppings and melting cheese that drips down the side of each slice as you pull it away from the pie.

I believe homemade pizza crusts can be perfect too -- crispy on the outside and deliciously light and bubbly on the inside, with the occasional slightly charred spot that is the mark of a true professional pizza.

And I believe you shouldn’t have to drop a ton of money on a bulky brick oven that takes hours to heat up, just so you can bake mouth-watering, heavenly pizza for your family and friends.

This is what powered my personal quest for perfect homemade pizza and eventually led me to invent the Mighty Pizza Oven.

Now, my dream is to make awesome homemade pizza easy and accessible to pizza lovers around the world. I depend on you and the rest of the Kickstarter community to make this happen. Please read on. Please spread the word. And please consider showing your support with your pledge.

I BELIEVE YOU'LL LOVE THIS OVEN so I’ve got a first run of 90 Mighty Pizza Ovens ALREADY IN PRODUCTION and will be shipping them out to the greatest pizza lovers among you right after this project is funded.

Why it is so hard to bake great pizzas in your home oven?

The way to bake a perfect pizza is to have an oven that balances the top and bottom heat just right, so that both sides of the pie are baked evenly. Home ovens (and even some commercial ovens) struggle to achieve this balance, and that’s why homemade pizzas often end up being burned on the top and undercooked on the bottom or vice-versa. We’ve all been there.

Another problem with home ovens is that they are simply don’t get hot enough to bake pizza properly. Great restaurant pizza is baked hot and fast. This is the key to a crust that is crispy on the outside and moist and tender on the inside. Because they don’t get a hot as a real pizza oven, you have to leave your pizza in the oven longer, drying it out and overcooking the cheese and toppings.

My quest for a perfect pie

Along my quest for awesome homemade pizza, I’ve researched and tried all kinds of ‘tricks’ with my home oven. I’ve tried pizza stones, steel plates, even placing the pizza right up against the broiler, but these techniques give very mixed results and are not straightforward or practical at all.

Installing a professional brick oven at my home was too expensive (and impractical because it takes hours to heat up), so I had pretty much accepted the fact that my pizzas would never be quite as good as the professional pizzeria ones.

But then, one day, I ordered a burger and got an idea…

As I watched the chef grill my burger under a basting cover, I wonder: what if I could use my backyard grill as a powerful heat source and design a cover – an oven – that would fit on top of it, trap all the heat inside, and reproduce the same cooking conditions as a professional brick oven?

Would that work?

It sure did! (after a bit of trial and error to get the design just right.)

Here is a quick look at the evolution of the Mighty Pizza Oven:

Take a look at the delicious pizzas I’m turning out on my grill with the Mighty Pizza Oven™.

I just wish you could bite into the crunchy base and crust, and taste the juicy toppings and perfectly melted cheese!

The truth is you can, and very soon too if you hurry! We’ve got the first 90 Mighty Pizza Ovens ALREADY IN PRODUCTION and they will be ready to ship to the fastest backers among you right after this project is funded.

Pledge today and help me make the dream of professional-quality homemade pizza come true for backyard chefs around the world.

Even if you can’t pre-order your Mighty Pizza Oven right now, you can still be a Pizza Hero and support the Mighty Pizza Oven project. There’s a whole range of pledge tiers and a wide variety of great pizza-related rewards we’re offering to show our heart-felt appreciation. Take a look and thank you for your support, fellow pizza lovers. And of course, tell your friends!

Visit for more information, FAQs, and everything you want to know about making awesome pizza at home.

And if you’re still starting out or want to improve your pizza technique, be sure to visit the Pizza 101 blog on our website. It’s packed with all the tips, tricks and recipes you need to become a master pizza chef in no time!

Will the Mighty Pizza Oven work with your gas grill?

The Mighty Pizza Oven fits on most standard grills, but please measure your own grill to be sure before ordering. Your grilling surface should have an area of at least 17”x17” to accommodate the MPO and your grill warming shelf can be easily removed if needed.

If in doubt send me your gas grill model and your grilling top surface dimensions to and I’ll help you out.

Tube or block burners are ideal for the Mighty Pizza Oven and multiple round burners will work just fine as long as they are evenly distributed under the Oven. We do not recommend single round burners, (such as fryer burners) at least for the time being. Again, please send me the details of your grill if you have any doubts.

On my grill, I use just two of the four tube burners available, and my pizzas are ready in less than 4 minutes. Your baking times may vary depending on your grill, however Mighty Pizza Oven baking times are typically very short Just like some of the best pizza you can find in restaurants. 

If you have a gas grill and want to delight your family and friends with crunchy, golden-brown pizzas, baked to perfection in as little as 4 minutes, don’t miss this opportunity. Pre-order your low-cost, lightweight and fuel-efficient Mighty Pizza Oven today for just $259, including free shipping in the US – a substantial discount on the planned retail price of $349 + shipping!

How does the Mighty Pizza Oven Work?

The Mighty Pizza Oven draws heat from your grill’s flame and reproduces the cooking conditions in a brick oven, which is where the best pizzas have traditionally been made. Like a brick oven, the Mighty Pizza Oven cooks your pizza in three important ways:

1) Conduction – heat is transferred to the bottom of the pizza by direct contact with the bottom stone, resulting in a crisp and crunchy pizza base.

2) Radiant Heat – the top stone heats up and reflects and radiate heat back to the pizza topping and the top part of the crust, cooking your pizza to perfection and giving it a mouth-watering golden-brown color.

3) Convection – as hot air escapes from the chimney, fresh moist air is drawn into the Mighty Pizza Oven from outside, heated up, and circulated over your pizza, to make sure the topping ingredients retain their texture and flavor and do not dry out.

The Mighty Pizza Oven is really simple to use too!

Just remove the bottom pizza stone and heat the Mighty Pizza Oven and top stone on your grill for 10-15 minutes. Then lift the lid, place the bottom stone on your grill, beneath the Oven, and heat for another 10-15 minutes. That’s all there is to it - you’re ready to bake your delicious pizzas!

The Mighty Pizza Oven brings you all the benefits of a brick oven, with none of the drawbacks

Mighty Pizza Oven is:

 • Just a fraction of the price of a brick oven

 • Very fuel efficient

 • Easy to set up and use

 • Quick to heat up and reach baking temperature

 • Super fast, baking your pizzas to perfection in 3 to 5 minutes (depending on your heat source as well as environmental factors including external temperature, high winds, etc)

• Compact and portable, so you can throw a pizza party at a friend’s house whenever you like

How does the Mighty Pizza Oven stack up against other alternatives?

There are other alternative solutions for baking pizza at home, and a few of them have actually been launched on Kickstarter. This is what sets the Mighty Pizza Oven apart from the rest: 

1. Flexibility

The Mighty Pizza Oven lets you control heat convection by adjusting the chimney opening. This means you can adjust the temperature of the oven’s closed baking chamber to bake different kinds of pizza, including deep dish pizza, which takes 12 to 20 minutes on my gas grill.

You can also adjust the top stone height to:

• reduce or increase the baking chamber height

• increase or decrease the baking chamber temperature

• bring the top radiated heat closer to your pizza topping

2. Ease of use

The Mighty Pizza Oven is compact, making it suitable for use with most gas grills.

Two handles, one on each side, make this lightweight oven very portable. (It weighs around 25LB including the two pizza stones). Taking your pizza parties to a friend’s house is a snap!

3. Versatility

The Mighty Pizza Oven can be used on a large variety of heat sources as long as the heat is evenly distributed under the oven. The MPO can also be used to cook much more than pizza. For example, you can grill vegetables or meat using a griddle instead of the Mighty Pizza Oven’s bottom stone. This is an exciting new angle that I am starting to explore, with great results so far. Why don’t you try it out and send me your feedback?QZA3SDD4REF`R`

4. Style

As though baking awesome, mouth-watering pizza in minutes wasn’t enough, the Mighty Pizza Oven does it all in style. And best of all, it will be happy to let you take all the credit for the delicious pies you’ll be serving your family and friends!

Why the Mighty Pizza Oven Project needs your help

The first batch Mighty Pizza Ovens are already being manufactured and will be shipped out to Kickstarter backers right after this project is funded. I have decided to take this initiative to offer early backers a quick turnaround time because I really believe in this project, and because the MPO has already met with a lot of enthusiasm from family, friends and fellow pizza enthusiasts in Houston (where I live) as well as from many others on the forum.

Nevertheless, I really need your help to make it all happen:

- By reaching the $25K milestone, you will be helping me cover the cost of manufacturing the first batch of Ovens and part of the cost of patenting the Mighty Pizza Oven, securing trademarks, building the website and marketing this project.

- By reaching $150K, you will allow me to design an optional gas burner base for the Mighty Pizza Oven. This will take the Mighty Pizza Oven experience to whole new level, giving you complete and accurate control over the baking temperature. Best of all, it will make the Mighty Pizza Oven setup 100% portable, so you can easily take it with you on camping trips and to tailgate parties.

Designing a safe gas burner base is potentially more complex than designing the MPO itself, and I would like the burner to pass UL (Underwriter Labs) safety certification – a very costly process.

- By reaching $300k you will allow me to research and develop an optional charcoal/wood burner base, an optional adapter for indoor gas stoves and additional accessories for the Mighty Pizza Oven. I will also be able to test many more new recipes than I otherwise could, compile a Mighty Pizza Oven cookbook and work harder than ever to make your Mighty Pizza Oven experience the very best it could possibly be.

As you can see, the Mighty Pizza Oven’s potential is limited only by the amount of support it gets from you pizza lovers on Kickstarter. Make your pledge today and join us as we claim our tiny little spot in the history of pizza making. You’ll earn bragging rights for being a part of the Mighty Pizza Oven’s startup success story and will be able to talk about your contribution whenever you see the MPO in the stores, on TV or being used by your family and friends.

My vision is that the Mighty Pizza Oven will one day become a familiar part of every household. I see it being a treasured and durable kitchen tool, almost like that special cast iron pot or frying pan you pass down from generation to generation. I see the Mighty Pizza Oven doing for homemade pizza what the electric toaster did for sliced bread. I see delicious, homemade pizza easily within everyone’s reach. Please pledge today to help make all this come true.

Kicking It Forward

This project is part of and will donate 5% of our profits to supporting other projects on Kickstarter. 


The Mighty Pizza Oven is intended to be used on a gas grill and other heat sources and (like any other oven) it poses certain safety risks, both apparent and implied. The MPO is capable of reaching extremely hot temperatures, so please exercise extreme caution when using and handling it. This includes using grill mittens/gloves when touching the controls of your grill, moving or adjusting the Mighty Pizza Oven, and while placing, tending to and removing your pizza or other food to be baked in the Oven. Please visit the FAQ section for more information about the safe operation of your grill and Mighty Pizza Oven.

While it is possible to use the Mighty Pizza Oven on your home gas stove top I DO NOT currently recommend it. Before I can safely recommend stove-top use of the MPO, I need to test this further to find out if stove tops can withstand being exposed to the high heat generated and trapped by the Mighty Pizza Oven. The intense heat could discolor or damage your gas stove top or grating, and in a worst case scenario could even pose a serious fire or explosion hazard should any part of your stove be heated beyond its safe working temperature.


As indicated in the rewards section, US shipping to the 48 Continental states is included in the pledge amounts. Backers in Alaska, Hawaii, and from outside the US will be responsible for shipping charges, as well as any applicable tariffs and customs fees. If you live outside the Continental US, please contact us for a shipping quote before making your pledge.


Color: Stainless Steel

Material: Cover is made of 304 Stainless Steel & the stones are made of Cordierite

Cover Size: 17” W x 17” L X 5” H (8″ H with chimney)

Bottom Stone Size: 13” Diameter x 5/8”

Top Stone Size: 16x15 x 5/8”

Risks and challenges

Along the years of research and design of the Mighty Pizza Oven, we have overcome many hurdles and invested thousands of dollars to get where we are today. Having said that, we understand that there will be still more challenges down the road as we go about manufacturing and shipping this product to our backers.

The most complex issues we expect to face are:

1) Mass production: - We have already placed an order for 90 Mighty Pizza Ovens, which is expected to be delivered before our Kickstarter funding deadline and reserved for our earliest backers. Beyond that, our manufacturer promises a turnaround time of 35 days for a batch of 480 ovens, plus another 35 days for shipping to our warehouse, and can produce and ship a new batch of 500 ovens every 35 days. Should the Mighty Pizza Oven prove extremely popular on Kickstarter, we plan to add extra pledge tiers of 480 ovens at a time as necessary, with the appropriate delivery dates reflected in each tier. This means we are as accurate and transparent as possible as regards delivery dates for later backers.

2) U.S. Customs: - Our ovens will have to clear U.S. Customs when they arrive into the country. We are aware that this is a potentially complex process and will work with our customs broker to make sure that it goes through as quickly as possible.

3) Fulfillment:- Once the Mighty Pizza Ovens reach our warehouse, we will have the task of inspecting them to make sure they have arrived in perfect condition, after which we will ship them out via the most efficient/quickest method to our backers. Shipping should be relatively straightforward for backers based in the United States. However, we understand we will potentially have to sort out a variety of shipping methods for international customers and we plan to tackle these issues as soon as possible after pledges are made. In this way, we can ensure that special shipping provisions are mostly sorted out when funding is completed and it is time to ship, and we will only have to deal with shipping options for any last few international pledges that come in.

We are also very aware that there could be unexpected setbacks at any point in the manufacture and delivery process and that some of these setbacks could be completely beyond our control. Deadlines might be missed, shipments could be delayed, damages could occur, and so on. We have taken every care to choose a reputable manufacturer and shipping company in order to minimize the chances of such problems and will be taking out the necessary insurance to make sure both we and our backers are covered and that we will be able to make timely amends should the worst happen.

We will do everything we can to make sure that any issues that arise are solved as quickly as possible and that our customers receive their ovens and other rewards on time and in perfect condition. We firmly believe that prompt and transparent communication with our backers is more crucial than ever when things go wrong and we will be keeping them fully informed of any setbacks and of the steps we are taking to tackle them. We highly value our Kickstarter backers, not only as our first customers and early adopters who have placed their trust in us, but also as potential evangelists who are likely to spread their enthusiasm for the Mighty Pizza Oven as long as we do our very best to keep them happy.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


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    Be one of the first people in the world to cook delicious pizzas in your Mighty Pizza Oven and SAVE on the full retail price of $349 + shipping. For your $259 pledge you will receive your shiny, new Mighty Pizza Oven, delivered to your door. [Free insured shipping to the continental United States. International backers and those of you from Alaska or Hawaii, please contact us to determine shipping costs before pledging.]

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    This $259 pledge pre-orders your very own Mighty Pizza Oven, which will be sent to you as soon as quickly as we can possibly manage. [Free insured shipping to the continental United States. International backers and those of you from Alaska or Hawaii, please contact us to determine shipping costs before pledging.]

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