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pledged of $800,000pledged of $800,000 goal
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Mon, August 3 2015 6:30 PM UTC +00:00
pledged of $800,000pledged of $800,000 goal
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Mon, August 3 2015 6:30 PM UTC +00:00
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    1. Ryan Morgan on

      Hope to play this game someday :)

    2. Neoyukio on

      If Mighty 9 release is a success then I'm sure you'd have a successful 2nd kickstarter. I loved Legends and I'm glad to see this game being made anyway. You've already got one buyer right here.

    3. Missing avatar

      danny betkowski on

      Had the game bit a little farther along in development, and mighty no 9, i have no doubts this would have raised over a million dollars. But, the kickstarter campaign simply was poorly done.

    4. Chae "Advent-Axl" Boler on

      I really would like to see another KS for this back on here. I funded it last minute because of finances, but I was always checking up on it. Even though I knew it wasn't going to make it in "86 hours" when I funded it I still showed my support hoping maybe I could be wrong.

      Hopefully you do create another one. I'd wanna see this game become even longer than the MML games. Not to mention seeing a Wii U/ 3DS/ Vita versions as stretch goals as well.

    5. Stephen Schaefer on

      I'm sad to say I knew this wasn't going to end well by like, day 4... but I still wanted to believe, but a lot went wrong here I think, and I think we all know that. You tried hard to provide us with updates but the damage was done for most of the community, who are quite stubborn but sometimes rightfully so.

      That said, please don't take this as a sign there aren't people out here who love the Legends series and who will love what this game can become if you put care and love into it like you did with the Legends series. (Don't reinvent the wheel too much with this one). We exist and we look forward to this game... I know I do at least, just sorry I could throw 300k at you guys for the stretch goal :(.

      But please examine closely why this particular KS failed.. I think a lot of bad factors went into this and I hope you don't get discouraged to try again in the future. Hopefully you can begin funding your own games down the line but if you ever need help with Red Ash 2, you can do it, just don't fall prey to the same mistakes this KS made.

      I look forward to the release of Red Ash, I'll be purchasing a copy day one. I hope you still have the enthusiasm to continue.

    6. Alexx on

      @Caleb Child: I agree. I think the funding we DID get came from Mega Man Legends fans. Everyone else had no idea what they were getting in to, so we couldn't get the above-and-beyond funding from various game fans, like I assume Mighty No 9 did.

      Mighty No 9's "Mega Man" gameplay style is immediately recognizable, so when people saw Mighty No 9 doing the same thing, they jumped on board. The "Legends" style of Red Ash...well, I think that needed a bit more of an introduction for non-Legends fans to really get the picture.

      I would love it if they came back to try again for the stretch goals, after they get some gameplay footage done. I feel like the game could rake in a lot of people outside the fandom once they have a decent idea of what they're getting in to.

    7. Caleb Child on

      I'd just like to offer my two cents...
      I think a big reason why this campaign wasn't successful was because nobody really knew what the game was going to be like. You only showed us some of the designs for the characters and the world. But what was the game actually going to play like? What were you going to do in the game? What would the combat designs be? We really don't know.
      The whole thing was just riding on the coattails of other projects and failed to establish what it would be like in itself.

    8. Akule

      Or consider another kickstarter to just fund the additional content/unlock additional platforms. I am sure some of the WiiU players would be willing to fund toward that. ;)

    9. skymizu on

      I'm glad the both project will still be created, even know this kickstarter didn't quite make it.
      I wish you guys the best, and I'll be waiting until I can support this project again too!

    10. Darren Wilson on

      I'm sure you would have had more support if there was more development to display but ofcourse you needed funds to have content to show. I knew you did what you could which involved alot of time and effort by many staff just to display the concept of the game.
      I'm really looking forward to playing Red Ash!

      I hope to see a method for those who fans to contribute and hopefully unlock those stretch goals...or atleast Tyger and Call/Gofer goals ^_^

      Surely $519k would get those two goals if even its just the original backers who put the money forward via paypal.

    11. Salvatore on

      Cursed ninjas again cutting onion somewhere near.

    12. Missing avatar

      Richard Boehme on

      I would like a direct PayPal option as well. You FAQ indicated it was a possibility after the campaign, and many campaigns have the PayPal and Kickstarter rewards be the same for a time afterwords, even if they are unsuccessful.

    13. Aisu on

      I'm with everyone one else, I'll be waiting until we can support this project again

    14. Missing avatar

      SaiyanPirate on

      I'll be waiting.

    15. Missing avatar

      Christopher Bury on

      I believe in this project. I always will. Maybe once Mighty No 9 is out you can try again. The love is here and we want to help.

    16. Gamechamp on

      What will happen with the backer-exclusive in-game content? Will that not be in the game at all or will people get it in some other way?

    17. Will Tice on

      I hope there will still be ways we can participate in Red Ash's development in the future. We're rooting for you!
      RED ASHを作るのはファンたちが手伝えばいいことになると思います。応援しています!

      (Sorry my Japanese is not very good!)

    18. Schuyler Howe on

      I also wish for some sort of Paypal backing/pre-ordering option. I want to show my support for the project too! Plus it'd be nice to still have a chance at some of those backer rewards (t-shirt t-shirt t-shirt)

      Regardless of what happens, know you've got a happy customer just waiting to get a chance to see this new legend Rise From the Ashes!

    19. Missing avatar

      Ivan Tomic on

      Please consider creating a direct PayPal or whatever funding/pre-order campaign on the main Red Ash website, I, and many others wish to help you guys make the best game that can be made. Weather it's through direct funding or simply the sharing of creative ideas! Know that there are a bunch of us rooting for you guys and want to see the best version of Red Ash get made. Thank you for all your hard work now and in the future, cannot wait to play Red Ash when it comes out!